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"Life is unpredictable. The world is unpredictable. There will always be a threat. You have to seize the joy when you can."

Kara Danvers (born 1966[1] as Kara Zor-El) is the daughter of Zor-El and Alura. Kara is also the cousin of Clark Kent, the adopted daughter of Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers, the adopted sister of Alex Danvers, and the ex-girlfriend/friend of James Olsen and Mon-El. She is also a mentee of J'onn J'onzz and a member of The League. She was the personal assistant of Cat Grant at CatCo Worldwide Media until being promoted to a reporter for CatCo Magazine. Following her return to the company after a temporary leave, she became the new editor-in-chief of CatCo Worldwide Media.

Kara was sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton to protect her younger cousin, Kal-El. But her pod got knocked off-course by Krypton's explosion, sending her ship into the Phantom Zone; where she slept for 24 years, while being suspended in time and not aging. Her pod later escaped, and Kara arrived on Earth, where she was placed with the Danvers family by a now-adult Kal-El, who was known to the humans as "Clark Kent", or as the hero "Superman". She decided to move to National City with Alex and have a normal life, being Cat Grant's assistant at CatCo.

Kara was forced to reveal herself to save a crashing airplane that Alex was on. She was nicknamed Supergirl by Cat Grant, and stylized as the "Girl of Steel", the "Maiden of Might", and the "Last Daughter of Krypton". Kara was recruited by the D.E.O., a secret agency Alex works for. She helps the D.E.O. chase down a number of alien criminals that Kara inadvertently helped escaped the Phantom Zone, and later threats that include Project Cadmus, Daxamite invaders, Worldkillers, Agent Liberty and Lex Luthor.

After Red Daughter attacked the White House pretending to be Supergirl, Kara was forced to hide in her civilian persona; until her name was cleared.[2] She was nearly killed by a misled Red Daughter, but seeped solar radiation from the flora around her; allowing her to heal.[3] Kara later merged with a dying Red Daughter, gaining new strength that; allowed her to subdue the empowered Lex.[4]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Kara was revealed to be the Paragon of Hope. She was one of the only surviving individuals from Earth-38 after the destruction of the multiverse in the Anti-Monitor Crisis. However, thanks to Oliver's sacrifice, she and the other Paragons were able to defeat the Anti-Monitor after Earth-Prime was created.

On Earth-Prime, Kara had to battle the threat of a returned Lex who poisoned her friendship with Lena, along with Leviathan, who sought to conquer the world via Obsidian Platinum technology. After Leviathan's defeat, Kara was sent to the Phantom Zone when she was blasted by the Phantom Zone projector by Lex Luthor. In the Zone, she found the Phantoms, but she was saved with the help of the imp Nyxlygsptlnz and her father Zor-El, who she found out was alive. After a while, they were released by the Superfriends.

After returning to Earth, Kara and the Superfriends raced Nyxly for control of the seven AllStone Totems. After the race for the totems kept her from showing up for work several times, she resigned from CatCo, deciding to become a full-time superhero. Following the banishment of Nyxly and Lex Luthor to the Phantom Zone, Kara came out as Supergirl during an interview with Cat Grant and rejoined CatCo as the new Editor-in-chief, following Cat buying the company back from Andrea Rojas.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

Kara Zor-El was born in 1966 on the planet Krypton into the prestigious House of El. Her parents were scientist Zor-El and judicator (judge) Alura Zor-El. In Kara's house, she had a room that overlooked the city.[5] As a child, Kara often went on vacation with her parents to different planets,[6] such as Starhaven[7] and Sedenach.[8] She and her father also once visited the Well of Stars.[9] When Kara was eight years old, she made her father a statue of a winged creature as a present, but was frustrated over not perfecting the wings' shape. Zor-El assured Kara that the statue was perfect and he loved it, as well as her, much to her joy.[5]

Growing up, Kara idolized her mother, sharing Alura's passion for justice and wanting to follow her footsteps in civil service. She was also close to her aunt Astra, who would teach Kara the constellations at night while stargazing.[10]

Kara Zor-El reading on Hellgrammites

Kara reading about Hellgram and Hellgrammites on a hologram.

One night, Kara stayed up late to see her mother when she got home. Questioning her mother as to why she had come home so late, Kara was told by Alura that a Hellgrammite had been brought before the citadel. When Kara mentioned that she wanted to help people like Alura did one day, her mother assured her she would, as she had the heart of a hero. After Alura left and told her to get some rest, Kara researched Hellgrammites.[10]

Kara was given a spy beacon by Astra, which could be used to call her. When Astra disappeared, Kara messaged her and Astra arrived, warning her that Krypton is dying. Unbeknownst to Kara, it was part of Alura's plan to lure Astra out of hiding and arrest her for her crimes.[11]

Phantom Zone[]

Kara in her pod preparing to be rocketed away from Krypton

Kara in her pod, preparing to be rocketed away from the dying planet of Krypton.

When Kara was 13 years old, Krypton was on the verge of destruction, with its core about to detonate. On May 16, 1979, the House of El devised a plan to send its youngest members to the planet Earth to save their lives. Kara was charged with raising and protecting her baby cousin, Kal-El. Before she left, Alura revealed that due to Earth's yellow sun, Kara would gain extraordinary powers and go on to do amazing things. Promising that she wouldn't fail them or Kal-El, Kara tearfully bid her parents goodbye before boarding her pod. However, when Krypton exploded, Kara's pod was knocked off-course by a shockwave and sent into the Phantom Zone, a region where time does not pass.[1] She was awake for at least part of this time, as Kara remembered feeling trapped and alone inside her pod.[12]

Kara slept in the Phantom Zone for 24 years until her pod reactivated. Upon awakening, she noticed a computer console in her dashboard light up with a logo of three dots in a triangular shape. Her pod then left the Phantom Zone.[13]

Sent to Earth[]

Kara's pod finally landed on Earth in December 15, 2003. Since she didn't age during her time in the Phantom Zone, Kara still appeared to be a 13-year-old girl. She was found by her cousin Kal-El, who had arrived two dozen years prior and grown up to become Superman. Kal-El, wanting Kara to have a safe human childhood like he had, took her to live with Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers, a pair of scientists who once helped him understand his own powers.[1]

As she adapted to her new home, Kara had frequent panic attacks and was horribly claustrophobic from being stuck in her pod for so many years.[12] Shortly after arriving on Earth, Kara found and befriended a stray cat living on her street, whom she named Streaky after an undisclosed, yet notable encounter.[14] Scared that she would hurt Streaky if she touched him, Kara practiced controlling her strength and being gentle. When she finally petted Streaky, the cat purred, which was one of the first times Kara felt human.[15]

Young Alex and Kara

The Danvers sisters in school.

Kara was enrolled at Midvale Junior High School along with Jeremiah and Eliza's daughter, Alex Danvers. Kara was overwhelmed by the new environment as well as her developing powers. After school, they went to Swan Beach and Kara embarrassed Alex by staring at the birds as they did not have them on Krypton. When a car crashed nearby, Kara ran at super-speed to the rescue, saving a mother and her child with her super-strength. However, Alex was injured by a car door when the vehicle exploded. After this incident, Jeremiah and Kara decided that it was best for the latter to hide her powers. Jeremiah gave Kara a pair of lead-lined glasses she could wear to suppress her vision.[16]

Kara was taken swimming by Eliza on Tuesdays and Thursdays.[17] At some point, she was introduced to the musical The Wizard of Oz by her adoptive mother. Kara quickly fell in love with the film, watching it frequently with Jeremiah and Eliza.[18] Kara had also seen the movie Center Stage and spent an entire summer learning the red shoe dance, breaking three lamps in the process.[19]

One night in May of 2005, on the roof of the Danvers house, Kara convinced Alex to sneak out and go flying with her, despite the latter's initial protests. During the ride, Alex confided in Kara the story about a family trip she took with her parents to Nagano when she was seven and taught Kara a rhyme which a local girl taught her: "yubikiri genman, uso tsuitara", which means "pinky swear".[20] Kara and Alex were later caught sneaking back into the house by Eliza and Jeremiah. The couple scolded the girls and Jeremiah reminded Kara that her powers were being kept secret from the public in order to protect her. When someone knocked on the door, the girls were sent up to their room, with Eliza ordering Kara not to use her super-hearing to listen in on their conversation. A year later, Jeremiah 'died' protecting a Green Martian from the D.E.O.'s ruthless director, Hank Henshaw,[16][21] but Kara and Alex were told by Eliza that he died in a plane crash.[6]

Kara was invited by Clark to see the Fortress of Solitude several times, though she always rejected the offers, fearing the fortress would remind her of Krypton and make her homesick.[13]

In high school, Kara's relationship with Alex became strained after Jeremiah's apparent death. She was considered an outcast at school and her only friend was Kenny Li. One night when she was 15, Kara and Kenny went stargazing in the woods and almost shared a kiss before the former pulled away. The next morning, Kara's super hearing picked up a police scanner identifying a body with a description matching Kenny's. She rushed to the forest and saw Kenny dead, much to her devastation. Later in school, Kara interrogated the football team's quarterback Jake Howell, who was always bullying Kenny. He revealed Kenny caught him smoking pot on campus but had an alibi. Later that day, she visited Kenny's parents to express her condolences and promised to find his missing telescope, despite Sheriff Ronald Collins' advice to let the police handle it. That night in the woods, Kara encountered Alex, whom she almost hit with heat vision. The duo found Kenny's laptop and took it home, where Kara sent the encrypted files to Clark's friend Chloe. In Kenny's email, they found a picture of their history teacher, Mr. Samuel Bernard, kissing Alex's friend Josie, much to their shock.

The next night while walking home together, Kara and Alex were nearly hit by a speeding car, but Kara was able to use her powers to protect Alex and herself. At home, Eliza scolded Kara for getting Alex and herself into trouble and directed her to "Noel Nil", an F.B.I. agent who knew about Kara's powers and resembled her late mother. Kara expressed her frustrations with living on Earth, desiring to fight crime alongside her cousin. Noel kindly reminded Kara she's only 15 and using her powers could have consequences for Eliza and Alex as well. Kara agreed and, in Kryptonese, said, "I love you, Mom." After Noel left, Kara declined to help Alex when the latter realized Mr. Bernard didn't kill Kenny. Upon receiving the decrypted files from Chloe, Kara realized Collins was responsible, as Kenny caught him dealing drugs. She tried to call Alex, only to learn she had been taken hostage. Kara then flew to the school and followed Alex's voice to the boiler room, where she knocked out Collins and rescued her sister.

A few days later, Alex and Kara ate lunch at school together. Kara revealed that Kenny had a photo of her flying but kept it secret and was overjoyed that he liked "all of [her]". Alex invited Kara to hang out after school, which the latter agreed to. Kara promised to work on being human while Alex promised to try and be a better sister. Deciding that the world didn't need another hero, Kara tried to live a normal life and accept her future on Earth.[22]

Over the years, the bond between Kara and Alex became so strong that neither of them can imagine their lives without the other.[5]

Winn meeting Kara for the first time

Kara meets Winn on her first day at CatCo.

In high school, Kara developed a rivalry with a girl she nicknamed Belinda-the-Bully.[23] When attending the school prom, Kara accidentally stomped on the foot of her dance partner, breaking three of his toes.[24] After graduation, Kara attended Stanhope College, where she had a professor named Haley,[25] and then National City University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. During college, Kara also worked as a part-time nanny to the Quinton family in the summer of 2009 and spent the next summer doing an internship at the Midvale Newspaper. Afterwards, Kara waitressed at Noonan's Restaurant for three years.[9] After Kara became an adult, she moved to her own apartment on Hammersmith Tower.[26]

In 2013, sometime after graduating college, Kara went for a job interview at CatCo Worldwide Media as Cat Grant's assistant. There, Kara met Winn Schott and secretly used her abilities during the interview to impress Cat and secure the job.[16] Kara's sentimental life was always difficult and she often had trouble with kissing; she broke the noses of at least four partners due to not controlling her strength.[27]


Embracing her powers[]
Kara after saving Flight 237

Kara after saving Flight 237.

On October 24, 2015, After a failed date, Kara saw on the news that Flight 237, the one her sister, Alex Danvers, was flying on to go to her conference in Geneva, was going down. Attempting to save the flight, Kara used her abilities for the first time in years, successfully helping the plane land, though not without causing damage to Otto Binder Bridge. Though was later berated at her apartment by Alex, who was upset that she had revealed herself to the world, and couldn't take it back. Deciding to become a hero, Kara confided her secret in Winn the next day on the roof of CatCo. With Winn's help, a costume was made, and Kara was able to stop a bank robbery and car chase.

Vartox choking Supergirl

Vartox choking Supergirl.

Kara was later subdued by the Department of Extra-Normal Operations while trying to stop a fire, the latter whom used Kryptonite darts. Meeting Director "Hank Henshaw" at the DEO base, it was explained to her that when her ship got loose from the Phantom Zone it dragged Fort Rozz, Krypton's maximum-security prison with it to Earth. Though she offered to help, her offer was rejected by Henshaw. The next day, Kara was furious Cat Grant had dubbed her Supergirl. She was later contacted by a Fort Rozz escapee, Vartox. Although Kara was defeated on their first encounter, and rescued by Alex and the DEO, she later convinced Henshaw to give her another try, in which she defeated him.

Supergirl after defeating Vartox

Supergirl after defeating Vartox.

Kara later learned that Clark had in-fact asked James to come to National City to keep an eye on her. Kara was confused as to why her cousin didn't just tell her he wanted her to be a hero himself, to which James explained that Clark wanted her to choose that path for herself, the same way he had to, as that was what made a hero. Kara was then given the blanket Kal-El was wrapped in as a baby, which James had been entrusted with to give to Kara for her to use as a cape.[1]

Kara talking to James and Winn

Kara enlisted the help of Winn and James.

A week later, Kara tested her abilities with the D.E.O. She later stopped a fire at the National City Port, and the next day at work, Kara was present at the meeting where Cat told her employees that she wanted an interview with Supergirl. However, Kara after, quickly told James that she wasn't going to do it, as Cat would recognize her. Kara was later contacted by Alex regarding an alien theft at Plastino Chemicals, with Kara identifying him as a Hellgrammite afterwards. Kara offered to subdue the Hellgrammite, though her offer was rejected by Henshaw who wanted her to prove that she could handle herself beforehand. Kara was then brought into the D.E.O. training room and swiftly defeated by Alex. Arriving into work the next day sore, Kara took advice, given by Cat Grant of starting small and working her way up, and enlisted the help of both Winn and James. With their help, Kara was able to handle several situations. Later at her apartment, she thanked Winn and James for their help and was soon after given an apology by Alex. The following day, Kara listened in on James' conversation with Cat, giving him a pep-talk after he was given a dilemma by Cat. Directly after, Kara was called by Henshaw who notified her that Alex had been abducted by the Hellgrammite. After criticizing Henshaw, Kara tracked down Alex at the warehouse she was being held captive at.

Kara and Astra fighting

Kara and Astra fighting.

There, she discovered her Aunt Astra was still alive, and a fight between the two ensued. Kara and Alex were saved from Astra by Henshaw, and later at the D.E.O. Kara was shown a room that had been setup for her to communicate with her own personal A.I. Kara later carried Cat's car to a remote location for their interview, telling Grant that James Olsen had told her that Cat had wanted to talk to her.[10]

During her interview with Cat, Kara accidentally revealed that her and Superman were cousins, flying off afterwards. The next morning at Noonan's, Kara was teased about her crush on James by Alex, who also told her she had to stop telling people her identity as Supergirl. At CatCo, Cat told Kara that she would be writing an expose on Supergirl for an issue of their monthly magazine, and that'd they be having a big party to launch it. Kara was later alerted by Agent Vasquez of a multiple car collision on the highway. While there, she encountered a masked villain who attacked her, and after a brief battle between the two, the man flew away after she damaged his suit. Back at the D.E.O. headquarters, the man was identified as Reactron, an old villain of Superman. After, Kara was told by Henshaw that the D.E.O. wasn't going to help her deal with him, as Reactron was human, and fell out of their jurisdiction. Later, Kara and James were shown Ed Flaherty's old office by Winn, who had turned it into a base for their Supergirl matters. While going over Reactron's powers and his history with Superman, James suggested that Kara call Superman for assistance, much to her reluctance. After being informed of Maxwell Lord's capture by Reactron, and discovering the latter's identity, Kara found out the location of Reactron's hideout, saving Maxwell though she was soon defeated by Reactron, and subsequently saved by Superman. The next day, she discovered that Supergirl was being discredited by Lord in the media because of Superman's intervention, and dismissed James after discovering that James called him. At Cat's party, Kara danced with Winn and later James, though Reactron broke in interrupting them. As Supergirl, Kara stops him, successfully removing the power core, powering his suit. Back at her apartment, Kara and Alex make up, with Alex suggesting that Kara asks James out. However, when Kara goes to his office the next day, Kara sees Lucy Lane, James' ex and the sister of Lois Lane, who arrived to talk to him. Kara overhears the conversation, leading her to believe that Lucy wants to get back with James. Upset about this, even giving Winn the cold shoulder, Kara received a texted apology from Clark.[28]

The drone analyzing Supergirl

A drone analyzing Supergirl.

While flying in National City, Kara encountered a drone and destroyed it, afterwards blaming the D.E.O. for following her. Later at CatCo, Kara offered to watch Cat Grant's son, Carter, after discovering that Grant had won the Siegel Award for Women in Media, and didn't have anyone to watch him. At Noonan's, Kara talked with James about his relationship problems with Lucy Lane, leaving after finding out a bomb had went off in a building nearby. After saving the building, Kara was soon after reminded by a call from Cat Grant, that she was late to pick up Carter. After picking up Carter at St. Edmund Hall, Kara brought him back to CatCo and later stopped James from venting to her about Lucy. Kara then received a call from Alex about the bomb at Lord Technologies, arriving there as Supergirl, and successfully getting the bomb clear of the city, being knocked unconscious from the bomb's explosion. She later awoke at the D.E.O., and was informed of the bomber's identity, Ethan Knox. Though she offered to help, Kara was ordered by Alex to sit out on the case, after falling from the height she had. While getting lunch from Noonan's, Kara encountered Lucy Lane who confided in her about her problems with James, which she later recounted to James. While going to protect Maxwell Lord's super train on its opening, Kara was alerted to a bomb at Lord Air Terminal. Kara then received a call from Winn who told her both Carter and Knox were on the train, deducing that there two bombs, and telling Alex and Hank to handle the airport, and she'd handle the train. Arriving on the train, Supergirl alerted Lord of the bomb and told him and Carter to get all of the passengers to the back of the train. After finding Knox, she pleaded with him to deactivate the bomb, though to no avail, having to detach the train car that Ethan was in from the rest of the train, watching it blow up from a distance. The next morning she was berated by Cat for letting Carter get onto the train, and later that day confronted Maxwell Lord after discovering he was the true culprit behind the bombings.[29]

As Supergirl, Kara stopped an alien convict from escaping the D.E.O.. At her apartment, Kara along with Alex greeted Alex's mother and Kara's adoptive mother, Eliza Danvers, with Eliza complimenting Kara on her work as Supergirl. At CatCo Kara invited Winn to her family's Thanksgiving dinner, after finding out he had no plans. Afterwards she listened in on Cat demoting Leslie Willis to the traffic chopper, and she later in the day had to save Leslie from the helicopter after lightning hit the aircraft. While doing so, lightning traveled through Kara and electrocuted Leslie, putting her into the hospital. The next day, Kara went with Cat to visit Leslie in National City Hospital. During Thanksgiving dinner, Kara announced that before everyone ate, she wanted them to go around saying what they were all grateful for. After going first, Kara excused herself to answer a call from James. After an argument between Eliza and Alex broke out, and Winn and Alex left, Kara left to handle an emergency for Cat Grant. While there, Livewire arrived and attacked both Kara and Cat, with Kara causing Leslie to flee as Supergirl. Later, Kara discussed what had happened with Henshaw, who deduced that Kara was the Element X in Leslie getting her powers. Back in Cat's office, the two had a conversation about the death of Kara's parents, her current family problems, and Cat's problems with her own mother. Kara agreed to ask the FBI for a direct line to Supergirl, as well as taking Cat's offer to go home. At the D.E.O. Kara was given an industrial capacitor to capture Leslie with, and working with Cat, she was able to grab a water pipe under the street and short out Leslie with it. Before leaving, Eliza revealed to Kara and Alex that Jeremiah died working for the D.E.O., under Hank Henshaw.[6]

Kara later broke up a road rage between two men, causing one of the men to confront her. Kara caught his punch, and twisted his arm, scaring children in the process. She was later criticized for her actions by both Maxwell Lord and Hank Henshaw. Kara and Alex later persuaded Winn to hack into the D.E.O. mainframe to discover what had happened to Jeremiah Danvers. Both Kara and Alex were called by Henshaw and at the D.E.O. base camp, General Lane arrived, demanding that Supergirl fight their field robot, Red Tornado. The next day, Kara as Supergirl flew to the D.E.O. base camp for her fight with Red Tornado. As the fight progressed, Supergirl lost her temper, breaking off Red Tornado's arm in the process. At CatCo, Kara lashed out at Cat, as she was frustrated with always being yelled at, despite working hard at her job. Kara and Cat later had drinks together at Noonan's, with Cat giving Kara advice on controlling her temper at work, furthermore find out why she was angry. Kara was alerted by James of Red Torando's appearance, with Kara arriving as Supergirl and engaging the android in combat. However, Kara had to diffuse a tornado Red Tornado caused, allowing it to escape. At a garage, Kara and James blew off steam together, with Kara hitting a car, losing her temper, and soon after confiding in James that she thought she'd never find love or a normal life. At the D.E.O., Kara was informed by Alex that Morrow was still controlling Red Tornado.

Supergirl angrily firing a blast of heat vision at Red Tornado

Supergirl destroys Red Tornado.

After the D.E.O. drew the robot out using hologram technology, Supergirl engaged Red Tornado and used her heat vision in an attempt to stop Red Tornado once and for all, causing the android to explode. While later cleaning up a glass from a cup she had dropped, Kara cut herself, much to her surprise.[30] She was later informed by the A.I. hologram of her mother, that her powers had been drained after she used the full power of her heat vision. Though she is told that her abilities should return in a few days, and Kara is urged by Alex to enjoy her day without her powers. Kara is later sent home by Cat for the day, when Cat sees her sneeze. She later encounters James, and an earthquake occurs soon afterwards, with a car almost colliding with Kara, and although James knocks her out of the way, she sustains a broken arm. After Maxwell Lord criticized Supergirl's absence, Kara and James visited him, with him claiming that Supergirl no longer had her powers due to her recent fight with Red Tornado and may never get them back. Back on the streets, Kara was present when Maxwell attempts to save a woman's father, though in the absence of an X-ray machine to find a venous thrombosis, he failed. Without her power of X-ray vision, Kara was unable to save the man as well, making her feel helpless.

Supergirl talking the armed robber out of robbing a convenience store

A powerless Supergirl talks an armed robber out of committing a crime.

