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For the eponymous character, see Kate Kane.
"How are you feeling?"
"Grateful you, for saving me from a life of Kate Kane. Concert tees and single earrings? She should wear a size two wet blanket. It would be more on brand."
Roman Sionis and "Circe Sionis"

"Kane, Kate" is the seventeenth episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the thirty-seventh episode overall. It aired on June 20, 2021.



Batwoman examines one of Sionis' safety officers, who asserts that he's gone underground, yet Luke and Mary don't trust it. The three attempt to find Kate, and Ryan eventually discovers her drinking at The Hold Up. Ryan and Mary return Kate to their condo, where Kate perceives Mary interestingly. The Bat Team choose to give Kate time to recuperate, and to attempt to find Alice for help. Mary discovers Alice over Ocean's body, declining to accept that he's dead. Seeing Alice's sorrow, Mary lies and says Kate is okay.

Ryan contends that Kate has an injury that hasn't been managed, yet Luke contends that she'll have the option to endure it, and offers Kate her old journals and her old cruiser to assist with refreshing her memory. Kate drives her cruiser to a neglected TV studio, where she meets Sionis and Safiyah. Kate uncovers that she's in reality still the Circe persona, and deceived the Bat Team to get intel on the Batcave.

Sophie and Ryan talk about Kate's status, and Ryan chooses to move out of Mary and Kate's space, and contends that she most likely will surrender the Batwoman mantle too.

Sionis initiates Tavaroff and his kindred degenerate Crows to work for False Face, with the assistance of a gigantic arms stockpile of weapons. Tavaroff stresses that he's simply important for another framework, yet Sionis offers him the chance to "be the machine."

Sophie informs Ryan concerning the bad Crows being enlisted into False Face, and she takes proof of it. At the point when Ryan gets back to the Batcave, she discovers Luke and Mary overlooking her and investing energy with Kate. In the interim, Ryan gets back to living in her van, and chooses to invest the remainder of her energy as Batwoman to bring down Sionis. Unexpectedly, Ryan is captured and outlined for managing in Snakebite — and brought straightforwardly to Sionis. The two of them uncover that they know one another's mysterious character, and Ryan feels for Sionis about what befell the genuine Circe.

Luke and Mary find that Ryan was set up, and go to Kate for help. Kate, in the interim, is meeting with Sophie, who is attempting to assist with refreshing her memory about their heartfelt affections for one another. Kate and Sophie go to help Ryan, and Kate consents to get ready as Batwoman — prior to hitting Sophie, Luke, and Mary with sedative darts and securing them in the Batcave lift. Kate clears her path through the Batcave, tracking down a neglected gathering room and other gear utilized by Bruce as Batman. She discovers a case loaded up with Batman's prizes — including Mad Hatter's cap, Poison Ivy's plant, Clayface's mud, Killer Croc's tooth, Penguin's umbrella, Joker's satisfaction bell, and Bane's toxin.

Ryan's probation officer will not really accept that that she's been set up by Sionis and the GCPD, until Ryan discloses to her that she's Batwoman. Two GCPD officials attempt to assault Ryan and the probation officer, however Ryan retaliates, which demonstrates to the probation officer that she's Batwoman. She gives her keycard to help escape.

Ryan gets back to the Batcave and attempts to free the group, however is pursued by Kate/Circe. Circe takes steps to shoot every one of the Bat Team with a crossbow, before Ryan mediates, and both of them battle. The Bat Team escapes and takes steps to shoot Kate with the crossbow, yet she leaves with the Batsuit and the entirety of the prizes from Bruce's scalawags.

Tavaroff and Sionis investigate the Batman prizes, and Sionis contends that he will succeed where different scalawags fizzled. He gives Tavaroff vials of Bane's toxin. In the interim, Circe cuts separated Ryan's batsuit, drawing a scratch across the Bat image.

In the interim, Alice dumps Ocean's remains in the ocean, and is faced by Safiyah. Safiyah takes steps to kill Alice in the event that she doesn't continue forward from Ocean's dramatization, and advises her to return to Coryana with her, where the cutting from Poison Ivy's plant will assist with revamping the Desert Rose. Safiyah affirms that she's working with Circe — and, indirectly, that Kate isn't okay. Safiyah contends that she's all the family Alice has left, and cuts her with the Desert Rose knife, thumping her oblivious until she can get her family back.



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