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The Kane family is a prominent family who primarily live in Gotham City.

Known family members


  • Jacob Kane (Martha's brother, Gabi's husband, Catherine's husband, Kate and Beth's father, Mary's step-father, Bruce's uncle)
  • Martha Kane (Jacob's sister, Gabi's sister-in-law, Bruce's mother, Kate and Beth's aunt; deceased)
  • Gabi Kane (Jacob's first wife, Martha's sister-in-law, Kate and Beth's mother, Bruce's aunt by marriage; deceased)
  • Kate Kane (Jacob and Gabi's daughter, Beth's sister, Catherine's step-daughter, Mary's step-sister, Martha's niece, Bruce's cousin; missing in action)
  • Beth Kane (Jacob and Gabi's daughter, Kate's sister, Martha's niece, Bruce's cousin)
  • Catherine Hamilton-Kane (Jacob's second wife, Martha's sister-in-law, Mary's mother, Kate's step-mother, Bruce's aunt by marriage; deceased)
  • Mary Hamilton (Catherine's daughter, Jacob's step-daughter, Martha's step-niece, Kate's step-sister, Bruce's step-cousin)
  • Bruce Wayne (Martha's son, Jacob's nephew, Catherine's step-nephew, Kate and Beth's cousin, Mary's step-cousin)



  • Kane (Kate and Beth's father, Bruce's uncle)
  • Unnamed (Kane's wife, Kate and Beth's mother, Bruce's aunt; deceased)
  • Kate Kane (Kane's daughter, Beth's sister, Bruce's cousin)
  • Beth Kane (Kane's daughter, Kate's sister, Bruce's cousin; deceased)
  • Bruce (Kane's nephew, Kate and Beth's cousin)


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