Kara heard a robbery happening nearby, showing up as Supergirl, and talked the robber out of it, with James snapping a photo of the event. She was later informed by Winn, that an adrenaline rush will restore her powers. After James almost fell down an elevator shaft trying to save CatCo employees on other floors, the moment allowed for Kara's powers to return. With her powers back, Kara stops several disasters, including a bus of children from falling off a bridge, and a fire at West National City Bank. Kara was later told by Winn that he was disappointed in her, for her actions with James, despite him having a girlfriend. She later thanked Cat Grant as Supergirl for her actions during her absence, and while flying, Kara was attacked by three Kryptonians, led by her Aunt Astra.[21]

Kara fought them off, and although Astra attempted to persuade Kara to join them, Kara refused and left. She then returned to the D.E.O. to inform Alex and Hank, though they suggested she not rush anything, and get some rest. The following day, Kara was asked by Cat to bring in Winn and James for help after news broke of her leaked email server. At the D.E.O., Kara sparred with Alex, with the latter chiding her for hesitating during their session, and furthermore that she thought DEO should handle the Kryptonian threat, because of Kara's familial ties. Kara and James informed Cat that there wasn't anything in the emails that could be used to slander her, though Kara was later told by Cat to keep looking for any more leaks, as she suspected Dirk Armstrong was going to find some way to damage her reputation. Kara, using her super-hearing, listened to Armstrong admitting to having set Cat up. Kara then asked James to enlist Lucy's help in tracking a paper trail to clear Cat's name. Soon after, Kara went to confront Astra, who had called her out publicly. During their battle, Kara eventually gains the upperhand, taking an unconscious Astra back to the D.E.O.. There, Kara discovers her mother had used her to summon Astra in the past, to get the latter arrested. At CatCo, Kara learned about Adam Foster, an individual in Opal City that Cat had been paying money to. She later finds out from Cat that Adam is her estranged son. Kara is later present when James, Winn, and Lucy arrived presenting her with evidence that Dirk was behind the leaks. Later, Kara went to Cat and was confronted by her boss who had realized that she was Supergirl. During their conversation, Kara gets a call from Alex, and excuses herself and arrives ready to battle Non.[11]

During her fight with Non, Hank is abducted by Non. At D.E.O. headquarters, Kara asked Astra where Non took Hank, but she refused to reveal anything. Kara told James and Winn of Cat suspecting her to be Supergirl, a suspicion Cat continued to test through various challenges. Kara is present when Non contacted the D.E.O., offering to trade Hank for Astra. Much to her horror, Kara later had to sit by while General Lane tortures Astra with a Kryptonite injection. Kara later has to save Alex and another D.E.O. agent from an explosion after Astra's revelation of Hank's location turns out to be a trap. At CatCo, Kara was given the dilemma of proving that she isn't Supergirl or being fired by Cat, as Supergirl would be just wasting her time playing assistant. Later, Kara thanked Cat for the opportunity to work with her and resigned, explaining that Cat's suspicions make it impossible for her to do her job. Afterwards, she discovered James' injuries that he had sustained, after investigating Maxwell Lord, and announced that she'd go after him. While visiting Astra, Astra told her that going through with the exchange is the only way to rescue Hank. Kara agreed, though there was initial protest from General Lane. She was present when the trade was made, and though Non springs an ambush, Astra called off the attack, demanding that Non honor the agreement. Hank later used his shapeshifting ability to impersonate Supergirl so that Cat could see Kara and Supergirl interact, proving (as far as she knew) that they were not one and the same, and Kara is offered her job back. Though Kara is offered full-time job at the D.E.O. by Hank, she rejected it, citing that her relationships at CatCo were what humanizes her, like what the D.E.O did for him. She later had an online chat with Superman, who offers her both support, and assistance if she ever needs it.[31]

During a flight together, Kara attempted to convince a reluctant J'onn to embrace his powers and reveal himself to the world. The two were then joined by Alex and the three came up with a plan to find out what Maxwell was hiding at Lord Technologies. Kara was later present when Agent Cameron Chase arrived to question him about his father's whereabouts. Kara then confronted Winn, who told her his father's crimes and showed Kara a doll he received on his desk, from Winslow Sr. Later, Kara questioned Cat's reason for hiring Lucy, only to have Cat accuse her of making a move for James. Kara went along with Winn when the F.B.I. had him go to an arcade to meet his father, in a trap. She later saved several agents and Winn from poisonous gas, inhaling the gas and dispersing it into the air. Back at CatCo, Kara was informed that Winslow Sr. must be hiding in an abandoned factory that he had used to own. Kara flew off to capture him before the FBI. When she arrived at the factory Kara was trapped in a box of quicksand, and overheard a girl's voice from an overhead box that was about to be dropped into a shredder. She escaped but discovered a Supergirl doll in the box, allowing Winslow Sr. to escape. At her apartment, Kara was kissed by Winn while the two were talking, but rejected him. At National City Toy Con, Kara later saved Winn from being shot by several F.B.I. agents, and used her x-ray vision to see Winslow Sr. set bombs on a timer. She turned on the sprinklers and freezed the water to create a frozen shield that protected the Con's attendees, foiling Winslow Sr.'s plans and subduing him. Later at CatCo, Kara tried to apologize to Winn, who in turn apologized for kissing her, though she wasn't sure where they stood because of his feelings for her. Later that evening Kara flew in with her Supergirl costume into her apartment, confiding to Alex about Winn's feelings for her and admitting she felt guilty about it.[32]

Kara is later on the verge of being fired because Adam Foster arrives in National City, after receiving a letter written from Kara, who pretended she was Cat. However, Kara turns things around by offering to have the two dine together by getting them reservations. She later saves Senator Miranda Crane when a White Martian attacks the rally, and afterwards offers to J'onn to help take it down. Kara helps Cat out with getting to know Adam before their dinner and is later shown photos by James of the White Martian's attack at the rally, who notices that some of them show Miranda's eyes glowing white—much like those of the White Martian. Kara calls Alex, telling her that the White Martian is at the D.E.O., disguised as Miranda. Kara shows up as the White Martian is about to attack, only for the White Martian to escape. At CatCo, Kara tends to Cat who is upset over the dinner earlier because of the letter, which prompts Kara to go see Adam personally. After a short talk and an admission from Kara about the letter, Adam agrees to meet with his mother on the condition that Kara joins them. During their dinner, Kara acts as a mediator and successfully helps mend their relationship. Later, Kara goes with J'onn to the desert to rescue Alex, and defeat the White Martian. During the battle, J'onn puts Kryptonite handcuffs on Kara so he can kill the White Martian, though Kara talks him out of it. At the D.E.O., Kara is thanked by the real Miranda Crane, and later Kara is asked out on a date by Adam, which she agrees to. At her apartment, Kara and Alex see a Supergirl impostor save a car from falling.[33]

At the D.E.O., Kara suggests the impostor is a clone. Kara later notices Cat being nice to her because she was dating Adam. During her date with Adam, Kara sees a news report of a stranded tram, prompting her to bail. Atop the tram, she was confronted by Bizarro, who ignores her questions and attacks her. During their fight, they broke the tram's support, causing it to fall. Supergirl catches it while Bizarro watches in slight puzzlement. Kara is later asked out on another date by Adam, which she was convinced to go on by Alex. On their date, Adam and Kara discussed their parentage, and Kara said it's hard for her to feel normal, though Adam told her no one feels normal and the two kiss. During which, Bizarro swooped down and dragged Kara away. The two fought and Bizarro gained the upper hand until Alex arrived, firing at Bizarro with Kryptonite weapons, causing her biological structure to mutate and decay. Bizarro screamed her hatred for Supergirl before flying off. Kara realized that Bizarro came after her in her civilian identity and deduced that Max knew her secret identity. Kara stated they need to stop Max once and for all. Back at CatCo, Kara broke up with Adam, citing she didn't have room in her life for him. She was later alerted to James' position after he had been captured by Bizarro.

Flame breath vs freeze breath

Supergirl and Bizarro fight.

Supergirl and Bizarro fought again and the latter tried to strangle Supergirl, though Alex got a clear shot and knocked Bizarro unconscious. Supergirl later got an apology from Bizarro before she was put under. Kara later went to confront Maxwell, telling him he'd never hurt anyone again, before the latter threatened her foster mother, angering Kara. At CatCo, Cat told Kara she wanted their relationship to go back to being strictly professional. Kara was later attacked by a creature when she arrived back at her apartment.[34]

Black Mercy and the death of Astra[]
Kara inspects her carving

Kara under the control of the Black Mercy.

Kara woke up on a bed and was surprised to find herself on Krypton, with her mother Alura claiming that Kara had been suffering from "Argo fever". She later panicked as she did not have her powers or didn't understand what was happening. She was distracted by a carving she made for Zor-El when she was eight but was conflicted over her memory of leaving Krypton as well. She was determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and go home. Kara's memories of Earth later faltered, and she was finally distracted and placated by a young Kal-El, who asked her to open an intricate orb, which she did. The orb opened a large holographic display of the cosmos. With Kal-El pointing out Krypton and Kara quietly agreeing with him that it was beautiful. When Alex arrived in the hallucination, Kara knocked her out with a sculpture, having no memory of her life on Earth. Kara's memories were later jogged when Alex was being sentenced, and she was freed from the Black Mercy. After she awoke, Kara angrily demanded to know who had done it to her, and angrily confronted Non, pummeling him. She later spoke to Astra during her last moments, while she was dying. She later arrived back at her apartment, to find Alex, Winn, and James waiting for her.[5]

Astra's funeral

Kara and Non at Astra's funeral.

Later at her apartment, Kara was summoned by Non to attend Astra's funeral. She was also told that there'd be a two-week mourning period, and then Non would kill her. At the D.E.O., Kara refused to release Maxwell Lord, and the next day at CatCo, Kara was informed by Cat that she had hired a second assistant. After being one-upped by Cat's new assistant, Siobhan Smythe, Kara overheard Cat telling James and Lucy to investigate Maxwell Lord's disappearance. Soon after, Kara argued with James over the D.E.O.'s ethics and holding Max without due process. She was later questioned by Siobhan about the nature of her and James' relationship via message, though Kara told her they were simply friends. She later confronted Master Jailer, eventually becoming entangled in chains, allowing him, along with the Fort Rozz escapee he was hunting, to escape. Back at the D.E.O., Hank identified the alien as Luzano, a former drug smuggler Alura had put away in the past. She was later once more confronted by James about the D.E.O.'s imprisonment of Maxwell Lord, though she told him that she did what needed to be done. Kara later discovered that Master Jailer was a police detective through Alex, and confronted him in his civilian guise. She was soon after captured by Master Jailer, finding herself in a cage without her powers. While there she talked with Professor Luzano, with him telling her, his story. The two however, were saved by Alex and the D.E.O., and Kara was able to defeat Master Jailer. Kara and Alex later released Maxwell Lord, and later after unsuccessfully questioning her A.I. about Myriad, told Hank she didn't know how to work with him after what he had done to Astra.[7]

Determined Supergirl flying to Indigo's ICBM missile

Supergirl flying to Indigo's missle.

In the days following, Kara rejected Alex's offers of coming back to the D.E.O.. She later prevents an accident, after a hacker who appears on CatCo monitors, disrupts the city's traffic signals. Back at her apartment, the hacker teleports through a computer when Winn attempts to crack the hacker's code. However, Alex and Hank arrive, and after making the hacker retreat, she rejects another offer to come back to the D.E.O.. Kara is later taken to Superman's Fortress of Solitude by James, where she questions Kelex, telling it that she's looking for a Coluan. Kelex tells her the hacker is Indigo, a descendant of Brainiac and a prisoner at Fort Rozz for attempted genocide, and is considered the deadliest of all the escaped prisoners. She later tries to talk to Lucy after she gets mad at James for missing their date, recounting a story James told her about how he got his camera. Kara later arrives at a military site to fight Indigo, who was attempting to launch nuclear missions at National City. However, she is forced to abandon the fight when Indigo activates a missile. She attempts to push it off course, but it simply adjusts its path and continues to fly towards National City. With Hank's help however, she is able to successfully disarm the missile. Indigo attempts to launch more missiles though Kara returns to stop her. She is later defeated for good, after being infected by a virus that disabled her. Kara later tells James that he can tell Lucy her secret, though he reveals Lucy broke up with him. Kara later returns to work at the D.E.O., with Alex coming clean about killing Astra, causing the two to embrace.[13]

Kara destroying police cars

Kara wreaking havoc in National City.

Kara is later infected with Red Kryptonite when she flies out to help a fireman trapped by debris in a fire. The next day, Kara smashes her alarm clock and arrives for work at CatCo wearing somewhat more stylish attire than normal. She later let a K'hund Fort Rozz escapee go after defeating him and afterwards criticizes "Hank" for hiding his abilities when he and Alex confront her. At CatCo, Kara gets Siobhan fired by luring her away from her desk long enough to print a copy of the email of her trying to sell the story of Supergirl letting the alien escape, to the Daily Planet. Kara invites Winn and James to celebrate at a club. Kara arrived late and persuaded James to dance with her. She tried to come on to James and trashed Lucy in the process. Kara later flies to CatCo and tells Cat that she's no longer interested in being a hero. To prove her point, she throws Cat over the balcony and flies down to catch her just in time. Later at her apartment, Kara adopts a new uniform, similar to what Astra and the rest of the Kryptonians wore, laying into Alex when she arrived, pouring out years of resentment. Flying off, Kara wreaked havoc on National City, causing Hank to reveal his true martian form, as J'onn J'onzz and engage her, allowing Alex to use an antidote on her. Kara is later horrified at her actions under the influence of Red Kryptonite, and attempts to soon after apologize to both James and Cat, though unsuccessfully.[35]

Days after, Kara went to stop a bank intervention in the morning, though everyone fled when she arrived, due to her scaring everyone while under the influence of Red Kryptonite. She then took a sick day at work, and later fails at listening in on Colonel James Harper's interrogation of J'onn. Kara along with Alex later object when J'onn is taken into custody, though to no avail. She is later shocked when Alex is also taken into custody, and the two are both being sent to Project Cadmus. Kara later has James explain what Project Cadmus is, and Kara is forced to reveal her identity to Lucy in an attempt to save J'onn and Alex. Both Kara and Lucy later break J'onn and Alex out while they were in route to Project Cadmus. Kara offers to hide Alex in the Fortress of Solitude while she finds Jeremiah, but Alex insists that she has to be the one to find him. Back at the D.E.O., she agrees to help Lucy, as Lucy is promoted to acting director of the D.E.O.. Upon being informed that a bank robbery is underway, Kara heads off to stop it. However, she didn't know if National City would ever trust her again, though Lucy reassures her that if she can win her trust, she can win back the city.[16]

Livewire, Silver Banshee and the Flash[]
Supergirl and The Flash meet

Supergirl meets the Flash.

Kara along with Winn later took Siobhan to the D.E.O. after she had fell from a roof, as she'd displayed the power to save herself. Later at CatCo, Kara was sent flying by Siobhan using her sonic scream. However, The Flash saved Kara, who had opened a breach from his universe while testing his speed. Kara proceeded to fly off but stopped in order to talk to him. Introducing himself and explaining that he was from another universe, he asked for her help to return. Kara took Barry to their makeshift base at CatCo, where he was introduced to Winn and James, explaining to all of them the concept of the multiverse. Promising to help him get home, Kara enlisted Barry's help with Siobhan and Livewire. She then took him to the D.E.O., introducing him to director Lucy Lane. Tracking Siobhan and Livewire, they found them at an abandoned warehouse. Despite being unsuccessful in their attempts to subdue them, Barry suggested that Kara needed to slow down and stop trying so hard, drawing from personal experience.

Barry and Kara in the first DEO

Barry and Kara in the DEO.

Back at the D.E.O., Kara was contacted by James, telling her than Cat Grant had been kidnapped by Livewire and Siobhan, now known as Silver Banshee. Utilizing ear bud-type devices, the two villains were quickly defeated, along with the help of National City citizens and the fire department. Later, Barry and Kara returned to the desert. They combined their speed in a race, with Kara throwing him through a portal that was created. Later at her apartment, Kara and James shared a kiss, though afterwards she was surprised to see him walk away with a blank stare, and joined hundreds of other people marching blankly down the street, all under the control of Myriad.[36]

Activation of Myriad[]

Kara arrives at the D.E.O., and attempts to stop a prisoner, Maxima, from escaping. However, Lucy stops her with Kryptonite bullets, though she is able to stop the rest of the prisoners from escaping by destroying the computer terminal, using the afterburners from her pod. After removing the bullet, she flies to the Fortress of Solitude to find her cousin Superman, but Kelex tells Kara that he is not on Earth and refuses to inform her about Myriad. However, the A.I. of Alura explains that Myriad was a mind-control system Astra and Non were arrested for trying to use against the people of Krypton, also learning Kara that once Myriad is in effect it can't be stopped. Back in National City, Kara is noticing everyone, even Winn and James, are now under the Myriad effect and watching Kryptonian codes on the screen, General Lane has placed the entire city under quarantine, but Kara informs him that she will help save his daughter. However, she soon finds out Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant are both unaffected, due to Max's technology. Non soon arrives, and forces James, Winn, and Kelly to jump to their deaths. Kara however is only able to save Winn and James. Soon after, she warns Alex not to come to National City, or else she'd be under the control of Myriad. She later agrees to go along with Maxwell Lord's plan, though Cat opposes to it. The two go to Lord Technologies to convince Lord not to launch his bomb, and the trio went to Cat's original broadcasting station intending to broadcast a counter signal to Myriad. However, Alex arrives under the control of Myriad, and in Kryptonite armor, engaging Kara in battle.[37]

Supergirl giving her speech to the people of National City

Supergirl gives a speech to National City.

During the fight, Kara was swiftly defeated by Alex and almost killed, until J'onn arrived with Eliza, who talked Alex out of it, breaking Myriad's control over her. In the broadcasting station, Kara successfully broke Myriad's control over the people of National City, by giving a speech about hope. Later at the D.E.O., Maxwell Lord informed them that the Kryptonians were now using Myriad, increasing the frequency until every human's cranium exploded. Before she could leave, Maxwell Lord warned Kara that this was in fact a suicide mission as she had no backup. After hearing such, Kara gave Winn, Cat, and James goodbyes of sorts at CatCo. She later, identified the device Maxwell Lord had discovered that was powering Myriad, as a Omegahedron, energy devices used on Krypton. After being informed that the Non and the Kryptonians were hiding out in Nevada in Fort Rozz, Kara went to confront them, along with J'onn who the D.E.O. agreed to release. Before she left, Kara gave Alex the necklace her mother had given her, to keep it safe. There, Supergirl and Non fought each other, and Indigo and J'onn battled one another. Kara eventually defeated Non in a heat vision face off, and a dying Indigo revealed that she had locked Fort Rozz's system, so they couldn't fly away the ship, which was powering Myriad. Kara decided to fly the ship into space, telling her sister goodbye over her intercom. After exiting the atmosphere, Supergirl began to pass out and suffocate. However she was saved by Alex who used her pod to rescue her. Back at the D.E.O., Kara was congratulated, and the next day at work Kara received praise from Clark via message, and was promoted by Cat. Later at her apartment, Kara had a celebratory dinner, where James presents Kara with a framed photo he took of her and they kiss. As Kara make a toast to family, they are interrupted when a pod flying in the sky caught their attention, causing Kara and J'onn. At the crash site, Kara recognized the pod as identical to hers, and was surprised at what she found inside.[38]

Cadmus and Daxamite invasion[]

Superman's arrival[]

Kara and J'onn found a comatose alien in the pod and placed him in D.E.O. National City headquarters. Arriving at CatCo, Kara meets miss Grant, who asks her if she decided what position she wants, to which Kara said that has not yet decided. Then Cat gives her 48 hours to make a decision. After that Kara comes home and starts to pick up a dress for her date with James. As he arrives, bringing pizza and ravioli, Kara turns on the TV, where they see the launch of the Venture spacecraft, which suddenly begins to fall due to engine failure.

Supergirl teases Superman

Supergirl and Superman after their first team-up.

Kara flew to the accident site, where she was joined by Superman, and together they prevent catastrophe, to cushion the fall of the shuttle. Kara arrives in D.E.O., bringing Superman with her to shows him the man they had found into the pod the previous night. Then Clark decides to join the investigations on the fall of the shuttle and offers to go to CatCo with Kara. There Kara apologizes to James for having interrupted their date and appoint a new one. After this Kara and Clark go to the Luthor Corp, to talk with Lena Luthor, who explains that she refused at the last moment to flight on the Venture due to an emergency meeting on the renaming of the company and is not related to the accident. Later Lena Luthor's helicopter was attacked by drones, but Supergirl and Superman saved her, destroying them, and then Supergirl told Lena that someone wants to kill her. Later, Kara tried to talk Lena out of doing her speech, but she said that she should do it. During her speech John Corben attacks Lena but she was saved by Supergirl while Superman supports a building from collapsing on a square full of people.

The next day Kara came to Cat and said that she decided to become a reporter. Cat said she knew that she would have chosen this position. Then, Kara decided to talk with James and told him that in her opinion it is better to be just friends. In D.E.O. Clark told Kara that he decided to stay in National City a little longer.[9]

After she was promoted to reporter, Cat introduced Kara to her new boss, Snapper Carr. Kara started to tell him that she would try to be a good reporter, but he just walked away without listen to her. Later, at her apartment, Clark told her that it was time for him to return to Metropolis, to which Kara was clearly upset. At this point, the news reported about a man who is about to jump down a bridge, so Supergirl and Superman arrive at the site only to discover this person is John Corben, who is now a Kryptonite-powered cyborg dubbed Metallo. He struck Kara with a Kryptonite beam and she lost consciousness, but before he can kill her, Superman threw him off the bridge and brought Kara to the D.E.O.; the next day, Kara returned to CatCo and came to Snapper, but he refused to give her any instructions, saying she is not working there, which outraged Kara, who went to miss Grant and ask her for help, however Cat told her that she should resolve her problem by herself and also that she decided to leave the company to experience something new. Later, Winn made Anti-Kryptonite Devices for Kara and Clark.

Supergirl and Alex vs Metallo

Supergirl and Alex fight Metallo together.

While Superman and the Martian Manhunter dealt with Gilcrist in Metropolis, Supergirl and Alex overcome Corben in National City, as Alex stabbed him in the chest with a piece of pipe while Kara held him. In the evening Kara flew to Cat Grant in the guise of Supergirl and said that she knew that she was leaving, telling her she admires her. Kara then once again came to Snapper, giving him an article about the battle between Supergirl and Metallo with the testimony of eyewitnesses, and the comments of police, but he did not even want to read it entirely, then Kara said she would find another magazine who will take her article, but he stopped her and said to come back tomorrow. Immediately after that, Kara went to D.E.O., to say goodbye to Clark, who returns to Metropolis. Then she decided to visit the comatose alien, who suddenly woke up and seized Kara by the neck,[39] then threw her aside and ran away from the D.E.O.[40]

Dealing with Mon-El[]
Olivia Marsdin is welcomed to the D.E.O.

J'onn and Supergirl with President Marsdin.

Later J'onn told Kara that President Olivia Marsdin will come to D.E.O. during her visit to National City, which she commits to sign a decree on granting aliens the rights of US citizens, a news Kara was very excited about, especially After Alex tells her that the President expects Supergirl would meet her as her plane arrives. Later, at work, during a meeting Snapper gave each member of the staff a commission instead of James, and Kara, instead of an interview with the President, was sent to Lena Luthor. Kara, in the guise of Supergirl, arrives at the airport to meet Olivia Marsdin, but as soon as she got off the plane, she was attacked and nearly killed if not for the intervention of Supergirl.

Kara and Lena

Kara interviews Lena.

After that Kara comes to Lena Luthor, as she needed a comment from "the sister of the most famous alien hater". Lena tells her that L-Corp developed a new device that will identify aliens and offers Kara to test it. When Lena turned, Kara used her laser vision to sabotage the device and then agrees to test it, so it gives a negative result. Lena believes that people have the right to know who is an alien and who is not, therefore, she plans to put the device in all the country stores. In the evening, Kara brings Snapper the article with Lena Luthor's comments, but he refuses to accept it as it is written too biased, and requires a rewrite. In D.E.O. she is struggling with her rewrite before Winn is able to locate the fugitive alien with Alex's help. They find that he's at the observatory and sending out a deep space signal. At first, Kara believes that he's trying to contact Krypton but Winn sees that the signal isn't heading for Krypton but to the planet Daxam. She immediately then goes to catch him.

Kara faces off against Mon-El

Kara faces off against the revealed Daxamite.

When she arrives, she physically confronts him as she believes that he is the one who attacked the President. A fight breaks out between them, resulting in the Daxamite getting knocked unconscious by Kara. She takes him to the D.E.O., where she explains to Alex, Winn and J'onn that Krypton had warred against Daxam for generations. She went to confront the Daxamite and they fell into a small argument about how each of their planets view the other's people. Kara then asked why he was at the observatory and he told her that he was just sending a distress call as he was stranded. Kara asked him why he had attacked the President if he was marooned but he claimed to not know what she was talking about which she didn't believe.

Later Kara came back to Lena, who praised her for her wonderful article, although she admitted that initially thought that Kara would "mix it with mud" because of their different views. Olivia Marsdin gave her speech and was about to sign the decree, when she was attacked again. The culprit turned out to be Scorcher, who managed to escape. Later, Alex found out the factory warehouse was where the criminal was hiding and she, along with Kara, arrived at the place and managed to defeat her. The next day, Kara apologized to the alien from Daxam, Mon-El, for having treated him biased due to the fact that her people considers Daxamites a race of bullies and hedonists, and for the fact that she accused him of the attempted assassination of the President. After that, he introduced himself as Mon-El and said he wanted to send a signal back home, but Kara was forced to tell him that Daxam had expired after Krypton's explosion.[40]

Kara before fighting Draaga

Draaga attacks Supergirl.

