The Kane house was the home of the Kane family, until the death of Gabi and (presumedly) Beth Kane. It came to be owned by a retired couple, who were slain 14 years later by Alice and her Wonderland gang while she briefly used the house as a hideout. It is located in the Kubert District of Gotham City.


Jacob and Gabi Kane moved into the house right after their marriage and raised their twin daughters, Kate and Beth Kane, here.[1] On January 26, 2003,[2] Gabi and the girls were in a car accident, causing it to fall off a bridge and leaving Kate the only apparent survivor.[3] One year and four months later, Jacob remarried Catherine Hamilton[4] and moved into the Kane penthouse together with her, Kate, and Catherine's daughter, Mary. Afterwards, the home became inhabited by an elderly couple.

In 2018, the Wonderland gang led by Alice (secretly the survived Beth) briefly used the house as a hideout. They tortured the new owners for days before killing them both. When the Crows managed to locate them, the gang had already left the house, leaving the dead couple's bodies for them to find.[1]

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