Kara joined Alex and Detective Maggie Sawyer to a crime scene, where she helped establish the deceased alien was killed by another alien. Later, she went to work and told Snapper the news, but he refused her article, as she did not have any official sources. Later, after Alex and Maggie found the underground alien fight club, Kara arrives to back them up but, after the ringmaster, Roulette, released Draaga to fight against her, she was quickly overcome so Alex and Maggie shots into the air to disperse all the present forcing Draaga and Roulette to flee. Later at the D.E.O. Kara and Alex told J'onn that they have see M'gann M'orzz at the club. Kara once again went to Snapper with news regarding the fight club, he immediately became interested, but as soon as he learned that Kara again had no source, and only unofficial statements, he says that as long as she does not indicate her sources he can't publish her articles.

Kara faces Roulette

Supergirl faces Roulette.

In the evening Kara stopped Roulette's limousine and told her that she will stop her illegal fights, to which Roulette replied that her club does not violate the law, as aliens are not people, and therefore they have no rights, pointing that on the contrary, she is giving them a place where they can "find glory and earn money". Roulette then told her that she could try to stop the matches but wouldn't stop them for long as she is offering her fighters more than Kara could.

The next day, in D.E.O., Kara wonders if Roulette might have been right about Kara offering nothing to aliens but Alex tells her that Roulette only offers fear and she can give them more than that. Kara then learns that Mon-El had left the D.E.O. with Winn, without permission, and had accidentally injured some people in a bar. She goes to speak with Mon-El about their powers, and about her parents and what they were. Before she left, he told her that he had heard about her fight with Draaga and that he'd seen him fight years ago with the Daxam Royal Family. He told her that during that battle a sword hit him in the right leg, making it his weak spot.

The next day Kara learns from Alex that J'onn and M'gann were kidnapped by Roulette and, after she obtains from Lena Luthor the new address in which Roulette will host the battle, Kara comes to it and managed to defeat Draaga. Then she explains to the aliens that Roulette is in fact their enemy, so they agree and let Alex and Maggie arrest her. The next day Kara comes to Snapper and gives him an article about the fight club, which has an official police report, criminological analysis and comment from Supergirl. He takes the article, but asks to correct some errors. Then she comes to the Mon-El in D.E.O. and she tells him that she was sent to Earth to protect and educate her cousin, but she was unable to fulfill this mission, so now she will train him.[24]

Kara and Mon-El at CatCo

Kara and Mon-El (as Mike Matthews) at CatCo.

Kara asked Winn to make Mon-El a fake ID as "Mike Matthews", and arranged him a job as a CatCo intern. They come at the office together and Kara introduces him to Eve and James, whit whom she later go to take a coffee, encountering a gang of criminals armed with alien weapon that Kara unsuccessfully tried to stop from robbing a bank and escape. Back in CatCo, Kara learns from Eve that Mon-El asked her to do the work that James had given to him, so she approaches him and explains that he has to do his job. At this point, Lena Luthor comes to CatCo and invites her to a charity event to raise funds for a children's hospital. Then Kara is called Alex, who told her about another robbery, Kara arrives on the scene, and one of the gang members with the help of anti-gravity gun sends a police car in the sky. Flying behind the car, Supergirl managed to saves the policeman, then she returns to CatCo and found Mon-El making out with Eve. Angered, she tells him that she tries to help him fit but he spoils everything, and that if he does not want to do anything he would look for another coach. Later Kara comes home and found Alex at her door, she tells her that she is in some ways confused but, seeing Kara upset, Alex immediately asks her what happened and the latter responds that Mon-El did not perceive the work seriously. Alex advises Kara to let Mon-El find what he is interested; after that, Kara asks Alex if she was going to say something, but before she can speak, Lena came to Kara's apartment and asked her to arrange a meeting with Supergirl. In the evening, Kara arrives at the L-Corp in the guise of Supergirl and Lena invited her to her charity party in the case of gang attacks. The next evening, Kara and Winn arrives at the charity event, where Kara supports two conversations at once with Lena, both as Supergirl and in her civilian identity, by rapidly changing clothes.


Kara fights with the gang of criminals.

After a while, Kara meets Mon-El at the party and he invites her to dance, then the gang of criminals armed with alien weapons broke at the party and start a struggle with Supergirl. At this point, Lena and Winn were able to establish a black burst generator, destroying the criminals' weapons so that they were captured. The next day Kara comes to Mon-El and says that he was fired, then she tells that she will not force him to live as she sees fit, and that he can find what he likes. In the evening Kara, in the guise of Supergirl, flew back to Lena thanking her for her help.[41]

The next night, Kara and Mon-El sat at Al's Dive Bar, and she told him that he should find a job and start training with her, however he ignore her advices and offers her an alien cocktail which got Kara drunk for the first time in her life, so Alex and J'onn took her at the D.E.O., where she fell asleep. The following morning, Kara trains with Mon-El to teach him how to "change the world" and become a hero (also taking the chance to getting her revenge on him for what happened the previous night).

At this point, Alex asks Kara to talk in private, and they went out into the street. There Alex admitted to Kara that she is a lesbian and that she has feelings for Maggie; to which Kara results a bit shaken. In the evening J'onn sent Kara and Alex in the National City University to arrest doctor Rudy Jones, who was infected by an alien parasite. However, as Kara hit him, he grabbed her hand, sucked out of it a part of her life forces and escaped. The next day at Kara's apartment she told a visiting Alex, which is scared that Kara is disappointed in her, that she could never be disappointed in her and that she is completely okay with it that Alex is a lesbian, and understands how it feels to keep part of themselves locked away. She encourages Alex to pursue a relationship with Maggie if that is what she desires and shows that she support her sister and her feelings for Maggie. Later in the city center, Kara discovered that Mon-El has found new work as a loan enforcer, and in the heated conversation that followed, she told him she was disappointed and that he was no hero, and in turn he told her she was not really altruistic, but rather an attention seeker. The exchange left both disheartened. In the evening, J'onn and Supergirl confront Parasite, who defeat them simultaneously sucking the life forces of them both; then they are rescued by Alex and taken at the D.E.O., where Kara quickly recovers thanks to solar radiators.


Supergirl battles Parasite.

Meanwhile, Parasite terrorizes National City and is faced by Mon-El and the Guardian until Supergirl arrives and, after offering to him one last chance to surrender, she completely obliterate him by using plutonium from a nuclear power plant. Then she thanked Mon-El for what he has done, and the unknown armored vigilante, whose costume is partly made of lead and so she could not see who is underneath even with her X-ray vision. The next night, Kara came to Alex's apartment to talk to her, but she did not open the door; worried, Kara entered from the window and Alex, weeping, told her that Maggie has rejected her. Self affected Kara hugs her and begins to comfort her, and told Alex, that she's proud of her.[42]

Medusa virus[]

After Mon-El was captured by a bunch of Cadmus' agents who deliver him to one of their hidden bases, putting him in a cage, Supergirl is informed by Cadmus at a special frequency that they have the Daxamite and promised to kill him if she did not come. When Supergirl arrived in Cadmus, she met the real Hank Henshaw, revived as a cyborg, who was able to overcome her and imprison her in the cell next to that of Mon-El. Here, Lillian Luthor revealed herself to Supergirl as the leader of Project Cadmus and threatened to kill Mon-El, if she does not deprive herself of solar energy with the help of a special device; despite Mon-El's pleas for Kara not to do it, she was forced to agree, then Lillian slapped her and took her blood for the purpose of obtaining information on "Medusa" before to sent her back to the cells. Fortunately they were rescued by Jeremiah Danvers, who had access to Cadmus IDs, and chose to remain behind for unknown reasons. Later that night, Kara, Mon-El and their friends celebrated their return in Kara's apartment and she informs Alex that Jeremiah is alive and well; then she told Mon-El he was brave throughout the ordeal, to which he replied any courage he had, he learnt from her.[43]

Kara prepares to toast at Thanksgiving

Kara spends Thanksgiving with her family and friends.

Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, Kara helped to cook the turkey using her heat vision. She soon after walked over to Winn and James, the former of whom claimed to not be able to wait for Eliza's glazed carrots. She answered the door to Mon-El and introduced him to Eliza. Later on, as they sat down for dinner, they expressed what they were thankful for. Before Alex could come out, they were interrupted by a breach. The following day, Kara, Alex and Winn all headed to work at the D.E.O. Hoping to find out what Lena Luthor knew, Kara headed for L-Corp under the guise of writing a piece for CatCo. However, their interview was cut short. The day after, Kara visited a contained Mon-El, who had come in to contact with a toxin released by Cadmus. Due to its targeting of aliens, she was forced to stay at the D.E.O. Kara and Mon-El played Monopoly to pass the time, before collapsing in a coughing fit. She opened the cell, seeking medical attention. Deducing that the virus was from Krypton, Kara further deduced that Cadmus had used a sample of her blood to get into the Fortress of Solitude, thus obtaining the virus.

Kara traveled to the Fortress, where she was greeted by a reprogrammed Kelex. He attempted to kill her, but she used her heat vision to destroy him. Using the Fortress' computers, she was greeted by a hologram of her father, who explained the virus, Medusa, to her. Returning to the D.E.O. with all of the information she could, Kara sat by Mon-El's bedside, before later reminiscing of her life on Krypton to J'onn, admitting that her parents were not who they seemed. Suddenly, J'onn was struck by an immense wave of pain, showing his oncoming White Martian form. He explained what had happened with M'gann's blood transfusion, believing there to be no cure. Soon after, Supergirl headed to L-Corp, taking on Cyborg Superman. When another breach was opened for a moment, Hank was distracted, allowing Supergirl to gain the upper hand, but he escaped. Kara returned to the D.E.O. with an injured Maggie Sawyer, before she went to talk to Lena. She explained her mother's role in Cadmus, but Lena refused to believe her. Kara, distraught that her family had caused Mon-El's condition, went to sit with him as he woke up. Mon-El kissed Kara before he returned to sleep. Later on, Supergirl and J'onn left to the National City port, where Cadmus planned to release Medusa via air. With Lena at the rocket's controls, Supergirl begs her not to launch it but the former justifies as she is "a Luthor".

Supergirl went after the rocket with Medusa virus

Supergirl goes after the rocket with Medusa virus.

While J'onn took on Cyborg Superman, Kara went after the rocket with the virus. As she caught up with it, Lillian Luthor detonated it. With the virus having been made inert, with no risk to any alien, she returned in time to knock out Cyborg Superman and save J'onn. Back at the D.E.O., Mon-El woke, fully recovered thanks to Eliza's reverse engineering of a living sample of the virus. The following day, Kara returned home with a number of bags to find Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon, wishing to have a favor repaid.[44]

Fighting the Dominators[]
Supergirl while meeting Earth-1 heroes

Supergirl meets Earth-1's heroes.

Arriving on Earth-1 in order to help against the Dominators, Barry introduced Kara to Team Arrow, Team Flash and Legends. Oliver Queen initially thought she is a human, until she demonstrated her powers by flying without assistance and using her heat vision to carve the House of El-symbol on the ground, convincing everyone. Kara addresses everyone with their own names, while they replied with their alter egos. Oliver then suggested they all train against her, much to everyone's losses as they realized her near-invincibility. Barry later appeared, telling everyone that because he created Flashpoint, he had screwed up everyone's lives, and asked to not be trusted, instead staying behind with Oliver. Kara and the other heroes arrived at the salt mine where the Dominators were. A trap was set in place, causing them to be mind controlled and turned against The Flash and Green Arrow. With the Flash's quick thinking, he led Supergirl to the salt mine and tricked her into destroying the mind control device, freeing everyone. As a precaution, Supergirl scouted around Central City and made sure there weren't any more of the devices.[45]

Supergirl and The Flash headed to Star City to assist Team Arrow's recruits in taking down Laura Washington, a scientist who stole a completed prototype of a regulator, something the team needed to decode their alien technology. She double-teamed with the Flash and took down Washington in a flashy technique, thus earning the praise of Rene, who had previously despised them.[46]

The team then receives a message, that the new President wants to meet them. Kara is thrilled, but Oliver tells her to remain behind, as he needs to feel normal after his ordeal from the Dominators. Kara reluctantly complies, but is angry with him for telling her this.

The heroes take on the Dominators in a final showdown

Supergirl and the heroes of Earth-1 take on the Dominators in a final showdown.

When the Dominators threaten to release on Earth a bomb that would end every meta-humans life along with millions of human lives, Supergirl and The Flash raced around the world planting the device Lily and Martin Stein made that would put the Dominators in excruciating pain on every Dominators on Earth. When Felicity activated the devices the Dominators were in extreme pain and once Firestorm transmutated the meta-bomb into water the Dominators retreated leaving Earth. After the heroes beat the Dominators, Kara took part to their celebration party. Talking privately with Oliver and Barry, Kara declared them that they are Earth-1's greatest heroes, and Oliver apologized to her after his earlier behavior. They did a group hug, despite Oliver's reluctance. Kara suggests to the new President of U.S. of Earth-1 to found their version of the D.E.O., prior to return to her Earth using an interdimensional extrapolator given to her as a present by Cisco to allow her to travel between their universes any time she wishes.[47]

Back to Earth-38[]

Around a week after returning from Earth-1, a grieving mother came to CatCo seeking help from Snapper Carr on finding her daughter, Izzy, who had disappeared. Though Snapper appeared unsympathetic, Kara eagerly decided to assist. She sought out Maggie Sawyer at Al's Dive Bar, gaining information about a suspicious clinic offering monetary rewards for blood tests. Together with Mon-El, who learned of her quest and decided to help, they investigated the clinic under the disguise of a couple of millennials. Soon they discovered the personnel there are in fact aliens and Kara pursued them through the portal that connects Earth to their planet. Despite being told to get help, Mon-El decided to follow her, however they found themselves stranded on a planet with a red sun and, therefore, are both powerless. While Mon-El wanted to retreat, Kara insisted they press on with the mission regardless. Spotting a fortress which they determined to be the aliens' base of operation, they headed towards it only to be ambushed by a local harmless hermit, Jo, from which they learned they're on Maaldoria, the "Slaver's Moon", a hub of sentient trafficking. Kara and Mon-El were able to infiltrate the slavers' fortress by feigning surrender, and afterwards they encountered Roulette, who was partially behind the operation. They also discovered the missing humans, and with them were soon sold to a Dominator.

Supergirl stands up for the other slaves

Supergirl stands up for the other slaves.

After Kara had a talk with Mon-El about heroism, the slavers ordered the group to start moving. Kara, despite having no powers, attempted to block them from taking the others, only to be hit with electric shocks. As the slavers repeatedly tortured her with their weapons, the others, seeing her in agony, were moved by her sacrifice and seized the opportunity to disarm the slavers moving together to escape. They were then helped out of the fortress and taken to the portal by Alex and the strike team that she had assembled.[8] Kara started Mon-El with his hero training at the D.E.O. At that time, Livewire had escaped from prison and Kara is greatly upset about her nemesis being at large. When the police were attacked by two people with Livewire's powers Kara and Mon-El went to stop them. Kara told Mon-El to stay and protect the officers while she fought the Livewires. Mon-El shielded them from the lightning but when he saw that Kara was starting to be in trouble, he left the officers to try and save her. He accidentally deflected a lightning blast to one of the officers but luckily Guardian had been there to absorb most of it with his shield. After the Livewires retreated, they saw that Guardian was really Jimmy Olsen and Kara has a massive fight with him as she disapprove the risk he is taking, however he reminded her she is not the one who decide who can be an hero and angrily leaves. Later Kara confronted Mon-El with abandoning the officers and he defended himself stating that he saw she was in trouble. However, Kara asked if the real reason that Mon-El was doing this was for her, which Mon-El just left her without answering. Later, it was revealed that Livewire had been kidnapped by a scientist to make Livewire soldiers and Kara felt guilty for not having think about it because of their past together.

Mon-El, Supergirl and Guardian

Supergirl, Mon-El and Guardian fight together.

Meanwhile, to prove their value in Kara, with the help of Winn Mon-El and Guardian track down Livewire's copies and the scientist who created them but they're both subdued. Later Winn revealed their location to Kara an she arrived to help free them and Livewire and together the four stopped the scientist and his soldiers. As Livewire was about to kill her former captor, Supergirl moved to reason her not to do it but letting him go to jail insisted, to which Livewire agreed after Supergirl promised not to look for her until after the scientist was locked away, then Livewire left her, promising to return. That evening, Kara told both James and Winn that she had always seen them as heroes even before they became vigilantes and that if they intended to continue she will neither stop nor support them, however they claimed they will not stop. Later Mon-El visited Kara at her apartment and confessed that he remembered kissing her when he was sick. He also told Kara that he saved her during the attack because he cared about her. Though he said that he understood that she might not feel the same way but he asked Kara to still work with him and help him become a hero.[48]

Kara had an awkward conversation at Al's Dive Bar where she attempted to smooth things over with Mon-El while justifying why she didn't like him. After he left, she found Alex and intended to discuss plans to celebrate the day she arrived on Earth to alleviate her stress, however Alex had other plans with Maggie and proposed to postpone the event; despite being visibly hurt, Kara wished Alex a good time. Outside, M'gann confronted J'onn about following her around in different disguises, while J'onn explained it was for her safety against a White Martian attack. That proved to be true in the midst of their conversation as Armek emerged to attack them. Kara arrived outside to intervene and drove Armek away.

Kara fights the White Martian who impersonates Alex

Supergirl fights the White Martian who impersonates Alex.

J'onn decided to invite M'gann to the protection of the DEO headquarters. Kara was present with others in the building when Armek impersonated M'gann and attacked. J'onn sealed the structure to prevent his escape as the group devised means of identifying who Armek may be impersonating next. After a flame test it was revealed that Armek impersonated Winn, and he escaped after a brief fight with Kara and J'onn. J'onn deduced the real Winn must also be in the building, and the group discovered the reactor of the building has been set to explode. Kara alongside Alex searched for the real Winn, and she revealed her feelings to Alex on the way. However it was soon revealed there was a second White Martian, and it has impersonated Alex. Kara was able to defeat this one after a long fight, while Armek was killed by M'gann.

Kara's Earth Birthday

Kara celebrates her Earth Birthday with Alex.

The real Alex experienced their conversation through the Martian's telepathic bond and went to Kara's apartment to talk to her. The sisters made peace and celebrated Kara's Earth Birthday together. However Alex also deduced Kara wanted to devote lengthy plans to her celebration to distract away from other emotional stress. After Alex suggests it, Kara eventually claims she has feelings for Mon-El. Under her sister's encouragement, she decides to confess her attraction to him. She encountered him at CatCo the next day, but as she was about to speak to him about her feelings, Mon-El revealed he was on a date with Eve. As the two left, Kara was once again alone feeling disheartened.[49]

Working with Lena and feelings for Mon-El[]
Supergirl saving the day before realizing Lillian Luthor and John Corben got away

Supergirl saving the day before realizing Lillian Luthor and John Corben got away.

After Lena betrayed her mother and caused her arrest, Lilian was on trial for her various acts of terror. After learning of this Kara felt like she should speak to her friend in this time of need. She encouraged Lena to visit her mother in prison, which the latter did. Shortly after her visit however, John Corben was secretly given back his Kryptonite heart by a Cadmus agent and, during the hearing, after being brought as a witness, Metallo attacked the people gathered at the court. Supergirl intervened but was unable to apprehend either Metallo or Lilian who he helped escape, as Metallo destroyed a nearby crane forcing her to save people instead.

Kara watches as Lena is wrongly arrested

Kara watches as Lena is wrongly arrested.

As the empowerment of Metallo occurred during the same time as Lena's visit to her mother, suspicions fell on her as the instigator. When video evidence was found of Lena retrieving kryptonite, she was arrested by Maggie Sawyer. Despite all her friends, including her sister and J'onn all believing Lena was guilty, Kara refused to believe her friend abandoned the side of good. This caused a minor rift between her and James, who told her the similar story of Superman and Lex Luthor. While at CatCo, Kara also encountered Eve and asked her about her date with Mon-El. She learned that Mon-El still had feelings for her as during his date he spoke about Kara the whole time.

Upon Kara's insistence, Winn examined the footage evidence and discovered it was in fact Hank Henshaw who retrieved the Kryptonite. Now vindicated in her belief in Lena, she flew to Lex Luthor's mountain base, where Lena was held by her mother. Despite being briefly incapacitated by a sonic device and once more overpowered by Metallo, with the help of Martian Manhunter she was able to rescue Lena from her captors. Metallo's kryptonite heart had become unstable, and despite Kara's pleas for him to save himself, he exploded with the facility.

Lena thanked Kara in her office and their friendship was reaffirmed. Kara also mended her friendship with James, inviting him to a game night. At her apartment that night, she met with Mon-El, to whom she confessed her attraction. At that moment however they were interrupted by Mr. Mxyzptlk, who materialized out of nowhere and proclaimed his love for her.[50]

Mxyzptlk immediately conjured and filled Kara's apartment with flowers and a concerto before he quickly told Kara again that he was in love with her. Mxyzptlk banished Mon-El away before he told Kara that he wanted her to marry him before placing her into a wedding dress.

Kara quickly and gently told him that she was flattered but she wasn't going to marry him. However, Mxyzptlk thought she was just playing hard to get and told her that he liked a challenge. She went back to the D.E.O. and learned from both J'onn and Mon-El that Mxyzptlk was a fifth dimensional being with powers bordering on magical. Kara then went off to stop some bank robbers but Mxyzptlk arrived and took their guns away. Then, he quickly had them turn and point to shoot at the robbers and Kara quickly went to save them before they could get shot.

Alex then came to see her and seemed to be worrying about Maggie and her aversion to celebrating Valentine's Day with her and Kara told her to try surprising her when they saw that Parasite was attacking the city. She and Mon-El rushed to stop him but it was revealed that he was an illusion conjured by Mxyzptlk to try and show off his powers to Kara. Mon-El then angrily told him that he should just say his name backwards and leave Kara alone and she was surprised that was the way to get rid of him. She then sent Mon-El away to try and talk to Mxyzptlk but he told her that unless she agreed to marry him, he would keep unleashing chaos upon National City. Kara then confronted Mon-El about him not telling her about the whole saying the name backwards thing but he told her that he didn't tell her because it never works as it was impossible to get him to say it backwards as Mxyzptlk wasn't stupid and the best way was to kill him. Kara refused to do that and Mon-El lashed out at her accusing her of loving the attention that he was giving her as well as with his power.

Kara tried to come up with a way to try and get Mxyzptlk to say his name backwards but was starting to think Mon-El was right as she couldn't think of a way to do it. J'onn told her that they found something that might work on beings like him but saw that it was missing and she realized that Mon-El took it. She quickly found the two fighting and arrived just before Mon-El could be shot with a lead bullet. She quickly told Mxyzptlk that she would marry him to the surprise of both men. She told him to meet her at noon in the Fortress of Solitude as she wanted to wear her mother's dress. Mon-El later visited her to find out why Kara was doing this and she told him that the two of them wouldn't work as they were just too different. Mon-El then left her apartment before she left for the fortress. Mxyzptlk arrived but was surprised to see her in her suit and not her mother's dress. She told him that she really brought him here to avoid him hurting people when she told him that she wasn't going to marry him.

Mxyzptlk going back home

Kara tricking Mxyzplk to write his name backwards and sending him back to his dimension.

Mxyzptlk became enraged and then animated the ice sculpture of Jor-El to attack her but Kara quickly destroyed it. Mxyzptlk then said that if he wanted to he could send a crack half-way through the Earth and would follow her across the stars until she agreed to marry him. Kara agreed and then went to activate the self-destruct sequence for the fortress which would kill her. Mxyzptlk said that she was bluffing but Kara said she would rather die than let him keep terrorizing the Earth over her. He then begged her not to do it and she then went to show him the override code. He punched it in and stopped the detonation but it was revealed that the code was his name spelled backwards. He realized that she tricked him and was already starting to disappear. He told Kara that all he wanted was for someone to love him but Kara told him that love wasn't control or forcing someone to obey but about finding someone to be free with.

Later, at her apartment, she called Mon-El to see her and she explained that she didn't mean any of the things she said to him. She just wanted to go through with her plan without Mon-El trying to stop her. She told him that she didn't need him to come to her rescue all the time and that she could take care of herself. Mon-El then admitted that he lost himself when it came to her as she had become his kryptonite.[51]

Return of Jeremiah Danvers[]

Kara asks Mon-El to keep their relationship a secret before going to work at the DEO. Mon-El reneged on their agreement and immediately announced to everyone at the DEO of their relationship. This angered Kara but before she could speak with him about this the DEO intercepted Cadmus movements. Kara and J'onn J'onzz intervened and easily defeated Cadmus forces. As Kara went to inspect their cargo however she was shocked to find her foster father inside. The rescue of Jeremiah was welcome news for everybody. He shared a tearful reunion with Kara, Alex, Eliza and J'onn. He told them Cadmus saved him so he could augment Hank Henshaw, and forced him to continue working for them afterwards. He also revealed Cadmus has constructed a bomb with which they plan to destroy National City. Mon-El had suspicions however and stated it was more than luck they found him.

Kara with her family and friends hosted a dinner in celebration of her father's return, however Mon-El soured the event by once again raising the issue of his return being a trick. Kara angrily evicted him from her house, and Jeremiah saw him out, stating on the way that he knew who Mon-El was, and that Kara will not like the secret. Mon-El would not give up however and tasked Winn with being vigilant. Kara was forced to consider his position when Winn discovered Jeremiah infiltrating DEO systems. She confronted her father about this, to which he admitted and explained he was trying to learn about the time he missed with his daughters. Kara's suspicions enraged Alex, who accused her of not siding with family and being clouded by her new found relationship. Kara by now however has firmly realized something was wrong, reasoning that her father could have simply spoke with them to learn of past events.

Mon-El was proven correct when DEO seemingly located the bomb. As Kara, Alex and DEO forces converged, they found nothing at the location. In the meantime, Jeremiah had retrieved DEO data, defeated J'onn with his cybernetic enhancements, and rejoined Cadmus. Kara and Alex arrived to confront them, however Cadmus sabotaged a train, forcing Kara to save people. Alex, left alone with her father who refused to surrender alive, could not bring herself to shoot him.

Traumatized by their father's return and betrayal, both sisters grieved at home. However Winn called and informed her Jeremiah had taken the Alien Registry, giving Cadmus information on every alien in America. Putting her grief aside, she jumped to action.[27] With Cadmus now in possession of the list, aliens were being abducted around the country. The D.E.O. couldn't track how and where Cadmus was taking them and it was suggested that Jeremiah was helping them stay out of their field of surveillance. J'onn then decreed that Jeremiah Danvers was now a high priority threat to Kara and Alex's discomfort. Kara wanted to try and warn everyone of the danger with an article but Snapper Carr refused to publish it without hard evidence. Kara attempted to get Snapper's help by promising an interview with Supergirl but after speaking to him as her alter-ego, he found that she wasn't a credible enough source as she couldn't reveal anything that tied her to the D.E.O. Later, Alex went to Kara as J'onn had removed her from the case and she asked Kara to talk to J'onn about putting her back on but Kara seemed to believe it was for the best as she was sure that Alex might get blinded by Jeremiah.

Kara ran into Lena Luthor at Catco who was looking for her as they had made plans. However, Kara told her about how Cadmus had taken the Alien Registry and was now abducting the people on it. She also told her of her trouble of getting the word out to warn people and Lena suggested that she try posting a blog about it to try and reach the masses instantaneously. Lena also offered to look into her mother's activities to see if anything popped up.

Kara catching and saving Lena

Supergirl saves Lena from Cadmus.

Kara had written her article but was nervous about posting it as she would be acting against Snapper. Mon-El asked if it was the right decision and Kara believed that it would be the best thing to do in order to try and alert people to Cadmus and so she posted it. She then got a phone call from Lena just as some of Cadmus' men were attacking her. Kara flew over as Supergirl and caught Lena as she fell from the building and handled the men. Lena then quickly told her about finding a warehouse that had been recently billed even though it was meant to be defunct which is where she believed Cadmus had taken everyone.

Due to Kara's blog, Lillian Luthor moved to act on her plan sooner to take all the aliens they had gathered and banish them from Earth in a space frigate. Alex managed to find the warehouse as well and convince Jeremiah to help her. She stowed away on the frigate and notified the D.E.O. of the ship and they called Kara to help in keeping the ship from leaving the planet's atmosphere where it would then warp away to the other side of the universe. Kara moved to try and keep the ship from getting to the atmosphere but it was proving a little too much for her to stop. Alex tried to stop the thrusters and managed to shut the power down enough for Kara to stop the frigate.

Kara is fired

Kara is fired by Snapper Carr for her online article.

When Kara returned to Catco, she was met with an angry Snapper Carr who told Kara that her blog violated her contract. She defended her actions as she had been telling the truth about Cadmus' plot the entire time but Snapper told her that she was only lucky. He informed her that there was a reason why he requested such hard and concrete evidence and sources as one misquote or hole of information could lead to dangerous consequences. He told her that she was fired even though he had been secretly rooting for her. Kara was upset at losing her job and tried to justify that, for now, maybe having her boyfriend and Supergirl was enough.[52]

Mon-El, the Prince of Daxam[]

A transmission came over television from alien visitors demanding Mon-El be given to them. Kara was willing to protect Mon-El and went to confront the ship but they deployed their weapons against her. When she was fully locked on by the ship, Mon-El quickly sent the ship a message telling them that he would surrender to them and they laid down their weapons. Kara asked why Mon-El was surrendering to them and he told her that he wasn't worth innocent lives. Both Kara and Mon-El were teleported onto the ship. The people immediately bowed and Kara was introduced to Mon-El's parents. She was shocked to learn that his parents were King Lar Gand and Queen Rhea of Daxam meaning that Mon-El was the Prince of Daxam.

Mon-El and Kara dine with Lar Gand and Rhea

Kara sitting with Mon-El and his parents for dinner.

They invited Kara to dinner and she and Mon-El learned that the king and queen had received his message though it was incomplete and had been searching the galaxy for him. They had heard about his exploits on Maaldoria and Kara defended their actions of freeing slaves and fighting slavery though Rhea and Lar Gand argued of their support of slavery and that their treatment of their slaves was always decent. When Mon-El's parents wished to know of how he escaped, he tried to dodge the issue but Kara was insistent to learn the truth. He then revealed of how he had been taken by his guard to the Kryptonian pod that belonged to a Kryptonian emissary. His guard killed the man in anger as Krypton was responsible for the chaos and put Mon-El in the pod to get to safety. Kara then quickly excused herself to go back to Earth and Mon-El followed. Back at the D.E.O. Mon-El tried to explain but Kara was too angry to listen as Mon-El had been lying about who he was to Kara for the entirety of their relationship. She was mad that Mon-El lied about something so big and turned out to be the prince of a planet that was cruel and unjust.

Kara speaking with Rhea

Kara speaking with Rhea about Mon-El.

Kara tried to find distraction in the fact that Winn was having trouble with his girlfriend Lyra, who apparently set him up in a robbery of a painting. She was eager to try and find her but quickly deflected bringing Mon-El when Jimmy suggested it. Alex pulled her aside and told her that she shouldn't be involved in the case when she was dealing with something that was strongly personal and needed to talk to Mon-El. Kara then admitted that she hated him right now and wasn't even sure who he really was. She was conflicted as Daxam was a party planet because the royal family of Daxam made their people that way to distract them from the oppression they wrought and Mon-El was now a part of that. A moment later, Queen Rhea appeared at the D.E.O. to speak with her. Rhea came to thank Kara for watching over her son but Kara knew that the queen didn't come just for that. She then asked for Kara's help in getting Mon-El to return with her and her husband to Daxam. She claimed that she needed Mon-El to rebuild Daxam and be the face of their people's future. Kara wasn't sure Mon-El would listen to her but Rhea said he would because he was under her spell. She also told her that she was starting to resent Mon-El for being Daxamite Royalty and it was the best for him to return because if he stayed on Earth he would only eventually learn that he wasn't good enough for her.

Kara breaks up with Mon-El

Kara breaking up with Mon-El.

Mon-El soon went to Kara when he tried to explain himself but Kara quickly told him about his mother's visit. She told him that his parents wanted him to return with them to Daxam but Mon-El refused. Kara told Mon-El to forget about them for the moment and take the time to realize that he was no longer the last Daxamite as he got his people, and his parents, back and not many of them get to have that. She told him that he was the prince so he should start acting like one. Later, Mon-El breaks into Kara's apartment in hopes of repairing their relationship. He apologized and claimed he never wanted to hurt her. When asked if he was ever going to tell Kara the truth he didn't answer. Saddened by this, she called an end to their relationship.

Music Meister affecting Kara Supergirl's eyes

The Music Meister places Kara under a spell.

The next day, the DEO detained a new individual J'onn claims to be an alien. When brought to the DEO lobby, he declared he had been looking for Kara, and hypnotized her with his powers. Then, he stole her interdimensional extrapolator, and escaped to Earth-1 in pursuit of Barry Allen. On the outside, Kara had slipped into a comatose state. As for Kara, she found herself inside a nightclub where she was moved and made to sing on stage.[53]

Kara finding herself in Music Meister's nightclub

Kara finds herself in Music Meister's nightclub.

Unsure of what to do and seeking answers, J'onn and Mon-El travelled to Earth-1 arriving in S.T.A.R. Labs to warn The Flash of the Music Meister. There they met the rest of Team Flash and they agreed to help try and save Kara. However the Music Meister struck shortly after, and induced the same coma effect on Barry. Kara was singing Moon River when she quickly found Barry in the crowd. After she was done, she learned that she was on Earth-1 due to J'onn and Mon-El though she quickly told Barry that Mon-El wasn't her boyfriend when he suggested it. They tried to learn more when they ran into Cutter Moran, who was the counterpart of Malcolm Merlyn. He revealed himself as their gangster boss and demanded that Kara and Barry perform something original for his club. They also ran into Grady and Pablo who were Winn's and Cisco's counterparts and they realized that they were in some kind of musical world. The Music Meister then appeared and told them that he was in the real world and ready to wreak havoc and if they wanted to stop them, they would need to leave this dream world by following the script of a musical. After performing a number for them, he disappeared and they moved off to let themselves be captured.

The two were taken by the men of Digsy Foss, a gangster boss in the dream world that bore the likeness of Joe West. After a brief conversation with Barry in which she told him of her breakup with Mon-El and learned Barry broke up with Iris as well, they were tasked to find Millie, Digsy's daughter, in the likeness of Iris. They found her in an apartment making out with Tommy Moran, son of the man who own the club they "worked" at and Digsy's rival, who to her disgust was in the appearance of Mon-El.

Kara and Barry tap dance

Kara and Barry performing Super Friend.

Believing the plot required them to help the two imaginary lovers reveal their romance to their parents, Kara went to help Tommy while Barry helped Millie. While explaining to Cutter that Tommy kept his secret for a justifiable reason, she realized the allegory applies to her own situation with Mon-El. After they got the lovers' parents to apparently accept their romance, Kara and Barry didn't understand why they were yet to be freed. They then remembered that Cutter wanted them to perform something original. The two then went on and practiced Super Friend with Grady to try and close out the musical.

However, outside the club, the Moran and Foss' gangs went to war, apparently not truly accepting their children's romance. She and Barry were shot while trying to mediate, and without their powers, laid dying. Mon-El and Iris entered their world with the help of Vibe, and Kara told him she forgave him. They were brought out of the dream world shortly after. The Music Meister stated he did this to them to teach them a lesson about love and how it just wasn't about saving people but letting themselves be saved sometimes. He then left them with that before he vanished. With her and Mon-El on the path to reconciliation, Kara returned to Earth-38 with him and J'onn.[18]

A bounty is made on Kara

Kara and her friends learn that a bounty has been placed on her.

A new alien attacked National City the following morning as Kara and Mon-El were sitting for breakfast. Kara quickly flew in and defeated it easily but the DEO recovered a device on the alien indicating that a bounty of 300 Quartz Crowns had been placed on Kara's life. They all realized with the bounty in place, there would be series of bounty hunters and galactic killers coming to National City to take a shot at it but Kara wasn't worried. J'onn and Alex wanted Kara to lay low, arguing that even though Kara could take care of herself, a lot of damage could be done with bounty hunters attacking one after the other. Eventually, her friends were able to talk her down and she agreed to lie low for 24 hours to try and give them time to find who placed the bounty.

Kara trying to restrain Mon-El

Kara trying to stop Mon-El as he is being controlled and forced to fight her.

Kara had been placed on house arrest with James and Winn though she wanted to head out when she saw trouble on the news though they wouldn't let her. Mon-El then arrived and told them that he questioned his parents to see if they had placed the bounty to convince him to leave, but they denied involvement. Suddenly, Mon-El froze in his movements before he charged for Kara and then started to attack her on a rooftop across from her building. He yelled that he wasn't in control of his body and it was acting by itself. It turned out that a telepathic bounty hunter was the one controlling Mon-El to attack her. Kara held him off until the bounty hunter was surprised and detained by Winn, pretending a stapler was a weapon. They took him back to the D.E.O. but he told them that he wouldn't talk. J'onn interrogated the new attacker with mind powers, and confirmed the bounty had indeed come from the Daxamites.

Rhea towering over Kara and Mon-El

Kara being attacked by Rhea and her Kryptonite weapons.

While Kara was cleaning the mess from the last attack at her place, Mon-El suggested that the two of them run away together off the world in order to get away from his parents but Kara refused to run. Mon-El knew that Kara would say that but didn't know how to stop his mother. Kara suggested she and Mon-El speak with Rhea, believing that they can convince her to understand that he had made his choice and is happy on Earth. Mon-El was against it but she ultimately convinced him to try. The two met with Rhea in the Fortress of Solitude, and following a cold exchange, Kara attempted to reason with her, saying she believed there was kindness in the Queen. Rhea told Kara that anything that Mon-El found on Earth with her was a lie and it was now over. Kara then started to feel weak and Rhea visually drew two kryptonite daggers and stabbed her. Seeing that his mother is intending to kill Kara, Mon-El agreed to return to Daxam in exchange that she be spared.

Kara returned to the D.E.O. and quickly told Alex and J'onn what had happened. She wanted to rescue Mon-El, but J'onn had orders from the President not to engage the Daxamites for fear of an intergalactic war. She appealed to her friends and was able to convince them to help. Winn repaired the portal from Maaldoria to teleport to the Daxamite ship, and J'onn in the disguise of Kara traveled aboard, defeating Daxamite guards and Rhea as he was immune to kryptonite. Winn rescued Mon-El while the real Kara also arrived when J'onn was getting overwhelmed. Lar Gand fought with J'onn while Kara held off Rhea, but being severely weakened by kryptonite she was at a disadvantage. Before Rhea could fatally strike her, Mon-El broke a ship window and the kryptonite weapons were sucked into space. Seeing no point in further fighting and resigning to his son's wishes, Lar Gand ordered the Daxamites to stand down, much to Rhea's anger. Kara and Mon-El returned to Earth.[54]

Reporting again[]

Kara had come to the D.E.O. ready to fight bad guys but J'onn, Alex and Winn told her that everything in the city was quiet right now. They all left to go do their own things and Kara was left wondering what she would do. She went back home and tried to bake danishes but burned them. She was then visited by Lena who asked her to come with her to a presentation being hosted by Jack Spheer. She told Kara that she and Jack had worked together for years before she moved to National City, and even had dated the final two. However, they broke things off and she was a little nervous about reuniting with him as she felt he was her "kryptonite". Kara agreed to come and report the event for her blog.

When they arrived, she had awkwardly run into Snapper Carr. Snapper sarcastically asked what she was doing there as he didn't know that dotcoms counted as a press pass now. Kara told him she was just there with a friend and tried to snidely talk back to him, unsuccessfully. Jack Spheer then came on stage with his company's CFO Beth Breen and presented his new product: Biomax. He then cut his hand and had the audience watch as his Biomax nanobots move in and heal it. Lena told Kara that she and Jack were working on it for years but it seemed that he had gone on to perfect it. When Spheer called for questions from the audience both she and Snapper were the first ones to stand. She started to ask a question, somewhat hesitantly, which encouraged Snapper to try and cut in on her. However, that seemed to harden Kara's resolve as she then unflinchingly asked if Jack was following the proper health code regulations in introducing the Biomax to National City.

After the presentation, Jack Spheer approached her and Lena. Lena went on to introduce them while also speaking high praises of Kara's work as a reporter thus embarrassing Kara through and through. Jack calls out Kara for hitting him with a hard hitting question back in the Biomax presentation. On her way out, Kara was pulled aside by a man called Joe Watkins. He told her that she was the only one he could trust and that he had information on Biomax and if she was interested then she would meet him later that night. Kara went to the lot where she found Joe waiting in his car and went inside. She asked why was he going to her and he explained that she had warned everyone about Cadmus' plot against aliens so he could see that she wanted to do the right thing. He told her that he worked at Spheerical Industries but had been fired when he had found that there was no records of any of the human trials done with the Biomax. He told her that the Biomax wasn't safe to use and that Jack Spheer was releasing it anyway. Before anything else could be said, Kara heard a noise just before the whole car exploded. She escaped relatively unscathed but Joe had been killed.

She went to James for his and Catco's help in trying to stall the launch of Biomax but Snapper put a stop to it as he reminded Kara that she no longer worked there and couldn't use Catco resources. Kara then excused herself but then overheard Snapper telling James that he had a lead on Biomax and was going to speak with someone that was one of the test subjects.

Supergirl saving Snapper from Biomax

Kara saves Snapper from the Biomax swarm.

She followed him as Supergirl to the home of Derrick Simmons and listened in on them. Simmons told Snapper that even though he was listed as a test subject and paid for it, he never actually underwent any tests. Before he could say more, Biomax nanobots came into the apartment and attacked them. Simmons was eaten away by the swarm and it then moved to go for Snapper. Kara burst in and froze the swarm with her freeze breath before she took Snapper away before the swarm could break free. Kara went back to her apartment where Mon-El was waiting and she told him about how the source was just eaten by the nanobots and she had no further leads about Biomax. Mon-El then told her that Jack Spheer was having dinner with Lena and she had called Kara to try and help her get out of it.

Kara then took Mon-El to go and get more information. They arrived at the restaurant to the surprise of both Lena and Jack. Lena whispered to Kara that she didn't need her to intervene after all but Kara just replied back with "that's what friends are for" and tried to ask Jack some more questions. Her interrogation failed and Lena asked if she and Jack could be left alone. Kara understood and moved for Mon-El to leave with her. Mon-El gave Jack a goodbye hug before he left with Kara and he revealed that he had swiped his security card so that they could go into Spheerical.

Kara and Mon-El used the card to go into Jack's office and Kara managed to decrypt his password and get into his files. They found that there were indeed no human test trials but did find a separate file that had a video of Jack using the Biomax on himself. His body had fused with the Biomax nanobots which meant that it was him that had killed both Watkins and Simmons. Kara moved to copy the video before she and Mon-El quickly left the office when they heard the Biomax swarm approaching.

Kara went to Lena at her office in L-Corp and told her what she had found out about Jack. Lena couldn't believe it until Kara showed her the video of Jack. Lena then asked if she had told anyone about this yet and Kara said she hadn't. Lena then asked to hold off on it until she found out what was going on with him. However, Kara decided to go over to Snapper and deliver the information she had from Watkins. She then told Snapper that he was right to fire her for going over his head and that she had been lucky with Cadmus but had been so caught up with trying to warn people that she disobeyed the rules. Snapper then shared with Kara that after his source had been killed, he did some digging and learned that the one that signed the checks for the human testers was Beth Breen and if Biomax fails then she would lose everything.

Jack's death

Kara and Lena witness Jack's death.

With that, she then moved to go to Spheerical where she found that Beth had complete control of Jack and was about to inject Lena with the nanobots to take control of her as well. Beth commanded for Jack to attack Kara and he unleashed himself on her as the Biomax swarm. Lena saw that Kara was in trouble and moved to try and shut down the company's server to deactivate the Biomax, fighting off Beth along the way. She managed to shut the nanobots down but since they had merged fully with Jack, he slowly died in front of both Kara and Lena.

After Beth was arrested, Kara went to Lena to try and comfort her and Lena told her that there was a part of her that was glad that Beth was going to suffer in prison for what happened to Jack. She then wondered if she would end up like the rest of her family as this was how her mother had been like during her brother's trial and Kara told her that she wouldn't. Kara goes on to promise Lena that she will always be her friend and that she will always protect her.

Kara then went to visit Snapper and thanked her for not smearing Jack's name as he had been the victim of Beth's greed. She gave him a Danish that she had finished baking and Snapper then gave Kara a copy of the magazine. He told her to look at the byline and she saw that he had credited her alongside him. Snapper told her that Kara's interview with Watkins had been instrumental in Catco scooping its competitors with the story which is why he shared the byline with her. Snapper then told Kara that she was being offered her job back as Kara kept digging and trying to get the story even though two sources were killed. He told her that Catco needed reporters like that and Kara was happy to accept.[55]

Alex's kidnapping[]
Kara meeting Maggie at a robbery

Kara runs into Maggie after stopping robbers in a hostage situation.

When Kara learned of a bank heist that had hostages involved, she quickly flew and crashed into the building, taking them by surprise. She quickly subdued them and brought them outside to be arrested. She ran into Maggie who was feeling annoyed that she had just charged in and wasted all the time that she was using to try and reason with them. Kara and Mon-El met up with Maggie at Alex's apartment for dinner. Kara believed that she did the right thing in stopping the thieves before they could hurt any of the hostages but Maggie told her that she was being too reckless. She told Kara that while her methods work on super criminals, many normal human criminals that she was catching were starting to use what was called the 'Supergirl Defense' in order to get through trial. She said that her way of charging in with her powers ended up leaving a giant hole in an architectural landmark and she didn't even ask or look to see if she should get involved. Maggie then warned her that she couldn't punch or fly her way out of everything though Kara believed that Maggie was being a sore loser. Kara then left.

Kara gets a ransom call

Kara gets a call from someone claiming to have kidnapped her sister Alex.

The following day at Catco, Kara ran into Maggie who asked if she'd seen Alex. Kara had believed that she had stayed over with her but Alex had apparently tried to catch up to try and talk to Kara after she left and hasn't been seen since. She also told her that Alex hadn't checked in with the D.E.O. either. Kara then got a call from Alex's phone but when she picked up, a mystery voice answered and told her that he knew she was Supergirl and had Alex. He told her that Alex would die in 36 hours if she didn't break a man named Peter Thompson out of prison. The two went to the D.E.O. but they were unable to track Alex's location and couldn't find any leads on where Alex could've been taken to or by whom. Kara, Maggie and J'onn went to the prison to visit Peter Thompson to find out if he knew anything. Thompson claimed to not know anything about who would want to have him freed but Kara angrily demanded that he tell them what he knew. J'onn then told Kara to calm down and dismissed Thompson as he had read the man's mind and found that he was telling the truth. Winn then called and found that visitor logs and surveillance footage show that Thompson had a son called Rick Malverne and he found where he lived. Kara recognized the name as an old classmate of her and Alex from Midvale and quickly flew there. She found surveillance of Alex in full display and quickly found Rick. Kara told him to let Alex go but Rick told her that he wouldn't do that until she broke his father out of prison like he wanted.

Maggie and Kara confront Rick Malverne

Kara and Maggie interrogate Rick Malverne.

Kara took Rick back to the D.E.O. where he was then interrogated by both Kara and Maggie. Rick revealed that he knew Kara was Supergirl from back in Midvale when she had saved that mother and child from the car crash. He remembered it and Kara from before she wore glasses and when Supergirl showed up in National City, he had put all the pieces together and knew it was her. He told them that he had been watching them and preparing for all of this for a year. Kara asked what had happened to Rick, as she remembered that he was a nice person that had a crush on Alex, and he told her that he really had a rotten childhood with an abusive mother. He then had learned about his father Peter who had then taken him away from Midvale and always did what he could to take care of him and even helped to send him to college. Maggie pointed out to him that Peter killed two people but Rick said they deserved it and if they wanted Alex back then Kara had to free his father within the next 24 hours. He then let them speak to Alex and she told Kara to not do what Rick wanted as Supergirl was bigger than her. When they managed to find where the signal was coming from, Kara quickly moved to get to Alex though Rick told Kara not to go there. Kara then flew over but found that it was a decoy and it triggered a trap that made the holding area where Alex was start to fill with water, cutting her time to only four hours.

Kara was then approached by J'onn and she told him that she was scared and felt powerless. She then admitted that Maggie had been right and there were things that not even she could punch or fly her way out of. They then noticed that Maggie was gone and she had went off to the prison to free Peter Thompson herself. Kara quickly flew there to stop Maggie and tell her that she couldn't do this. She then tried to reason with Peter and tell him what his son was doing. She told him that despite what he had done, he had been a good father to Rick but if he killed Alex then he would never get back from it. Peter then told the two where he believed that Rick had taken her. They went over there and found that Alex's cell was full of water and Kara quickly went and broke through it to get Alex out.

Kara and Maggie save Alex

Kara and Maggie rescue Alex.

They were relieved to find that Alex had used her training to try and buy them more time to find her. Alex was then taken back to the D.E.O. where they learned that J'onn was going to wipe Rick's mind of Supergirl's identity and the D.E.O. Alex agreed and then punched Rick in the face to the amusement of Kara and her friends. Maggie then thanked Kara for stopping her from making a mistake but Kara told Maggie that she merely reminded her of what she had told her before of not always being able to charge in with her powers and that she had been right. Then they shared a hug.[56]

Daxamite invasion[]

Kara met with Lena for lunch where she revealed that she was working on a new energy project and she was hopeful that it would work soon. She wished Lena luck before she got an alert of an alien attack in the city. An alien with telekinetic powers was running amok and had started throwing people and vehicles about she moved in to save some of the people. Her actions were seen by James, who was starting to feel unaccomplished as Guardian.

Kara takes Marcus away to calm him

Kara takes Marcus away to prevent him from hurting people with his powers.

When Jimmy found the son of the alien from the attack, Marcus, he brought him to Catco to try and find his mother. However, Marcus started to act bizarre and started to unleash his power much like his mother did earlier in the city. Kara then moved to take Marcus away so he wouldn't hurt anyone and found that he had been in some kind of pain. They learned that Marcus was a Phorian and could be affected by energy shifts in the atmosphere. Kara remembered that Lena was working on a new energy project and went to call her but was surprised when Rhea picked up the phone. Kara warns Rhea to not hurt Lena though she explains that Kara hurt her first when she turned her son against her. Rhea then tells her that everything that is about to happen will be her fault before she hangs up on her. When the D.E.O. tracks another energy shift, Kara, J'onn and Mon-El go to the source in order to confront Rhea. The source of the shifts was a transmatter portal that Rhea had tricked Lena into building for her. At first, Kara attacks Rhea but then she moves to try and shut down the portal.

Kara witnesses the arrival of the Daxamite army

Kara watches as the Daxamites ship come to Earth through the portal.

However, Rhea had rigged it to be self-sustaining and Kara tried to find a way to turn it off. J'onn tried to stop Rhea while Kara went to stop the portal but she used a device that she picked up from the White Martians to render him catatonic and experiencing psychic pain. Nothing Kara did worked and she then saw ships begin to emerge from the portal by the hundreds. They were Daxamite ships and were answering a call from Rhea to help her conquer Earth as she took Mon-El and Lena with her to her flagship.[57]

Kara saves Alex

Kara catches Alex after she escapes from the invaded D.E.O.

Kara headed for the D.E.O., which was under attack by Rhea's forces. Alex had jumped out of the balcony as she was fighting the Daxamites and Alex caught her before they headed to Al's Dive Bar as their fallback spot. Kara met up with Winn and James, who had tried fighting some of the Daxamites in the streets. Maggie also found her way to the bar and told all of them that the police had been overwhelmed. Kara guessed that her cousin was on his way, if not already in National City to help them though Maggie said she didn't see him while she was out there. She then saw that J'onn was still out from the device that Rhea had used. They were then visited by Lillian Luthor and the real Hank Henshaw. She took a moment to tell them that her predictions had come true and she wanted to save her daughter from Rhea. They offered an alliance to stop the Daxamites but Kara and the others refused to work with her.

Supergirl and Cat Grant discover the president is an alien

Kara and Cat discover president Marsdin is a Durlan.

Winn then picked up a signal from Air Force One that signaled that President Marsdin was on her way to National City. She, Alex and Winn then watched as she and Rhea heatedly negotiated with one another as well as threatened. Kara was then surprised to see that Cat Grant was with the President. When they picked up activity from Rhea's ship, Kara flew off to the plane just moments after Rhea had attacked it. She managed to catch Ms. Grant as she was thrust out though they believed that President Marsdin was lost. The two of them became shocked when they saw her rise from the rubble, in an alien form. She took them back to Al's Dive Bar where Kara learned how Cat had ended up with the President and who Marsdin really was. Marsdin informed them that there was a special cannon at the D.E.O. that could be used to bypass the shields on Rhea's ship and destroy it. Kara told her that they couldn't as Rhea had both Mon-El and Lena with her but the Marsdin told her that it was an order. Kara went off to think about what to do, whether to obey the President or save her friend and boyfriend. She ran into Ms. Grant and told her about her trouble. Cat told her that having loved ones is everything and it wasn't wrong to want to fight to keep her loved ones safe as it gave them all a strong reason to fight. Kara thanked her for the advice and flew off to agree to the alliance with Lillian and Henshaw.

Lillian's plan was to use a portal that was stored in the Fortress of Solitude to sneak on board the ship and rescue their loved ones before leaving and allowing Alex and Maggie to use the D.E.O.'s positron cannon to destroy her ship. The two of them and Henshaw managed to get onboard and Kara was able to take out any Daxamite guards they ran into. As they looked through the ship, they bumped into both Mon-El and Lena who had escaped and were trying to leave themselves. They then went off to the exit point but only Lillian, Lena and Henshaw had been teleported out of the ship. Kara however had anticipated that Lillian might double cross them so she had Winn place an override chip on Henshaw to take control of him and make him reopen the portal for them. When it did, Kara told Mon-El that she wasn't going as she had to try and reason with Rhea to stop though he tried to tell her that his mother wouldn't listen. Kara told him to leave and they shared one last embrace before he headed back. Kara then went to the throne room and confronted Rhea, telling her that it was now over. However, Rhea wasn't moved or worried as the cannon had been destroyed and she told her she wouldn't sway her to stop. She then revealed that it was she that killed her husband and Mon-El's father so her words were meaningless to her. Kara was then surprised by a sneak attack and looked up to see that it was her cousin.[58]

Supergirl vs Superman

Kara battling a mind-controlled Clark.

Kara was surprised that Clark would attack her but Rhea explained that he doesn't know its her. Her cousin had come earlier to stop Rhea and she had poisoned him with Silver Kryptonite. Now he can only see her as General Zod and hear her pleas to him as his threats to conquer Earth once and for all. Kara and Clark started to battle as she kept trying to find a way to reach him. Their fighting spilled into the streets of National City. Kara was finally able to beat and subdue Clark but the strain of the battle caused her to collapse. They were found by Alex and she took them to the Fortress of Solitude to recuperate. When the Kryptonite was out of Clark's system, he had apologized to Kara but was also awed with the fact that she had defeated him. Kara tried to brush it off as him not being in top form from the Silver Kryptonite but Clark insisted that it didn't weaken his strength at all and he had been fighting as hard as he could. They then went to try to find something in the fortress' archives about the old wars against Daxam and they found a tradition that they felt would give them a chance to stop the invasion.

They all returned to the D.E.O. to find that they had managed to reclaim it from the Daxamites. Kara learned that J'onn was still unconscious. They then shared what they found in the fortress, the Daxamite right of Dakkum Or but Mon-El quickly said it was a bad idea. When they saw that Rhea was launching another attack, Kara quickly contacted Rhea and issued Dakkum Or, a trial by combat. Should Kara defeat Rhea then she and her army must leave Earth. However, should Rhea beat Kara then she and her invasion will be allowed to commence without their interference. Mon-El tried to talk her out of it, even arguing that her cousin fight in her place against Rhea, but Clark stepped in and told Mon-El that Kara had beaten him which makes her the champion for Earth. She then asked for Clark to help her train for the fight. As they trained, Kara wondered if she really was able to defeat Rhea and Clark argued that she could. Kara then confided that she was scared as she now had everything she could ever want, great friends, a great job and a boyfriend and she was scared of losing it all. Clark told her that those things were the reason that she would win because she had earned them all and wouldn't allow for any of them to be taken away. Kara and Clark then went to see Cat Grant in getting her help to keep bystanders away from Rhea's fight with Supergirl so as not to have anyone get hurt. Ms. Grant also asked if the two of them would help her talk with James as she had learned that he was Guardian and wanted to talk him out of it before he got himself hurt.

The two of them were then contacted by Lena and Lillian Luthor and asked to come to L-Corp. They arrived to find that the two of them had a device that Lex had been working on. It had been designed originally to disperse a trace quantity of Kryptonite into the atmosphere with the purpose of making the Earth uninhabitable for Kryptonians. Lena had taken and modified it to disperse lead instead so as to make the planet uninhabitable for the Daxamites. However, if it was used then it would expel all Daxamites from the planet, including Mon-El. The two of them returned to the D.E.O. with news of the device and Mon-El told them that if they had to use it, then they will. Kara argued that they wouldn't need to use it if she beat Rhea. Mon-El told Kara that he would go with her when she faced his mother.

They arrived at the rooftop where they agreed to have the battle and Rhea arrived with her guard. The two of them began their battle but Rhea quickly called for her army to begin attacking the city, violating the rules. Kara told Mon-El to go and protect the city while she stayed to deal with Rhea. Rhea goaded Kara into attacking her which Kara did and it revealed that Rhea had laced her blood with Kryptonite. Kara was weakened and beaten down by Rhea until Mon-El arrived with the switch for Lena's lead device. Kara gave one last look at Mon-El before she activated it, dispersing lead into Earth's atmosphere. The Daxamite army quickly fled along with every Daxamite ship, stranding both Rhea and Mon-El. Rhea quickly succumbed to it and Mon-El left his mother to her fate as Kara had told him about how she had murdered her father. Mon-El was starting to suffer under the effects of the lead as well and Kara quickly brought him to his space pod. Kara then gave Mon-El her mother's necklace for him to remember her by. They shared a tearful goodbye as his condition worsened. Once in pod he was able to safely leave Earth behind.

Kara was off on the terrace of the D.E.O. where she was joined by Clark who told her that he was going to head back to Metropolis. He told Kara that he was humbled by her selflessness as he didn't think he would be able to do the same had he been in her position. He told her that she was stronger than he could ever hope to be. Later, at Catco, she went to see Cat and confided that for the first time. Cat told her to not give up on herself just as Kara heard that there was an emergency. She then made an excuse to leave and didn't hear Cat call her Supergirl.[59]

Reign and the Worldkillers[]

Struggling with her human identity[]

Kara pours all her energy into being Supergirl and begins to struggle with her duel identity as Kara Danvers and Kara Zor-El. Her struggle led Kara to quit CatCo and the DEO as well as push away everyone she holds dear, even Alex. Alex finds Kara in her apartment where she says Kara Danvers is a mistake and almost completely rejects her human side. After a break in to steal a piece of Daxamite technology, she unofficially returns to the DEO to help stop the culprit, known as Bloodsport and flies solo to catch him. Before Bloodsport attacked the Girl of Steel statue unveiling ceremony, J'onn catches her on the roof and talks about his own experiences with a duel identity. After stopping the submarine attacking the ceremony, she re-joins CatCo and stops pushing everyone away. While still struggling to cope, Kara begins to recover from her loss.

Kara stares down Psi

Supergirl goes up against Psi.

Soon after re-establishing her life, she goes up against the psychic Gayle Marsh who traumatises Kara with her psychic powers forcing her to live her greatest fears and worst memories of leaving Krypton and being stuck in the Phantom Zone for so long with no one around as well as her fear that Mon-El is dead after she sent him away after seeding the atmosphere with lead. This goes so far as to cause her to feel claustrophobic when Gayle wasn't around. Eventually, her and the DEO catch up with Gayle and with some help from Alex, she rises above her fear and takes Psi down.

Soon after defeating Psi, Kara travels to Mars with J'onn to aid M'gann in the 'resistance' of Mars when the resistance finds M'yrnn J'onzz in a White Martian prison. They soon learn the White Martians seek the Staff of Kolar, a psychic weapon that could destroy the resistance. After J'onn fails to get his father to believe it is him after so long in prison, Kara approaches M'yrnn and convinces him that J'onn truly has returned to Mars. With M'yrnn's help, the resistance retrieve the Staff of Kolar and give it to Kara and J'onn to take to Earth and keep safe as it is too powerful for anyone to wield.

Back on Earth, with some help from Samantha Arias when she receives a leaflet from a cult member. The leaflet leads her to find a cult dedicated to her filled with the ones she had saved in her years as Supergirl. Led by Thomas Coville, the cult taught distorted teachings of Rao. Soon, Kara stops a disaster set by someone wanting to join the cult and when she confronts Coville as Kara, Coville instantly sees through her secret identity. Coville then attempts to destroy a theatre with thousands of people in hope Supergirl would save them so he could recruit them. Instead, Kara finds Kryptonite in the bomb and while exposed cut herself to prove she is not a god. Coville's followers abandon him and Kara overcomes the Kryptonite to use her heat vision to dig a hole for the bomb to detonate far underground.

When children start to come down with lead poisoning, including Ruby's friend, Morgan Edge blames Lena for building the device that seeded the atmosphere with lead in hope to bring her down. Kara helps investigate for Lena in order to prove her innocence as well as protect her from those who seek revenge on her for the lead poisoning. By tracking the movement of all those poisoned, Kara and Samantha investigate a swimming pool where they find chemicals that when mixed with water mimics the properties and effects of lead, including blocking Kara's X-Ray vision. After hearing this, Lena goes to confront Edge but is knocked out and placed on a remote control cargo plane filled with the lead mimicking chemicals heading for open water. Kara saves Lena from the crashing plane despite the very real possibility of losing hold of the chemicals but she manages and prevents the chemicals being dropped in the water.

After Alex and Maggie break up, Kara borrows J'onn's ship in the form of a car to take Alex home to Midvale where she tries to help Alex begin to get over the break-up which is difficult after what she put Alex through after losing Mon-El. Overnight, she remembers the first case they solved together and by morning, she is using Kenny's telescope to remind Alex of who they are together. The two finally reconcile and return to National City with Alex driving, as Kara is a "dangerous driver" listening to "The Sweet Escape".

After finding a crashed spaceship in the bay, J'onn, Kara and Winn investigate to find Mon-El on board. After taking him back to the DEO, he tries to escape and Kara puts him in a cell, not sure whether to trust him now. Eventually, Kara takes Mon-El back to the ship where one of the stasis pods malfunction and start killing the occupant. Kara helps to break open the pod and finds Mon-El's wife, Imra, inside. After learning the truth, she begins to regress back to her pre Bloodsport state.

Crisis on Earth-X[]

Kara and Alex spent their night together in Kara's apartment, drinking wine and missing their former relationships. They agreed that now was their time to sulk, cry, get fat, and be sad. Alex saw an invitation to Barry Allen and Iris West's wedding on the kitchen island and asked Kara about it. Kara stated that she wasn't planning on going due to her recent break-up. Alex agreed with her sister, and joined her on the couch. Kara then decided that she was done sulking, and grabbed her Interdimensional Extrapolator out of her dresser and used it. When Alex asked, she stated that they were going to the wedding. In the morning, they could be seen going throughout Earth-1, with Kara flying as Supergirl and Alex on her.

Later, Kara participated in the pre-wedding tradition, such as getting her nails done with Iris, Caitlin, and Felicity. However, due to her super-strength and Kryptonian genes, she ended up damaging the nail file. She lied and stated that she took a lot of keratin, and the other girls chimed in to support this.

At the rehearsal dinner that night, Kara and Barry talked about Alex drinking with Sara, and Kara stated that no one could drink Alex under the table. She briefly explained that her sister had just gone through a break-up, with Barry understanding. He then asked bout the lack of Kara's plus one, Mon-El. She told him what had happened. They talked about Kara accepting that she was not human and that love just wasn't for her. He disagreed with her viewpoint, and told her that he just convinced Oliver that he could have love, and now he had to convince Kara too. He then asked her to sing at his wedding the next day, which she agreed to.

Kara then spent the night Joe West's house with some of the other wedding guests. She slept on the floor in the living room, and was seen sleep-flying, which Felicity thought was cool. Later that day, she waited outside of the church for her sister, Alex. When Alex walked up, Kara instantly questioned her about where she was and scolded her for disappearing on a strange Earth. Alex was clearly hungover, and lied to Kara about what she was doing the night before. Sara then walked up and asked Alex how her butt was, as she heard her fall out of bed that morning, and Alex awkwardly stated that she was fine. Both girls didn't quite remember each other's names, and once Sara left, Alex looked embarrassed at Kara. Alex then felt bad for what she did, and compared herself to a dirty guy, with Kara telling her that she wasn't. She was a healthy, single, lady and there was nothing wrong with what she had just done. The pair then walked into the church together and took their places, with Kara standing at a microphone as she would sing shortly.

At the wedding when the Nazis attack, she joins the rest of the heroes in protecting the non supers and fighting off the soldiers as well as Prometheus, Dark Arrow and Overgirl, fighting Overgirl above the city. In the sky she manages to injure Overgirl and return to the church where she thunderclaps and forces the rest of the Nazis as well as Dark Arrow to retreat where Prometheus is captured.

After Dark Arrow, Overgirl and Reverse-Flash steal a sunlight generator, the team at S.T.A.R. Labs track the evil trio down via Overgirl's huge solar signature. Kara joins Oliver and Barry in fighting the trio where they learn the identity of Dark Arrow and Overgirl as Oliver and her own doppelgangers from Earth-X. As Barry races with Eobard, Kara aids Oliver in fighting their doppelgangers learning of their relationship in the process. The evil trio escape and are tracked again to a warehouse. Half the heroes at S.T.A.R. Labs, including Kara head to fight the Nazis but in the process, Dark Arrow infiltrates S.T.A.R. Labs and captures the last of the heroes imprisoning them in the Particle Accelerator. Kara is returned to S.T.A.R. Labs for a heart transplant with her dying doppelganger while the other heroes at the warehouse are taken to Earth-X. Iris and Felicity, who remain free, attempt to free Kara but are stopped by Metallo-X.

Earth-1 heroes and Earth-X rebels listens to Oliver of Earth-X's bargain

Kara with the heroes of Earth-1.

Just as the surgery was about to begin, Kara is saved by Ray Palmer and other remaining Legends and the captured heroes from Earth-X return and face off against Metallo. Kara escapes with Felicity, but Dark Arrow traps them in the breach lab. Felicity stands her ground to defend Kara from him, when Oliver arrives holding Overgirl, and rescue Kara and Felicity. All the heroes, including a recharged Kara, convene on the Waverider to fight off the Nazis and reclaim their world. While several heroes fight the Nazis and destroy the Nazi Waverider, the Wellenreiter, Kara takes on her doppelgänger until Overgirl begins to detonate. To save the city, Kara flies Overgirl out of the atmosphere but is knocked out by the force of the explosion but is caught by Earth-1's Man of Steel, Nate Heywood, forming a crater in the process.

Facing Reign[]

After returning from Earth-1, Kara finds that Reign has been terrorizing National City by burning the worldkiller symbol into L-Corp buildings across the city. In the end, Kara decides to be proactive and burns her own symbol into the top of CatCo. Reign answers the call and flies to the rooftop, but before Kara leaves, Alex stops her. Although she'd been trying to get Kara to embrace her humanity, this new threat scares her, and she asks Kara to be a cold, hard alien for this fight.

On top of the CatCo building, Kara sees Reign, who's legitimately hard to recognize as Samantha with the face-obscuring mask, altered voice, and requisite dark lipstick. Reign announces that she's from a time before fathoming, born to cleanse the scourge and deliver the awakening. Too many people on Earth have eluded judgment, so she's there to dispense it, and she orders Kara to stand down.

Kara declines this offer, and they launch into a fight that interrupts a Christmas party. As the revellers cower, the two women whale on each other, with lots of swinging blows. Then they fly onto a tanker where Reign whips shipping containers at Supergirl before landing in the middle of a National City street. Supergirl tries to warn people to stay back, but Reign brains her with a chunk of concrete-studded rebar, creating a nasty head wound.

Then she tosses a flaming car door at Kara and uses heat vision to blast her onto a nearby rooftop. By now, Kara's bloody and sporting a black eye. Reign announces that Kara's no god, and she's no devil. Instead, she's truth, judgement, and death, and with that, she lets Kara fall off the edge of the building. Kara plummets to the ground, before slamming into the concrete below in a way that looks fatal. “Is she dead?” asks some child in the crowd. The team races Kara to the DEO, where Alex and the paramedics frantically work to revive her as the rest of her friends watch and worry.[60]


Kara is taken to the Legion ship where she is placed in a medical pod by Brainiac-5. Brainy also connects with her mind in order to help Kara recover both physically and mentally, especially after she wouldn't wake up after being healed. While stuck in her dream world, Kara and Brainy talk about her issues to try and help her break through the blocks keeping her in a coma. With his help she eventually wakes up and aids in fighting Reign at Alcatraz, injecting Reign with concentrated Kryptonite forcing her to retreat.

Investigating Reign[]

After fighting Reign, Supergirl begins investigating Reign's origins in Kryptonian mythology and find potential information in Jindah Kol Rozz, a dark priestess imprisoned in Fort Rozz, now orbiting a blue star which would strip her of her powers on the prison where prisoners run rampant. She therefore recruits Imra, Livewire and Psi to help protect her and find the information she needs, unable to take the men as blue sunlight is toxic to them. Reign follows the quartet in her ship and confronts Kara on Fort Rozz, killing Jindah after telling Kara there are three Worldkillers. Psi helps to protect Kara using her telepathy to incapacitate Reign allowing Kara to escape and the quartet to undock from Fort Rozz and return home.

Taking down Morgan Edge[]

When Lena was poisoned, fingers were pointed at Morgan Edge after he was almost killed in a car crash. Kara risked her identity as she flew, as Kara (not Supergirl), Lena to the DEO, where Lena was stabilized and was returned to CatCo before she woke up. At a party later hosted by Morgan, Kara helped Lena bypass security guards so she could confront him and record a confession. When Lillian Luthor's drone attacked Morgan out of revenge for Lena, she aided in protecting the party before Lillian showed up with Kryptonite. Despite the Kryptonite, she fought Lillian in the air while Lillian was wearing the Lex-o-suit laced with Kryptonite. Meanwhile, Mon-El and Winn hacked the drone and the suit to shut them down. With Guardian's help, the recorder with the confession was reclaimed after Morgan stole it in the confusion.


After defeating Morgan Edge, Winn found several people who were potential Worldkillers. Kara identified Julia Freeman from a vision she had. She and the DEO converged on her house where Julia's Worldkiller persona emerged. The DEO managed to subdue her and took her to a cell to contain her, where she was interrogated by both Kara and Alex. While Kara tried to appeal to her human side, Alex refused to see the good in Julia after what Reign did to Kara. Julia eventually escaped confinement and ran from the DEO after taking a crystal Winn retrieved from her house. Kara gave chase and found her in the subway, where she managed to get Julia to re-emerge. but was unable to prevent Reign from taking her when Julia gave herself up in exchange for the lives of innocent civilians nearby.

Winn's mother[]

At Winslow Schott Sr.'s funeral, Winn's mother Mary returned to try and reconnect with her son. While there, the coffin exploded, to which Kara quickly changed and protected the attendants from the explosion, taking Mary back to the DEO for protection. When flying monkeys attacked the DEO and tried to kill Mary, Kara helped destroy the monkeys and, in the process, found that large, heavy, melee weapons were effective. When Mary discovered a clue as to who was behind the attacks, she took a gun from the armory to face the culprit and was captured. Kara helped to rescue Mary.[61]

M'yrnn's psychic bleeds[]

After the discovery of M'rynn's dementia, M'rynn began to use a Martian process to preserve his memory but the decay and strength of his powers caused psychic bleeds that began to affect another psychic alien, who went on a rampage. M'yrnn was transported to the DEO in hope of protecting others from the bleeds but another happens, affecting many DEO agents, as well as Kara, who lashed out at Mon-El while he trained her on cape tricks. Eventually, she faced what was inside of her, unlike what M'yrnn accidentally did, and talked it over with Mon-El in hopes of resolving her inner conflict.


After birds dropped from the sky, Kara and the DEO attempted to track down Pestilence but not before people began to get sick at an office building in the city. Kara, Alex, Winn, and J'onn investigated the sickness where Alex and Winn were also infected. Before Winn fell ill, he found a possible culprit but when Kara investigated, she found Imra with the suspect dead. While there, Kara found scratches on her similar to other victims of the illness, making her human. Through further investigation, the DEO found Grace Parker MD to be the worldkiller, Pestilence, and Kara went after her with Mon-El and Imra, who injected Pestilence with a virus that was engineered to kill her before Purity showed up. Imra retrieved the vial with Pestilence's blood which Brainy used to find a cure for the Pestilence virus. The cure saved Alex, Winn, Kara (who was infected in the fight) and everyone else infected.

Soon after Purity saved Pestilence, the two convened on L-Corp where Sam was being treated of Reign by Lena. Kara, Mon-El, and J'onn raced to save Lena where they found Sam in holding. The other two worldkillers helped Reign escape and the three disappeared in a blue light.

The Worldkiller Trinity[]

After the worldkillers escape, Kara took Lena back to the DEO for questioning about how she contained Sam. After revealing her use of Kryptonite, Kara's faith in Lena was broken, to the point that she even requested James to break into L-Corp to see if Lena had more Kryptonite. When the worldkillers brought around an eclipse, Kara had Brainy send her, Lena, and Alex into the Dark Valley. In the valley, the three fought off Kryptonian demons and found Sam and Julia. They helped Sam regain control but this sent Reign into the valley with them. Reign attacked the three and almost killed Lena, but Brainy pulled them out after receiving a signal from Sam. She then flew to the Fortress of Sanctuary with the Legion, Alex, and J'onn to stop the worldkillers.

In the fortress, the heroes faced off against the Kryptonians with Supergirl facing Reign, just as the eclipse came around. She lost her powers and was injured by the still powered Reign but managed to convince Julia to take back control of herself. Julia fought off Reign and Pestilence leading to Purity and Pestilence killing each other. This ended the eclipse, restoring Kara's powers. She flew out with her allies before the fortress collapsed.

Reign hunts Ruby[]

After Lena learnt of Reign's plans to kill Ruby, she approached the DEO to inform them of Reign's intentions and where she has placed Ruby when she found out who Sam was, Lex's mansion. To protect another target, Sam's mother, Kara, and J'onn headed to Sam's home where they lured Reign in the hope of capturing her but instead, Patricia got killed and the duo discovered that Reign now had the power of all three worldkillers. Lena then approached Kara with her homemade Kryptonite, supercharged to deal with Reign. Later, Kara was seriously angry with her, demanding she turns over Kryptonian elements and the formula. The two squared off about Kara being so afraid of one thing that can kill her while humans are in danger everyday.

After Ruby tried calling her mother, Reign heard the call and headed straight for the Luthor mansion where she attacks Ruby and Alex, who was sent to protect Ruby and keep her company. Kara, J'onn, and Mon-El raced to the mansion with Lena's kryptonite to stop Reign. In the fight, Kara talked Reign out of killing Ruby, using her own moral code against her. This distracted Reign enough to allow Mon-El to crush the kryptonite into bullets and to shoot Reign with a machine gun, incapacitating her and taking her back to L-Corp.

The fourth worldkiller[]

While Lena searched for a cure for Sam, Kara was approached by a member of Coville's cult, who now worshipped Reign, with the Book of Rao that may have information to stop Reign. In the book, she read about Yuda-Kal and the Haren-El and after visiting the cult's deserted HQ, they found what appeared to be a nuclear blast shadow but eventually realized that the cult was trying to make a new worldkiller. Mon-El volunteered to be kidnapped by the cult in order to locate them. Once he sent a signal, Kara flew to the base and found another cult member becoming a worldkiller. She fought her off but was unable to remove the Harun-El as it is toxic to her, causing her heat vision to mis-fire. However, she managed to reverse the process of the worldkiller creation and restored the cult member to normal.

Taking the Harun-El to Lena in hopes of making an antidote for Sam, Lena found the rock has no power now but with Winn's help, more Harun-El was tracked to a meteor 5 light years away. Kara and Mon-El borrowed and rode J'onn's ship to the meteor where they found a city on the surface.

Krypton's last fragment[]
Kara reunites with her mother

Kara and Alura reunite on Argo.

Kara and Mon-El were shocked to track the rock's radiation signal to a domed city. And not just any city, but Argo City, Kara's hometown. They “borrowed” cloaks from an open-air market to blend in. But Kara wasn't thrilled that she had to be in disguise even there. Mon-El told Kara that he can just be himself in the future, with no secret identity as a Legionnaire, yet it was still exhausting. Then, Kara was overwhelmed to encounter a familiar face: her mother Alura, who was equally gobsmacked that her daughter is still alive.

Alura explained that they sent away Kara and Kal-El before they knew that the dome would save the city from Krypton's destruction, and since then, Harun-El, the black rock they seek, has made the newly inhospitable atmosphere livable for the Kryptonians in Argo City. As such, giving Kara even the small piece she needs to stop Reign would shorten the moments of breathable air for the people of Argo City, hence requiring the High Council's permission.

While they waited for the Council to assemble, the two women spent time getting to know one another and apologizing for assuming the other hadn't survived. Kara was thrilled to see a Dar-Essa flower, which used to be in her room as a child. She filled Alura in on her adoptive family, the crash of Fort Rozz, and the eventual fate of Astra and Non. Alura identified Fort Rozz as one of her many mistakes.

Then they're called before the High Council of Argo City, which counted in its membership the dark kryptonian seen in Reign's visions unknown by anyone, where Kara presented her case to the Council. She convinced the Council that humans have similar ideals to Kryptonians and are being affected by the sins of Krypton which included Reign. The Council voted in favour of helping Kara, including Selina, the dark kryptonian. Kara and Mon-El then took the Harun-El back to Earth just as Reign escaped.

Kara and Mon-El fought off Reign while Lena continued to finish the antidote. Mon-El injected Reign with the antidote which split Reign and Sam in two. Reign disintegrated and Kara protected Sam's modesty with her cape.

Home sweet home[]

After the supposed defeat of Reign, Kara decided to return to Argo City. The D.E.O. and CatCo had a farewell party for Supergirl and Kara, respectively. Mon-El came with Kara, hoping to find help returning to the 31st century using Argo's artificial gravity to bend space-time. While there, a building began to crumble onto Kara. She escaped with her life and saw someone fleeing the scene who she later saw while at dinner. She confronted her suspect who claimed she had nothing to do with it. Kara's childhood friend Thara Ak-Var vouched for her. While everyone else put her accusation down to her being on guard due to her time in Earth, Mon-El believed her and gave her his Legion ring so she can fly. While in she was Argo City, All people could talk what the daughter of the great house of El

In a garden later, Kara was attacked with Mon-El and flew up to see her suspect from the building fleeing. She captured the suspect who revealed that she is a dark priestess and Selena is their high priestess. Kara then found that J'onn's ship was missing, stolen by Selena and two other dark Kryptonians.

The Children of Juru[]

The Children of Juru, also known as "Kryptonian witches" or "the dark Kryptonians", have finally revealed themselves trying to revive Reign on Earth, while Kara, Mon-El and Alura investigated Selena's home on Argo. In the house, a hologram of Selena relayed her message, explaining that she actually needed Reign and Samantha separated, as Sam was too strong for Reign to fulfill her purpose fully. The house then exploded, but all three made it out safe. Kara realized that Selena must have had another way off Argo if she didn't return with J'onn's ship, and Alura took Kara to Zor-El's lab, where the two found a waygate. Using the hologram of Alura to contact Earth, Kara sent a message to Winn to help get the D.E.O.'s portal device linked to theirs. However, before Winn could activate his portal, the dark Kryptonians attacked the D.E.O., wanting Purity and Pestilence's blood to restore Reign with. The heroes used the Alura hologram to trick a Kryptonian witch into activating the portal, after which Kara, Mon-El and Alura rushed through to join the fight.

Winn retrieved the blood and tried to protect it with help of Demos, who ended up killed by three strikes of heat vision, but not before giving the blood to Kara. Kara attempted to destroy the blood with her own heat vision but it splashed onto Selena. Selena then left the premises and used the blood to revive Reign, and together the Children of Juru have begun the terraforming. In the D.E.O., Kara and Alura determined a way to defeat Reign, using Samantha and a fountain in the Dark Valley to give Sam the power to destroy Reign. Kara then helped to send Sam to the Valley before heading out to protect the city from the effects of Reign's terraforming together with J'onn, Mon-El, Alura, James and Alex.

Ending Reign's reign[]
"I don't kill, not even her."
—Supergirl on killing Reign[src]

As J'onn and M'yrnn tried to stop Reign's terraforming, Kara helped her super friends to protect the city from the earthquakes. Out at sea she freezed a tidal wave with help from Imra and Brainy, who have returned from the future. Once frozen, she said to Brainy "You're all clear kid. Now lets blow this thing and go home", but was appalled to find out that nobody has shown Brainiac 5 a "single Star War". Once M'yrnn bonded with Earth, the terraforming stopped and the city was safe. The D.E.O. then received a distress call from J'onn's ship, set off by Thomas Coville, who was betrayed by the dark Kryptonians, and started to converge on their new Fortress.

With J'onn, Alex, Alura and Mon-El fighting the Kryptonian witches, Kara took on Reign, but was overpowered before Samantha arrived to take down her counterpart. Sam stabbed Reign with the Sword of Juru, after which Kara has thrown her into the cauldron, but in her dying breath Reign's heat vision killed Mon-El, Alura and J'onn. Using Mon-El's Legion ring, Kara flew into a time disruption to turn back the clock, and then used the Harun-El to send herself, Sam and Reign to the Dark Valley, where Samantha defeated her Kryptonian shadow self safely, using the water from the fountain that gave Reign her strength to begin with. After defeating Reign, Kara decided to stay on Earth and helped to throw a goodbye party for Winn, who chose to take Brainy's place in the Legion's new quest to stop Brainiac 5's distant relative, who has resurfaced in the 31st century with an ability to control all tech, making it too dangerous for Brainy to live in without becoming compromised by his relative's powers. Kara then decided to stay on Earth, and bid an emotional goodbye to her mother, and also making a closure with Mon-El about their relationship; she would always love him, but her responsibility on Earth, and that it is her home now, is more important. Mon-El also felt his place is in the 31st century, and the two bid farewell in good terms.

Unknown to Kara, the Harun-El she used on Reign and Sam had a side effect; it reacted to her by producing a trail of smoke that went over Siberia, creating a copy of Kara.[62]

Facing the Children of Liberty and Lex Luthor[]

Full-time protector of Earth[]

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Kara becomes the temporary full protector of earth when Clark goes to visit Argo City.

At CatCo, James congratulated Kara on asking President Marsdin the tough questions at a press conference and Kara revealed that James might be charged by the National City DA for revealing himself to be Guardian.

Supergirl later responds to an alarm in which a duo of criminals attack an alien worker and cut the tusks off of his arm so they can use it to access a secure facility on the lab they're in. However Kara is quickly stopped by new-age technology the two brought with them and is subdued. Brainy quickly arrived to Kara's aid and freed her but by the time Kara flew back up the criminals had already escaped.

Later, J'onn arrived at the crime scene and Kara revealed to him that the attackers entered the lab to steal one of the facility's EMP weapons.

At CatCo Kara was in the elevator when a nervous worker ran in named Nia Nal, a new reporter at the organization.

Kara soon gets a call from Brainy who tells her that the DEO has positive identification on the robbers — siblings Otis and Mercy Graves. Brainy informed Kara that he knew an associates of the Graves' — Lillian Luthor. Kara visited Lillian in prison, where her daughter Lena is currently visiting. There, Kara found out that Mercy had previously been the head of security for Luthor Corp under both Lex and Lillian.

Kara arrived to speak with J'onn when an alien support group meeting up for another session at the bar was attacked with explosives. Although the latter insisted that the two attacks so far were connected Kara did not agree however and believed both were horrible coincidences.

Alex and Kara later got together for dinner and the latter noticed her sister stress eating. Alex revealed that Brainy was stressing her out at work, to which Kara mentioned that she's also fighting with J'onn after their prior disagreements.

Brainy called Kara with the location of the Graves' operation and Kara instantly flew to the site at the warehouse. There, much to her horror, Kara uncovered multiple computers with various chatrooms pulled up — each having various people talking about how they want to kill all aliens. She also uncovered plans that the Grave siblings drew up about attacking President Marsdin's alien summit at Camp David.

Kara visited J'onn and told him he was right about a large anti-alien movement building and informed him that there was an attack planned on the President. J'onn refused to help out, however taking a passive stance on the issue in honor of his father. Disappointed Kara flew off to the White House to try and convince Marsdin to cancel the summit.

Not wanting to cave to fear, President Marsdin refused to cancel the summit. Instead, she ordered Kara to work with the DEO and Secret Service to ramp up security around Camp David during the summit.

Kara hovered above Camp David when an EMP flew in and disabled all of the electricity. From the DEO, Brainy was quickly able to restore electricity, but Kara noticed two DEO agents knocked out in the woods. The Graves had entered the facility disguised at DEO agents.

The Graves tried attacking the president, but Alex thwarted the attack. In a pursuit with the Graves, Kara was only able to capture Otis — who's quickly apprehended and taken to the DEO.

The next day Kara and J'onn grabbed a drink at the bar and forgive each other. As they were talking a news report came across with footage of the assassination attempt on President Marsdin. The news footage revealed Marsdin's true identity as an alien.

Children of Liberty[]

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Who was behind Mercy and Otis Graves Ben Lockwood/Agent Liberty, who wanted to take revenge on all the aliens for the death of their father. Lockwood led a hate group called Children of Liberty to attack National City aliens.

Fired from the D.E.O.[]

Kara was ordered by president Baker to reveal her identity as an American citizen due to the demands of the public, so the service of unidentified alien agents would not affect his approval ratings anymore. Kara refused, since it would endanger the lives of her close ones in case her enemies discover this information. In response, Baker fired Kara from the D.E.O.[63]


After being fired from the D.E.O., Kara took a time off and went to the Kent Farm on Smallville to spend time with Clark and Lois. She talked with Clark over beer, and Clark assured she did the right thing for not revealing her identity, and even though she is no longer a D.E.O. agent, that doesn't mean she can't be Supergirl. Suddenly, she heard ruckus inside the stables, and found her friends from Earth-1, Oliver and Barry, having just ran into Lois. Kara defused the situation by claiming they are friends, and she was shocked, that Oliver and Barry had switched places; Oliver was the Flash and Barry was the Green Arrow. They revealed, that somehow reality on Earth-1 has been altered and that they came to Earth-38 to get confirmation from Kara that that is the case, as Earth-38's reality was still normal. Kara also introduced Clark to Oliver and Barry.

Kara witnessed with Clark and Lois as Oliver and Barry trained each other, which didn't go so well. Eventually, Kara encouraged them to act like each other. Then, Cisco arrived from Earth-1, and he claimed that Team Flash now believe that reality on Earth-1 is messed up, and that there's trouble in Central City. Kara and Clark agree to join Oliver and Barry in dealing with the problem.

Heroes team up to fight A.M.A.Z

Heroes team up to fight A.M.A.Z.O.

The problem was an advanced combat robot called A.M.A.Z.O., which could copy abilities from meta-humans and even Kryptonians. Kara, together with Clark, Oliver and Barry, knocked it down, but it got back up, and copied their powers. With assistance from Team Flash, they come up with a new plan: Oliver will lure it to Kara and Clark, who will hold it in place, and Oliver can then nullify its ability to phase, and then Barry can disable it with a well placed countermeasure arrow. The plan succeeds and A.M.A.Z.O. is disabled.

Clark returns to Earth-38, while Kara remains to help out with the reality problem. Cisco then reveals, that he has had vibes about a strange man handing something ominous to another man. He shows the vibe to Kara, Oliver and Barry, and the strange man senses Cisco's presence. He claims they can't stop what's coming and that they should run. While they couldn't ID the men, Oliver speed draws the scenery, and recognizes Wayne Tower within it, meaning their culprits are in Gotham City.[64]

Before Kara, Oliver and Barry head to Gotham, they drop at Star City, and assist John Diggle in taking out Deathstroke. They then reveal the situation to him and Curtis Holt, and that they are going to Gotham to sort out this mess.

Arriving in Gotham, Oliver was skeptical about Batman, even though both Kara and Barry believed he existed (as Kara knew that Bruce Wayne of Earth-38 is frenemies with Clark). Not long after they were arrested by GCPD, as they identified Barry as the Green Arrow. While sitting in a cell, Oliver and Barry still argued while Kara grew frustrated about it. Suddenly, an officer let them out, saying someone had paid their bail. They were then met by a limousine driver, who insisted they come along.

The driver drove them outside Wayne Tower, and they entered. They then met with the proprietor of the building and the one, who got them free, Kate Kane. She insisted the three to finish their business in Gotham, and then leave, as she didn't want the Green Arrow in her city.

Later, Kara went to speak with Kate alone, and mentioned how Bruce Wayne was frenemies with her cousin, and Kate revealed Bruce is her cousin, who disappeared from Gotham some years ago. This caused Kara and Kate to warm up to each other. Kate agreed to give Kara a laptop in order for the trio to learn what they needed.

With the laptop, Oliver learned the identity of the other man in Cisco's vibe; John Deegan, who was now the head of Arkham Asylum. As the trio traveled to Arkham, a breach opened and Diggle, Caitlin and Cisco came from it to help them. Taking advantage of Caitlin's split personality Killer Frost, Kara infiltrated the asylum by acting as a nurse, and Caitlin as a new patient. This distracted the personnel in the asylum long enough to allow Oliver, Barry and Diggle to find Deegan. However, Deegan unlocked all the cells in the asylum to unleash all hell inside the asylum, forcing Kara to join in the fight of subduing the inmates. They were assisted by Batwoman, who caught some of the inmates trying to escape.

Having managed to apprehend Deegan and gained the Book of Destiny he had received, Batwoman then insisted that Team Arrow and Team Flash leave Gotham. Before going with others, Kara talked with Batwoman one more time, and with her x-ray vision, she determined that Batwoman is Kate Kane. Kara and Kate bonded in their following conversation, and Kate called them "World's Finest" (a nod to Batman and Superman). Kara then left with the others back to Star City.

Heroes confront the Monitor

Heroes confront the Monitor.

Back at Star City, as they tried to determine how to use the Book to restore reality, they were suddenly contacted by the Flash from Earth-90. He was the reason, why strange lightning has been going on. He told them the other man was called Mar Novu, or the Monitor, and that he used the Book of Destiny to test Earth-90, but its heroes failed and it was destroyed. An alert sounds, and an A.R.G.U.S. agent has detected Mar Novu on the street. Kara, Oliver, Barry and Earth-90 Flash meet him there. He claims he is doing this in order to test this Earth, if it can stand against a Crisis, that is coming. Earth-90 Flash charges at him, but Mar Novu defeats him with interdimensional energy. He then evades the heroes, retrieves the Book of Destiny and delivers it back to Deegan. He rewrites reality again, this time more severly.[65]

In this new reality, Deegan has become Superman and the world's hero, Oliver and Barry are criminals called The Trigger Twins and Kara has been locked inside S.T.A.R. Labs pipeline, depowered and watched over by a version of her adoptive sister Alex. Kara tries to reason with her, but she uses the pipeline's sonic device to punish her. In pain, Kara then mutters in Japanese "yubikiri genman, uso tsuitara". Alex recognizes, what Kara is saying, and demands to know, how does she know it. Kara reveals her Alex once went to Japan with her parents and bonded with a Japanese girl, and they made "a pinky swear", which is what the phrase means. Later, Alex told this to Kara in the same manner. Kara then convinces Alex, that this reality is not real, and she also knows it.

Suddenly, the Labs are infiltrated by Oliver, Barry and Clark, and in the chaos, Alex frees Kara, having realized she was right. Kara goes to the "Fortress of Solitude", which is really the Time Vault, where Deegan has stored the Book of Destiny. Kara tries to use the Book, but it overwhelms her. She decides to deliver it to Clark, as he has experience with such books. With Oliver and Barry's help, Clark claims the Book and begins to restore reality, but Deegan interrupts him. Nonetheless, Kara, Oliver and Barry have regained their respective powers. But Deegan is rewriting reality again, and in order to stop him, Barry suggest he and Kara move as fast as they can around the world in opposite directions, in order to slow down time by temporarily stop Earth from rotating, to give them more time to stop Deegan. Oliver and Clark realize they will die, if they do it, but they can't convince them otherwise.

Kara and Barry go for it, and time starts to slow down, but they will die. But Oliver manages to use a cosmic arrow he received from Mar Novu on the Book, stopping Deegan's rewrite and ensuring Kara and Barry will survive. Kara's friends from Earth-38 join the heroes, and together, they defeat a reconstituted A.M.A.Z.O., and stop Deegan. Clark then restores Earth-1's reality, and Deegan is arrested, his body badly deformed by the power of the Book.

The heroes are victorious against Deegan and A.M.A.Z

The heroes are victorious against Deegan and A.M.A.Z.O.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, Kara and her friends bid farewell to Team Flash and Oliver, and she says to Barry this is becoming an annual thing (referring to previous crossovers). Cisco opens a breach, and calls Kara his favorite Kryptonian, and they return to Earth-38. At the Kent Farm, Clark and Lois reveal to Kara that they are going back to Argo, and Kara realizes Lois is pregnant. They decide to have the baby born in Argo, and Clark leaves Kara as the guardian of Earth.[20]

Alex's memory erased[]

Kara continued to act as Supergirl, even though she no longer had the D.E.O. to back her up. When Kara heard a distress coming from a mysterious freighter, she went to the scene. There, she found majority of the crew killed and she was attacked by something invisible. She did manage to ID one of the crew through his dog tags, and witness a silhouette of whatever attacked her. D.E.O. soon arrived at the scene with Alex and Colonel Haley. Haley immediately ordered Supergirl to leave, as this now a D.E.O. investigation, but Kara told her she can't stop her from helping people.

Since Kara couldn't rely on the D.E.O., she turned to J'onn for help, in order to find out, what attacked the ship. As they dug into the matter, Alex informed Kara that Haley had made finding Supergirl's identity as a number one priority. Alex assured, that all those in the D.E.O., who knew Kara's identity, swore to defend her.

Kara and J'onn eventually discovered with Alex's assistance, that the ones, who attacked the ship were Morae, an alien race with the ability to completely camouflage themselves, and it's clear that the government have been utilizing this ability. They also learn, that three military officers were leading the project, one of them being the soldier, whom Kara ID'd with the dog tags. The second was General Alphonso Tran, and all three went together to question him.

At Tran's home, he was already trying to flee from the Morais, and refused to help the three, but Kara and Alex convinced him. He reveals, that years ago the government found three Morais as babies, and when they discovered their camouflage ability, they were trained to become invisible assassins. But the training methods were brutal, as the government used fear in order to control them. Now, those three Morae have broken free to exact revenge on those, who tortured them. Suddenly, they attack, and while Kara, Alex and J'onn manage to fight them off, they nonetheless manage to kill Tran.

The following evening, Alex calls to Kara, as she has grown resentful towards Colonel Haley, as she is turning the D.E.O. as a weapon for an alien war, and Alex is thinking about leaving. But Kara tells her she must remain, as she is the only one, who can influence Haley. Soon after, the D.E.O. comes under attack by the Morais, as Colonel Haley is the third officer, who were involved in their training. Kara flies to D.E.O. to help, and even though all three Morais are taken out, Haley doesn't thank Kara for saving her. Instead, having a moment ago learned Kara's identity, she tries to blackmail Kara to rejoin the D.E.O. in order to keep her under control, otherwise she will reveal her identity to the world. Alex snaps, and knocks her out cold.

Kara and Alex panic, and in order to protect Kara's identity, they call J'onn to erase Haley's memory of the knowledge. J'onn is reluctant to do so, but knows that if Kara's identity becomes public, all hell will break loose. J'onn erases Haley's memory.

However, J'onn erasure only erased Haley's memory of Supergirl's identity, not her desire to find it out. The next day Alex comes to J'onn's office, and reveals, that Haley had brought in a Vertullarian, also known as "truth-seeker". With it, Haley intended to interrogate every D.E.O. staff about Supergirl's identity. J'onn says there is no evading of a truth-seeker, thus anyone who knows Supergirl's identity will be forced to reveal it. Alex says all those, who know it have agreed to have their memories erased by J'onn. All the agents are brought in and J'onn goes for it. But when Alex says that her memory must be erased too, Kara instantly objects, and she even tries to tell Alex to quit the D.E.O., but Alex has to remain there. Alex tries to comfort devastated Kara by telling, that even though she won't remember Kara is Supergirl, she will still be her sister. As J'onn begins to erase Alex's memory, Kara leaves in grief, unable to watch.

Friendship with Nia Nal[]

Although Alex still participated in their regular game nights with Kara, Kara found it uneasy, as Alex no longer remembered some of the things about her sister. In order to clear her head, Kara volunteered to go with Nia to her hometown Parthas to participate in the town's annual Harvest Festival. She even claimed she would drive all the way there, and decided to see, if she could write an article about Naltorians.

During the drive Nia told Kara about her family and about herself. She revealed she is a transwoman, and that her big sister Maeve encouraged her to become a woman. She revealed also that among Naltorians, the daughter of the family will receive the mother's power of dreaming the future. Nia hadn't told her parents, that she had received the power, notably because she was troubled about telling Maeve about it, since she had been training in Naltorian dream interpretation all her life, as she is expecting to receive the power. Now, due to some unknown reason Nia had received the power, and she was worried how Maeve will react. Kara was on Nia's side on this, but found the situation somewhat resembling her current situation with Alex, which was uneasy for her. Also during the drive, Nia fell asleep several times.

When the women arrived in Parthas, they were warmly welcomed by the Nal family. They had a wonderful time, even though Nia was troubled. She prevented her mother putting flowers into a vase, causing everyone to wonder. Later, Kara interviewed Maeve, but it was cut short, when her mother had died, bitten by a spider. Nia confined with Kara, that she had dreamed her mother's death, but cursed herself for being unable to interpret the signs. The Harvest Festival was turned into a memorial. Kara told Nia that she must tell Maeve about the power. Nia intended to tell her after the memorial.

Kara joined with Nia and other Parthas inhabitants with the memorial, when it suddenly came under attack by the Children of Liberty. Quickly donning her Supergirl suit, Kara flew out to put out the flames, when the Children set the place burning. They also came under attack by a drug-enhanced woman. Kara tackled with it, until Alex arrived in the scene with the D.E.O. Alex tried to shoot her, but Kara subtly used her heat vision to disarm Alex. The human was apprehended as she turned back to normal, and the Children were routed. Alex then confronted Kara and threatened to arrest her, if she ever assaults a government agent. This left Kara feeling down, because she felt the sister she loves is no more.

As Kara and Nia were leaving for National City, Maeve encountered her sister and angrily talked her down, since she believed there's no way Nia ever should've received the dream power, because she is not even a woman by birth. Nia tried to explain she wanted to find a way to transfer the power to Maeve, but she didn't believe her. Maeve severed her ties with Nia.

During the drive back to National City, Nia told Kara about her feelings, how her own sister would talk to her like that after standing behind her with everything, and that she is now alone. She even claimed Kara can't possibly understand any of it. Kara grew agitated, and pulled over, and Nia was baffled. Kara got out from the car, and told Nia she does understand her, probably better than anyone, because she has a similar problem with her own sister. Nia didn't understand, but then Kara took off her glasses and took off into the air, amazing Nia. As she came down, Kara told her she is Supergirl, letting Nia become one of the few, who knew it. Kara told her that despite Maeve disagreeing with her, she can't let that get into her way of doing what is right, and that maybe one day Maeve will come around, just like she believes that Alex will come around. Kara also told Nia she's not alone; she has her to help her. After this Nia became the superheroine Dreamer and friend and ally to Kara.[19]

The Elite and Lex Luthor escapes[]

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When Kara received a distress call coming from Lena in the Luthor Mansion, she arrived just in time to witness Lex Luthor escaping in a helicopter. Kara gave chase and forced the helicopter to crash right on top of the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Lex emerged from the wreckage unharmed, and beat Kara by throwing the metal globe of the Daily Planet on her, using his recently gained superpowers through Harun-El. Lex escaped.

Kara returned to National City hospital and informed Alex, J'onn, Brainy, Nia and James that Lex is free. Alex immediately left to track him.[66]

Declared as public enemy number one[]

Kara joined with Alex and Lena in order to track down Eve Teschmacher, as Lena told them she had been working for Lex ever since she joined CatCo. The clues led them into her secret lab, where they tried to find out any information about Lex. Looking at her computer, which they managed to open by deciphering her password "I Love Lex", disgusting them all, they managed to find experiment information. When Alex found a safe, Kara opened it with her strength, and was shocked to find a piece of pure Harun-El inside. Remembering, how Harun-El caused the ordeal with Reign and the Children of Juru, she angrily accused Lena of lying to her, since she had claimed that she gave up all the Harun-El to Alura, so that it can never be used for bad things on Earth, justifying this as a good reason. Lena defended herself, that she kept a small amount in order to unlock its potential and see, if it can be used to help humanity. Her experiments had bore fruit, as it saved James. Alex defused the argument, and Kara cooled off, and realized that even though Harun-El is dangerous in wrong hands, it can be helpful in the right hands. The women continued in order to find out Eve, eventually discovering she has an aunt with an uncurable cancer. She might have given Harun-El to her, so Kara they went to question her.

At the place, the aunt claimed she hadn't seen Eve, but Kara was able to determine she had been there just recently. The Aunt attacked them, utilizing powers through Harun-El, but she was defeated. She revealed what she knew.

Later, as Kara looked at a news report from the White House, as the voting for the repeal of Alien Amnesty act was about to take place. From it, Kara noticed Eve among the senators, using image inducer. Kara flew to Washington, and hovered above the White House to look for Eve. Eventually, she spotted her in a car nearby, and flew there. Unfortunately, it was just a hologram, and Eve remotely utilized a Lexosuit to hold Kara in place. Kara was helpless, when an impostor Supergirl attacked the White House and killed a number of people, then declared to the camera "Let them hate, as long as they fear". Kara was able to see the impostor leaving and managed break free, but the damage had been done.

Kara returned to National City and witnessed President Baker declaring Supergirl as public enemy number one. She received a call from Lena. Wary, Kara went to see her and met her with Alex. Both Alex and Lena assured her that they know she didn't attack the White House, and that they will find out the truth together.[2]

Forced to hide[]

Even though only a moment ago she had been declared rogue, Kara overheard trouble and went to help out, despite Lena and Alex claiming it's not a good idea. She saved a man from a wrecked car, but, when he saw her face, he panicked and ran. A number of people then tried to assault her, intending to become heroes by taking out the public enemy number one. Unwilling to fight innocents, and seeing that Lex has totally managed to fool everyone, as her pleas went to deaf ears, Kara retreated.

Kara was totally flabbergasted, as people seriously believe Supergirl is now a villain. She realized that in order to find out, who or what attacked the White House, she and Lena went to Lex's prison to investigate his cell for clues. Lena figured that Lex must've had inside help in the prison, other than Eve, how else would he have been able to manipulate events like this.

Inside the prison, the inmates literally cheered Supergirl as a celebrity, but Kara didn't join with it. The warden escorted Kara and Lena to Lex's cell. It seemed just an ordinary cell with nothing weird in it. But Lena knew Lex must have some secrets in here. Eventually, they discovered a number of journals, but they didn't really provide anything useful. Lex's cryptic neighboring inmate provided some cryptic information, but that didn't help either. Later, Lena noticed, that the wall in the cell wasn't an ordinary wall. Using chalk, she discovered Lex had carved an image of mountains from their youth, and it would provide a clue. But then, Otis Graves blasted into the prison to challenge Supergirl. He released all the inmates, and Kara effortlessly beat them in order to find Otis. But just like Lena warned her, he had been outfitted with Metallo-equipment, and Kara found herself fighting a losing battle. Knowing she had to retreat, Kara hid in a library, and without Otis noticing, she quickly donned her civilian outfit and was able to convince Otis Supergirl fled. Otis asked what's a reporter doing here, and she said she came to make an article about the inmates. After Otis left, Lex's neighbor inmate approached Kara, and Kara agreed to interview him later. In Lex's cell, Lena had discovered a hidden lab, but then Kara came and said they need to leave. Lena managed to get some information from the lab.

Later, Kara returned to the prison to interview the inmate. As the interview proceeds, Kara realizes that in order to stop Lex and clear her name, she has to be Kara Danvers, reporter of CatCo Worldwide Media, and not Supergirl. Kara then hid under her civilian identity.[67]

Since Kara couldn't act as Supergirl, Nia carried on her mission as Dreamer. Meanwhile, Kara put all her effort in finding the truth about her impostor and her connection to Lex. As she goes through all the sources she has, Kara overhears her colleague Franklin speaking with her sister on the phone. With her super-hearing, she learns that Franklin's sister worked for AmerTek. Piecing this with her information, Kara discovers that AmerTek is somehow involved with Lex. She asks Franklin to have his sister talk with her.

Franklin's sister, Edna, meets with Kara. She has access to AmerTek files, and agrees, although hesitantly, to get Kara the information she needs. While at the AmerTek facilities, they grab all they can, but the guards are on them. Kara subtly uses her powers to help them escape undetected. Edna refuses to help her any further.

The information Kara received wasn't much, and she has hit a brick wall. Nia comes to see her, and she is feeling down. She tells Kara, what happened at Al's Dive Bar last night; the Children of Liberty raided it, and even though she was able to drive them away, her actions didn't really inspire hope on the alien refugees sheltered there. Nia is beginning to feel hopeless, but Kara then has an idea of inspiring hope for all the people in National City, human and alien alike. Since Nia is half-human, half-alien, she is live example of how humans and aliens can co-exist in peace. Thus, Kara is going to interview Nia as Dreamer in live broadcast.

With Franklin's help, Kara sets up the interview in CatCo. In the interview, Kara asks all the relevant questions, and Nia truthfully tells everything about herself and encourages people to not give in to prejudices and fear of the aliens or unknown. The interview is applauded by aliens throughout the city and D.E.O., but Ben Lockwood is outraged, since Dreamer's example could very well tarnish everything he has been working for. He leads a direct attack to CatCo, falsely intending to arrest Dreamer for provoking unrest. Thanks to Alex, the power to CatCo was cut, allowing Kara and Nia to fight off the Children without Kara exposing herself. The attack was ultimately stopped by James, who angrily told Ben to leave, as he broke the law by assaulting a place of free journalism.

The next day, Lena arrives to CatCo, and confesses to Kara her involvement with Lex. Some time ago, Lex came to her for help, since he was dying of cancer. Using her experiments with Harun-El, she was able to cure Lex, but then he and Eve betrayed her. Kara consoles Lena, and together, the two put their heads together to ascertain, what Lex has been up to. With the information Kara received from AmerTek and Lena's knowledge about Lex's way of thinking, they conclude, that Lex has been travelling to Kasnia. Both women decide to go there and learn the truth.

Mission to Kasnia[]

Lena arranged her private jet to take her and Kara to Kasnia. During the flight, Kara contemplates, whether she should tell Lena she is Supergirl, but ultimately doesn't. Suddenly, the plane is struck, and Lena is unable to save it. While Lena is in the cockpit, Kara goes outside to keep the plane airborne enough to allow landing.

As the women enter the Kasnian facility, they find several aliens locked up, and conclude they are the same aliens held in the D.E.O. One of them being the one, who could duplicate himself. They suddenly run into Eve, who acts like crazy. They question her, but get nothing real. Eve takes them to Lex's lab, where they discover experiments made with both Harun-El and Kryptonite. Deeper, they find a video feed about Lex's ultimate weapon, the one, who attacked the White House; a clone of Supergirl, code-named Red Daughter. Kara and Lena realize Red Daughter was born when Kara used Harun-El to defeat Reign. Kara believes something about Supergirl lives in Red Daughter, but Lena claims she is an empty slate, trained to hate Americans and act as the ultimate weapon for Kasnian invasion of United States. Lena realizes Lex's plan; trick the Kasnians to attack America, and he would then stop the invasion himself and be viewed as a hero.

Taking everything that they can, Kara and Lena are ambushed by Eve, and she is able to replicate herself. Kara and Lena leave, and while escaping, Kara finds Red Daughter's cell, which contains many photos that reveal Kara's identity as Supergirl, and she is horrified Lex knows her secret. Urging Lena to run, Kara stays behind and uses her heat vision to burn the photos. She joins Lena in the plane and they escape. One of the Eve-clones managed to board, but she is defeated.

Back at United States, Kara goes to Washington D.C. to meet with president Baker. She tells him, that Lex Luthor has been working with Kasnian government to arrange an invasion of the United States, and she also reveals the existence of Red Daughter, who was the true culprit in the White House attack. Baker thanks her of coming to him with this information, and then has his Secret Service agents to bag her and erase her evidence. From this Kara realizes Baker has been working with Lex all along and that he must have known that Red Daughter attacked the White House.

Conflict with Red Daughter[]

When Kara got the bag out of her head, she found herself tied up, and watched by Red Daughter. She immediately declared Kara weak for protecting the individual, while she believes in the collective that makes her strong. Kara realized Red Daughter knows nothing of Lex, whom she calls Alex. Kara tells her Lex will betray her after he wins, knowing full well he hates Kryptonians more than anything. She practically begs her to look him up, but she has none of it. Red Daughter opens a case of kryptonite in order to kill Kara, but she didn't count on the fact, that Kara has been fighting it for years, while Red Daughter has only recently been exposed to it, thus Kara has higher resilience to it. Using this to her advantage, Kara tackles both of them out from the building they are in, and manages to fly away.

Back in National City, Kara goes to D.E.O. to inform Alex and Colonel Haley about Red Daughter, and about Lex's plan. Kara asks Alex not to try to find Red Daughter by herself. Together the three determine, that Red Daughter must have been in National City, since she knew about Kara Danvers. Eventually, they find an apartment. Kara goes there, and Alex follows suit, despite Kara asking her to stay behind. As Kara explores the apartment, she notices it is furnished like her apartment. She also finds pictures about a boy named Mikhail. From this Kara learns why Red Daughter hates Americans; she was fond of the boy, but Lex manipulated her into thinking the Americans killed him, when in truth it was Lex himself (in truth he was never killed). Alex then receives a phone call from her mother, Eliza, who tells her Kara just came by. Kara is instantly alerted and flies to Midvale, with Alex following her.

Kara enters the Danvers house, and encounters Red Daughter holding Eliza hostage. Kara tries to reason with her, but her blind belief causes her to flip into anger, and she activates her suit. A battle begins between the two Kryptonians, as they charge at each other. At first, Kara has the upper hand, but as the battle goes on, Red Daughter uses her Harun-El-powers to tip the balance in her favor. The night settles, and Alex arrives and witnesses Kara getting pummeled by Red Daughter. With each punch Red Daughter inflicts on Kara, Alex's erased memories of Kara and Supergirl being the one and the same return. Kara eventually falls to the ground, seemingly dead. Red Daughter leaves, when she hears distant sounds, and Alex is overwhelmed with grief with her sister lying dead on the ground. However, she refuses to think Kara is dead, she just needs sunlight to revive. But because it is night, no sunlight. Alex then says that plants have sunlight within them, and she grabs some grass and hands it Kara's palm, but nothing happens. Eliza arrives, and suddenly, sunlight starts to seep from plants towards Kara. The sunlight from the plants converges within her, and revives her. Kara is overjoyed, that Alex remembers her again.

As Kara and Alex rest at the Danvers house, a news report is broadcast, which shows that Lex stopped the Kasnian invasion and killed Supergirl, who was the leader of the invasion force. It is really unconscious Red Daughter meant to frame Supergirl even further. Kara declaers she has to reveal the truth about Lex.

Battle at Shelley Island[]

Kara and Alex return to National City and meet Lena and Brainy in Lena's office. Brainy tells Kara he has managed to recover all the evidence Secret Service erased. Now all Kara needs to do is to write an article about Lex's scheme and publish it nationwide. Lena leaves the office for Washington D.C., having received an invitation.

After Kara finishes the article, Alex claims it's a masterpiece, maybe even worth of a Pulitzer. Then, Brainy claims Nia is with them, but Kara and Alex see nothing. In truth, Nia has astral projected to Lena's office as per Brainy's instructions, so that she can reveal her location. Brainy blows water vapor on window, and Nia writes "Shelley Island" on it. Kara, Alex and Brainy take James along and leave for the island.

Lex had transformed Shelley Island into a power plant, where he is using captured aliens as disposable batteries meant to power-up a new Claymore satellite, which is targeting Argo City, all to kill Superman. As Kara, Alex, Brainy and James arrive, they are ambushed by Ben Lockwood and the remaining Children of Liberty, wanting revenge on Lex, since he used them as his pawns and to kill any alien they can find on the island. A battle erupts between them, but they are no match against Superfriends. Suddenly, Lex arrives in his Lexosuit, when he learned that the Claymore was powered down by J'onn and Nia. James urges Kara to take him on, and they start fighting. Lex is amazed Kara is still alive, thinking that Red Daughter killed her. Kara just claims he forgot she is Supergirl. Lex compares her to her cousin, and attacks her with kryptonite, but Kara came prepared and activates Lena's anti-kryptonite suit, allowing her to take on Lex on equal terms. However, due to the suit's limited power reserve, Kara starts to lose. After Lex punches her hard, he attempts to blast her with a lethal kryptonite blast. But then, Red Daughter swoops in between, and takes the blast instead, causing both her and Kara to be blasted through wall. As Kara recovers, she sees Red Daughter dying and crawls to her. With her last breath, Red Daughter apologizes to Kara, that she was right about Lex, and encourages her to protect her people, like she protected hers. Red Daughter then merges with Kara and this gives Kara power boost, which allows her to defeat Lex easily. Seeing that he can't win, Lex tries to escape, but his Lexosuit is damaged. Kara flies after him, and when Lex's suit malfunctions, she pleads with him to let her save him. But due to his pride and disgust, Lex claims he'd rather die than be saved by a Kryptonian. He lets go and falls to the ground exploding, and Kara thinks he's dead. Aliens freed from the plant then begin to cheer for Supergirl for saving the day once again.

Later, Kara, Nia and James watch news reports about events that happened, after Kara's article was published. In the article Lex's scheme was completely exposed, and because of it, President Baker was removed from office according to 25th Amendment, the new acting president has re-enacted the Alien Amnesty Act and Red Daughter's identity was also revealed, which cleared Supergirl's name. The Children of Liberty were arrested and imprisoned by acts of domestic terrorism. Kara and Nia admit that for a while it seemed the truth won't prevail, but they didn't give up and they won. Later, as Ben Lockwood's son George held a press conference , where he intended to become a voice between human and alien relations, Kara watched over him and smiled at him.

Changes in the air[]

Revelation to Lena[]

After Superfriends defeated Lex Luthor, they had a game night at J'onn's place, where Lena joined them. Kara talked with Alex about how she can no longer keep lying to Lena about being Supergirl. She was going to tell her, but Alex told her to tell her later, since she had endured so much. Unbeknownst to the sisters, Lena already knew Kara's secret, because Lex revealed it to her just before he died.

One month later, Kara was elected to win a Pulitzer for her expose of Lex Luthor and President Baker's corrupt administration, but she still hadn't told Lena about being Supergirl. She had been putting of under the excuse that so much has been going on, but Alex saw she was doing it because she was afraid how Lena would react. Alex encouraged her to tell.

Later that day, Kara met with Andrea Rojas, the CEO of Obsidian North, at CatCo, and she told her she bought CatCo from Lena, leaving Kara totally shocked. She went to ask Lena about it, and she admitted that she did sell CatCo to Andrea, but she wasn't supposed to reveal it until tomorrow. Lena claimed she did it in order to raise capital to help her. Right then, Kara heard from Brainy that there was trouble at the museum, and she flew there and encountered seemingly alive T-Rex. J'onn came to help, and while they took down the dinosaur, something was stolen from Kal-El's pod. Kara's cape was also shredded.At the D.E.O., Brainy intended to keep tracking on what was stolen and also find a solution for Kara's broken cape. Back at CatCo, Andrea introduced Kara to William Dey, a famous reporter from The Times in London. Kara was at first awed, but when William begun to talk her down by claiming even though her Pulitzer-winning article was good, it was too excessive, and here Kara saw that both William and Andrea were going to change CatCo.

Later, Brainy tracked the stolen component, which was being used to empower a device that could open a portal to the Phantom Zone. Kara joined Alex, J'onn and Brainy at the location, but she had trouble getting there due to her broken cape making flying a nightmare. A portal was opened to the Phantom Zone, and an alien called Midnight emerged from it. Kara assumed she was there to get revenge on her due to her mother, Alura, sentencing many crimanals to Phantom Zone, but J'onn said Alura didn't send Midnight there, he did. Midnight attacked and was able to flee after a struggle. But here it became apparent that whoever brought Midnight to Earth was after J'onn.

Supergirl New Suit

Supergirl New Suit.

Kara attended her Pulitzer-winning ceremony, where she spotted Lena. Before going to her, Brainy gave her a small microchip, and attached it to her glasses. He told her that chip contains her new supersuit, which will appear when she whisks her glasses off. Kara then went to Lena, and she didn't expect her, but Lena revealed she was going to be the one to introduce her, claiming she deserves it. However, Kara claims she is not worthy of her, and broken to tears, she reveals she is Supergirl. Lena stood quietly, and seemingly shocked, and Kara told her the reasons she lied to her, believing she was protecting Lena, but now she claims she had only hurt her. Lena didn't say anything, just walked away.

The Superfriends oppose Midnight

The Superfriends oppose Midnight.

As the ceremony began, Lena started her introduction, and with her words it seems she is forgiving Kara. But then, Midnight appears and Superfriends are forced to help people escape. Lena then tells Kara that this is the cue of Supergirl, and Kara takes off her glasses. Her new suit materializes, and she is amazed it has pants instead of skirt. Kara takes on Midnight inside a theater alongside Alex, J'onn, James, Nia and Brainy. They overpower Midnight, but as a last gambit, she opens a black hole that sucks J'onn into it. Kara flies after him, and manages to save him by using her heat vision to cut off the hole.[68]

Supergirl managed to avoid a car accident. Kara and James visited J'onn, who was researching memories of his brother. Kara gets a call from Nia who reveals that she needs a chance to work right away. At the CatCo meeting, everyone receives an extraordinary obsidian technology tablet. Andrea reassigns Kara to the beat of the style. Kara went to help the others confront J'onn's brother, Malefic J'onzz. When William appeared, Supergirl advised him to flee, but Malefic had escaped. Kara confronts William and destroys the work on him.[69]

Supergirl stuck to a wall by an Aurafacian's webs

Supergirl is bound by cobwebs.

Kara, Alex, James, and Kelly walk together to go to work. Kara and Alex talked about Lena and Kara was excited to talk to her after she revealed her identity. Kara went to lunch with Lena, who needed Lex's diaries for an experiment she is undergoing, so Kara agreed to help her get them. Kara and William worked together to find out about the murder of Niles Jarrod, but dismissed William for being paranoid. Kara and the team discovered that the culprit had been a former military man named Caroline O'Connor, an Aurafacian. Supergirl went looking for her, but was tied to the wall with cobwebs made by Caroline.

James arrived to save his friend, but Caroline escaped. After healing James, Kara, Alex, and a recovered James went to find Caroline, who had planned to assassinate Andrew Stein. The trio managed to save the scientist and Supergirl had a fight against Caroline, in which she won. When the team was going to question her, a mysterious shadow murdered Caroline. Kara visits Lena at her apartment to deliver Lex's diaries to her.[70]

Farewell to a friend[]

After a failed attempt to catch Malefic, Kara, Alex, J'onn, and Brainy return to DEO headquarters. Kara calls Nia asking for an update on any information about William. She is given the name Elena Torres and Kara travels to Mexico City to find her. In Mexico City, Kara learns that there was a car accident and Torres died. He also sees William before he gets into a car driven by an unknown individual. Kara notices the license plate and sends Nia a picture of her. Nia calls Kara and informs her that Elena was the lead accountant for Obsidian Worldwide. Nia also tells Kara about Sergio Ramos, a member of Intergang, and the driver of the car in which William left the scene. After finding Elena Torres's apartment, Kara finds a piece of paper with a series of numbers written on it. Kara meets a woman who has the impression that Kara is Elena Torres and tries to kill her.

The team farewell James before he leaves for Calvintown

Kara and the team say goodbye to James.

Kara returns in her Supergirl outfit, then after nearly suffocating she is able to arrest the woman and take her to the DEO. After returning, talk to Nia. Kara shares that Elena's death was false and that the body in the car accident had died of natural causes two weeks before the accident. She and Nia suspected that William might be behind all this. Kara returns to the DEO and tries to comfort J'onn, who is upset after Alex blamed him for what he did to his brother. Kara and the Superfriends teamed up to confront Malefic and managed to send him back to the Phantom Zone. When James announced that he was leaving the team, Kara and the others threw a goodbye party for him. In the morning, Kara discovered that William was investigating Andrea, since she could be related to a terrorist group and helped Elena to fake her death so that she was not involved. Kara apologized to William, but nothing would be like before.[71]


After apologizing to William, Kara agreed to help him in his investigation of Andrea. Kara convinced William to visit the DEO to talk to Alex, but she lost patience with him. After a facility in New Mexico breaks down where Supergirl is called to the DEO, Supergirl has a quick briefing with Alex and Brainiac. Brainiac decides to allow his body to be taken over by the alien Aurafacian, they agree on an opening and final sentence, but during interrogation, Supergirl is bothered by how little the alien Aurafacian cares about human life. Kara is tasked with breaking into her boss's office to search for clues, but stops almost immediately when William arrives to do the exact same thing. William can't crack his computer, Kara can find a hidden secret box. Inside is a photo of Andrea and Russell Rogers along with some jewelry and some other memorabilia. Kara had a confrontation with Rip Roar, but seeing how things were going, she called J'onn to take her to the DEO.

Once Supergirl is feeling better, Supergirl is determined to stop whatever comes her way. Unfortunately, they get more bad news, as Brainiac explains that the geyser is pumping three cubic miles of water per second. At that rate, every coastal city in the world will begin to flood within 12 minutes. The loss of life could run into the billions. Supergirl and J'onn immediately go to Lake Vostok in Antarctica where they fight Rip Roar and can finally defeat him together. Afterward, they must seal the geyser and agree to fly together in perfect sync before Supergirl can freeze it with her breath. Successfully, they both return to the DEO. Supergirl and Alex have a heart-to-heart conversation before Brainiac interrupts them with bad news. Kara goes to William's apartment to give him the unfortunate news.[72]

Upon capturing Russell, Kara tried to question him to find out who is responsible for everything until the DEO was attacked by Acrata. When Acrata took Russell away, Kara told William that Russell escaped and found out the name of the organization planning the attacks, Leviathan, and went to tell the team.[73]

Lena's betrayal[]

Kara and J'onn train to prepare for Leviathan, however they have no idea who or what Leviathan is or when they will attack. Supergirl has a terrible penchant for everything. When Lena was attacked by Leviathan's leader, Rama Khan, Kara went to save her friend. The Superfriends and Lena searched for various methods to finish off Rama Khan. Kara and Lena traveled to the Fortress of Solitude to search for Kryptonian items to defeat Khan.

Lena and Supergirl stand off in the Fortress of Solitude

Kara and Lena argue in the Fortress.

At the Fortress, Kara and Lena were attacked by Rama Khan, but they managed to make him flee. Kara saw that Lena possessed the Myriad device and realized that Lena was associated with Leviathan. Kara was saddened to learn that Lena never forgave her. She was put under kryptonite gas while crying over Lena's betrayal.[74]

When she was going to die, Kara was saved by Alex and Brainy, who believed it was Rama Khan's fault, but Kara revealed that Lena was the one who did it. Supergirl went to Lena's bunker to try to talk to her, but she was going to launch missiles until she had mercy and refused launch. Kara tried to speak holographically with Lena to try to convince her to stop being evil, but she rejected their friendship. Kara was still sad, but Alex made her see that the heart is not always used. The Super Friends managed to stop Lena's mind control plan and Kara had a final showdown against Rama Khan until the team finally managed to defeat him. Kara still had faith that she could regain Lena's friendship.[75]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

Kara seeing that Argo is about to be destroyed

Kara seeing that Argo is about to be destroyed.

On December 10, 2019, Kara chased Spike, Alana's dragon, through National City. After saving a Protestant, who claimed that the end of the world was near and that not even Supergirl could save them, from the dragon, Kara is able to calm the magical being and take him to the D.E.O.. At the agency, she is notified by Brainy and Alex of an earthquake that is affecting not only the city, but the entire world, and that its origin is from outside the planet. J'onn J'onzz, who had been warned the night before by Mar Novu, revealed to everyone about the Monitor's actions, how to free Malefic and test Kara and other Earth-1 heroes with John Deegan and the Book of Destiny. Brainy warns the team that they would need to prevent such a wave for up to twenty-four hours, otherwise everything will be destroyed. The only thing between this wave and its destruction is something that left Kara completely devastated: Argo City, where Clark cousin, Alura and Lois were.

Despite Harun-El's interference in the floating rock, Kara is able to materialize as a hologram at Kal and Lois's house. She tries to warn them about antimatter and that Argo is in danger, but it is too late; Argo's skies have turned red and her hologram disappears. In tears, Kara watches Argo's destruction while Brainy warns that they will be next. The moment it would go into action, the Harbinger arrives at the D.E.O. and causes an explosion in electronics. Kara confronts her, believing that she had destroyed Argo. The Harbinger does not respond, but teleports several heroes - Batwoman, Mia Smoak, Green Arrow, Superman and Lois - to the location. Upon seeing Clark and Lois safe, she runs over to hug them and Lane reveals that she had rescued them at the last second and Kent says that they sent Jonathan in a capsule to another place, but gives the bad news that his mother had perished along with City. Kara sees Kate take out her anger and punch the Harbinger, but calms her down by saying that she is needy and that she trusted her with her life.

Kara and other heroes listening to plans for Earth-38

Kara and other heroes listening to plans for Earth-38.

In another room, the Harbinger reveals to the heroes the plan the Monitor had in mind; mount a resistance on Earth-38 and prevent antimatter from advancing beyond this universe. Kara thanks everyone for their presence, and asks Brainy to track down the capsule in which Lois and Clark put him. She and the other heroes watch a quantum tower emerge in the middle of National City, and she believes it should be brought down. She is stopped by Barry Allen, teleported by the Harbinger to Ray Palmer and Sara Lance, and is warned that this is the only thing that could save the inhabitants of this universe. Harbinger tells that this tower was placed by the Monitor in certain Earths as a last resort of defense. But for the tower to work, they would have to protect it from Anti-Monitor and its army. While the other heroes planned a plan, Kara and Clark talked, where he apologized for not being able to save his cousin's mother and was sincere about what he thinks about himself and his powers. However, she remains hopeful that they will be able to save the Earth, just as they have done many other times. Confident, she tells her cousin, "Krypton is not a place, it is a spirit. It is hope, sacrifice. It is what our parents did for us, what you did for Jonathan. We made our parents proud to fight for what that's right, so we have to keep fighting and, as long as this spirit is on, Krypton will never die."

Superman and Supergirl fight on rooftop

Kara and Clark facing the shadow demons before being teleported by the Monitor.

Kara, Superman, Flash, Atom, Batwoman, Green Arrow and Mia met outside the quantum tower, where they planned how they were going to protect her. However Supergirl, Superman and the Flash left to help civilians in danger due to the earthquakes. Kara, Clark and Barry arrive in time to help the rest of the heroes face the shadow demons. However the quantum tower fails and the skies turn red again, so Kara and Clark go to the sky to see if they could be given more time. The cousins ​​realize that the tower is charged by solar panels, and then use their heat vision to charge them again. They were able to reload the tower, but this will not last long as the reload is only delaying antimatter, not stopping it. Kara and the other heroes face the shadow demons one last time for the fate of the universe. The Monitor appears on the battlefield, alerting the heroes that the battle had been lost and that they should stop. One by one, the Monitor teleported everyone to Earth-1, including Kara.

Oliver Queen dies

Oliver dies.

Kara finds herself in Earth-1 Star City, and sees Oliver, with several injuries, being teleported on a stretcher. Monitor alerts Kara and Clark that their universe has been destroyed, and that of 7.53 billion inhabitants, three billion have been able to escape to Earth-1. In his last breath, Oliver tells Kara and Barry that they should save the multiverse from being destroyed. Startled and in tears, she sees the Monitor reveal that the things he saw are happening differently than expected, since he had seen Oliver die in Crisis, but not the way he had foreseen. Pariah reveals that "everything that exists is doomed".[76]

Kate, Sara, and Kara drink to Oliver

Kate, Sara, and Kara drinking in honor of Oliver.

After Oliver's death, the heroes are taken to Central City. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Kara, Sara and Kate drank and paid their respects to Oliver, choosing not to include Barry as he was not ready to make this real. The three are surprised by the unexpected arrival of Harbinger, and listen to Ray and Mar Novu debate about the importance of the Waverider in the mission, specifically Palmer's laboratory. At the edge of the Earth-74 Waverider, Mar Novu reveals the existence of seven beings, pure as light, that will be able to defeat the Anti-Monitor once and for all. She wonders if they could use the Book of Destiny, in which the Monitor went back in time before its destruction, to bring Earth-38, and the other universes, and Oliver back; but he reveals that, by using so much power, the Book could drive them crazy and insanity. It is revealed that Kara is the Paragon of Hope, although she is hopeless at the moment, and Sara is the Paragon of Destiny. Mar Novu reveals the description of two more Paragons, a mysterious Kryptonian who is the Paragon of Truth and the Bat of the Future who is the Paragon of Courage.

While at Waverider, Kara was reviewing the moment when Argo and Earth-38 were destroyed by antimatter when she is surprised by the unexpected arrival of Lex Luthor and Novu. Before killing him with her vision of heat, she is stopped by Novu; who says he has a role to play in the Crisis, and confronts him about being able to revive him but not Oliver, and denies his trust in Mar Novu. Kara and Kate talk about their current hopes, and invites her to go to Earth-99 and meet Bruce Wayne.

Kara finds the entrance to the Batcave

Kara finds the entrance to Bruce Wayne's lair.

They arrive at Earth-99 and are greeted by Luke Fox, who does not believe in the story of Kate being Bruce's cousin and closes the door, leaving them outside. With no options, Kara uses her super strength and knocks down the door. They are stopped by Luke and point a gun at the heroines, but Kara takes off and steps in front of Kate. They are interrupted by the arrival of Bruce Wayne himself, in an exoskeleton, which is surprised to see Kate. While Kate talked to Bruce, Kara explored the mansion with Luke. In one of the rooms, Kara uses her x-ray vision and discovers a false wall and an elevator, which would take her underground. She comes across a booth, containing objects from "Batman's greatest victories", according to Luke, but Kara corrects him and reveals the truth: they are trophies. She finds bloody glasses and Luke reveals that these glasses belonged to Superman's alter ego, saying that the Batman had murdered Clark in this universe, not before putting Wayne in his exoskeleton.

Dressed in her uniform, Supergirl confronts Bruce in his lair and says that she was right not to trust the Monitor, and that Bruce is no Paragon. Although it was an alternative version of her cousin, Kara felt the hateful words Bruce was quoting about Clark. With Kryptonite in his exoskeleton, Bruce manages to attack Kara. She is protected by Kate, who says the distorted version of her cousin that in order to attack her, he would have to go through her first. Kate manages to stop Bruce before reaching Kara, attacking him and throwing him into an electrical shock. Kara prevents Kate from saving him, as such an electrical charge would kill them both.

Kate and Kara talk

Kara and Kate talk on Waverider.

On the Waverider, Kara confronts the Monitor about allowing Lex to use the Book of Destiny to kill the various Supermans of the multiverse, despite taking Clark, Lois and Iris West-Allen to the Paragon of Truth, which was on Earth-96. She is surprised to see Ray Palmer's double in the lab, and is prevented from commenting by Clark, who reveals that this is her cousin in a way and also the Paragon of Truth. Ray activates his new invention, a Paragons locator, and everyone discovers that Bruce Wayne never would have been the Paragon of Courage, but Kate herself. In the cargo room, Kate reveals to Kara about her doubt of being a Paragon, since her journey as a vigilante had just begun. She hands him a photograph of her sister's doppelganger with her Earth-99 doppelganger, and Kate comments on the fact that Kara had regained her hope. She also comments that she is choosing to use the Book of Destiny to restore her universe, but Kate does not agree with this action. Although Kate refuses this option, Kara says "what's the point of being the Paragon of Hope if I don't have one?", And then she leaves Kate alone with the photo.[77]

Kate interrogates Lex

Kate interrogates Lex.

Team Flash arrives in theWaverider and with Cisco's help, Ray manages to use the Paragon locator to identify the Paragons of Honor, Love and Humanity. When the Paragon of Honor is revealed to be J'onn, Kara is not surprised, but she is somewhat surprised that Barry is the Paragon of Love. The Paragon of Humanity is revealed to be Dr. Ryan Choi.

Kara goes to Lex and has him reveal, how to use the Book. Lex is uncooperative, but Kate grabs him and twists his arm. He gives in and reveals that in order to use the book, one must focus on a something strong within oneself, with Kara deducing Lex focused on his hatred for Superman. Lex warns Kara that what he did was actually rather small thing, but bringing back an entire universe is so much greater, it could very well drive Kara mad or kill her. Despite this, Kara is going to do it.

Kate stands up to Kara

Kara stands up to Kate.

Kara is at the book intending to use it, when Kate arrives to stop her. Kara reasons that as a Paragon of Hope, maybe this is what she is meant to do the save the multiverse. Kate disagrees, since they do not know, what the book will do to her, and if it doesn't work, there won't be a Paragon. Kara gives Kate a threatening look, but Kate stands firm, and Kara walks away, distraught but realizing Kate was right.

Kate meets with Kara again and reveals she had a piece of Kryptonite from Earth-99 Bruce Wayne, and is now willing to give it to Kara, since she won't need it anymore. Kara tells her to keep it, as she trusts her that she'll never has to use it.

The Paragons in the Vanishing Point

The Paragons in the Vanishing Point.

After Barry, Cisco, Frost and Black Lightning stopped the antimatter wave by destroying the antimatter-cannon in Central City, all other Earths except Earth-1 was destroyed. However, Lyla appears on the Waverider, under control of the Anti-Monitor, and she knocks down everyone and kills the Monitor. He summons one last antimatter-wave, which destroys Earth-1 and intends to kill the Paragons. As a last resort, Pariah sends the Paragons, including Kara, to Vanishing Point, since it is outside time and space, where Anti-Monitor can't reach them. Suddenly, Earth-96 Superman grows weak, and he dies in Kara's arms, and Lex appears in his place. Kara asks what did he do, and Lex reveals he used a torn page from the Book of Destiny to rewrite history to make himself as the Paragon of Truth.[78]

Paragons getting to know the Spectre

Paragons getting to know the Spectre.

Months later, the Paragons are still stuck in Vanishing Point, with Kara having lost her hope. Lex and Ryan Choi had been using the Time Masters remnant technology to build a makeshift time machine, in order to travel back in time and stop Anti-Monitor. Kara has Lex to volunteer using it, but it breaks down, with Lex remarking it was long shot anyway. Barry had been gone for a long time, but he suddenly appears, and claims he was gone only for a few seconds. He had tried to enter the Speed Force to travel back in time, but he didn't succeed. He intends to try again, but Kara and Sara stop him, despite his determination. However, they are all surprised to see that Oliver Queen has come, now as the Spectre. He tells them that the Speed Force is the key of stopping the Anti-Monitor, though the eight of them may not be enough to defeat him. Oliver's plan is to travel to the Dawn of Time, where a new multiverse can be created, but as a back-up plan, he suggests someone has to go to planet Maltus to stop Mar Novu from carrying out the experiment, which will eventually lead into the creation of Anti-Monitor. Kara volunteers to go to Maltus with Ryan and Lex.


The Paragons.

At Maltus, Kara talks with Ryan, until he sees Lex has vanished. She finds him, and he claims he was checking the lay of the land, but Kara doesn't believe him. Lex then pushes Kara to ask him directly, what is he up to. Kara asks, and Lex reveals to gain universal dominance, and uses his new powers to knock Kara down. Ryan finds her later. He then feels he's not Paragon of anything, but Kara says he went with people, whom he had never met before, because he was needed, and that counts for something. She then asks him has he ever flown on an alien planet, to which he answers he has never flown. Kara then grabs him and they fly to the city.

Kara arrives just in time to stop Lex from tricking Mar Novu, and she takes him on while Ryan convinces Mar Novu not to go through with the experiment, as the price makes it not worth it. Ryan then stops Kara and Lex from fighting and just then Barry speeds them to the Dawn of Time in the antimatter universe.

The Paragons fan the flame

The Paragons at the dawn of time in the netherverse.

The Paragons are surprised to see Anti-Monitor. Ryan claims it's not possible, since he got through to Mar Novu. However, Anti-Monitor says he only managed to do that to only one Mar Novu, as there are other Mar Novu's and that one will go through with his ambition, resulting in his creation. Oliver appears and tells the Paragons that this is the only place, where a new universe can be created. He will light the spark, but it us up to the Paragons to fan the flame. They must hold off the shadow demons, while he takes on Anti-Monitor. A battle begins, in which Oliver defeats the Anti-Monitor and Kara urges everyone to focus on their Paragon concepts. Through Oliver's sacrifice and the Paragons, a new universe is created.[79]

New multiverse[]

Early life[]

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Kara's pod still landed on Earth in December, 2003, after Krypton was destroyed, and raised by the Danvers family.[80] On Earth-Prime, one of the changes caused by Crisis is that Kenny Li did not die; after Alex went to college, Kara and Kenny began a romantic relationship and he became her sidekick in her adventures toward declining crime in Midvale.

Kara kept secret that she wanted to go to college in National City as opposed to staying in town, like Kenny wanted, as he was going to Midvale College.

Nia and Brainy talk to young Kara, Alex, and Kenny

Young Kara, Kenny, and Alex talk to time travelers.

On May 25, 2009, Kara and Kenny were in a restaurant having milkshakes as Alex chastised them for having adventures because Alex did not want Kara's powers to be exposed, when Kara's super hearing heard the time ship of Brainy and Nia Nal crash-land. The three confronted the time travelers but the duo said that they were extraterrestrials when Kara introduced herself as "Kara Zor-El". "Brandon" and "Brenda" said that they needed to repair their ship to return home. After hiding the craft, Kara invited "Brenda" to the Danvers house to spend the night, since the needed materials were not available until the morning.[81]

After meteors began falling near Midvale High School, Kara wound up punching one of these asteroids as it fell; attempting to keep the comet from hurting anyone. Due to the fact that the meteor contained Kryptonite, Kara ended up getting cut by the stone. Naxim Tork and Mitch were after the Kryptonian, and mistakenly captured Kenny Li. Kara appeared at their ship and defeated them, they escapes and the police show up just as Naxim and Mitch flee. CJ Grant tries to interview Kara, but they are arrested by the police. Kara breaks out of police custody and flies off to the Legion's cruiser, erasing this timeline.[82]

Career as Supergirl[]

Besides all that, much of Kara's history on Earth-Prime remains the same;[83] In 2015, Kara debuted as the vigilante Supergirl. In 2016, for the first time Supergirl teamed up with a fellow hero the Flash, with her later that same year being among the heroes of Earth to defeat and end the Dominator Invasion on Earth-Prime.[80]

In 2017, the Daxamites invaded Earth, but Supergirl with the aid of the D.E.O. repelled their attack and defeated them.[84] That same year, Mxyzptlk, an imp of the Fifth Dimension, proclaimed his love to Kara, but she was later able to defeat him and banish him back to the Fifth Dimension.[85]

Presumably, like the original from Earth-X in previous multiverse, Kara participated in the defense of Earth during the Earth-Prime invasion of time traveling Nazi clones.[80]

In mid-2019, Kara and the Superfriends thwarted the plans of the organization known as Leviathan, causing them to go off the radar for sometime.[84]

Final battle against the Anti-Monitor[]

Kara at 2020 Peace Prize Award Ceremony

Kara at the 2020 Peace Prize Award Ceremony.

In the New Earth, Kara wakes up like from a nightmare in her home in National City, with Alex watching over her. She nearly burns Alex with her heat vision, and is totally flabbergasted to see Alex and National City from her window, claiming this isn't right, as she saw Earth-38 destroyed. Alex wonders what she is talking about, but the sisters end it by saying they love each other. She later went to the 2020 Peace Prize Award Ceremony. She was called by Nia asking her where she was and had saved a seat at the ceremony for her. When Kara arrived, she talked to Nia about a really weird dream she had about all the worlds ending. Nia told Kara that it was dramatic. When Lex Luthor was awarded the peace prize, Nia stood up and claps. Kara asked if she was still dreaming, with Nia replying that she couldn't believe the award went to someone who actually deserves it.


Supergirl in Earth-Prime.

In the D.E.O., Kara is still disoriented with Lex being a good guy. Nobody believes when he claims he's psychopatic lunatic. But she gets more clarity, when J'onn arrives. He still remembers the events of the Crisis, and that in this new universe, Luthor Corp still exists, the D.E.O. is a subsidiary to it and Lex and Lena are Supergirl's number one fans, having many times over spoked for her.

Kara meets the Weather Witch. She is causing mayhem, but just as they are about to fight, the Flash appears and knocks her down. Kara wonders what is Barry doing on her Earth, with Barry claiming this his Earth. A man named Marv comes and asks for their autographs, and Barry asks him how long he and Kara have known each other. He says forever. Barry and Kara then go on together to check this new Earth.

The heroes discovering that a giant Beebo was attacking the city

The heroes at the Arrow Bunker.

Kara and Barry arrive in the Arrow Bunker in Star City and they have confirmed that this new Earth, Earth-Prime, is Earth-1 and Earth-38 combined. Kara happily says that everything from her old Earth is here, including Argo City. She claims that they saved everyone, but Sara says not everyone, and Kara and Barry realize from this that Oliver didn't make it.

Ray takes a selfie with Beebo

Kara, Barry, and Ray confront a giant Beebo.

Seeing a giant Beebo attack the city, Kara, Barry, and Ray Palmer teamed up to confront him. Kara and Ray took it upon themselves to distract him. During the fight, Mick Rory joined in to help, but the four were no match for the giant stuffed animal until Kate arrived, much to Kara's happiness. Kate revealed that Beebo can be magical, and they arrested the giant Beebo's manager, Sargon the Sorcerer. Kara, Barry, Ray, and Mick went to the bunker to celebrate the victory.

The heroes gets ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor

The heroes get ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor.

Later, when Harrison Nash Wells, the one responsible for Anti-Monitor's release, detects a source of antimatter in Star City, and from this determines that Anti-Monitor is still alive. Kara immediately went to Star City to join the final battle alongside J'onn, Alex, Nia, Clark, Spartan, the Flash, White Canary, Batwoman and Wild Dog to stop the resurfaced Anti-Monitor from destroying everything once more. He taunts the heroes that they are nothing but insects, destined to be crushed under his heel.

Superman and Supergirl fights the giant Anti-Monitor

Supergirl and Superman fights the giant Anti-Monitor.

He demands their surrender, but Sara denies this. She claims Oliver sacrificed everything for this new universe so that they would continue the fight, and they will keep on fighting for it, for Oliver, with Kara and the rest joining her in the declaration. Everyone attacks the Anti-Monitor, but he is impervious. After slamming everyone, he morphs into a gigantic state, and Kara commands Clark and J'onn to join her in aerial attack. In S.T.A.R. Labs, Ray, Nash, Ryan and Barry build up a shrink bomb to trap the Anti-Monitor into an eternity of shrinking, since he can't be destroyed without destroying Earth-Prime as well.

Superman shrunken

Superman shrunken.

After it is finished, Ray delivers it to the battle, and after saving Superman from Anti-Monitor's grip, he gives it for Kara to throw. The bomb makes contact and Anti-Monitor is shrunken, his threat ended for good.

The President of United States holds a televised speech about Anti-Monitor Crisis, which Kara watches at her home with Alex and Kate. She joins in the moment silence the president declares in honor of Oliver Queen.[83]

Memorial for Oliver Queen[]

Heroes of Earth-Prime honor Oliver Queen

The memorial for Oliver Queen.

Sometime later, Kara, together with the Flash, Superman, White Canary, Batwoman, Martian Manhunter and Black Lightning took part at a memorial for Oliver Queen at a S.T.A.R. Labs building, after which Barry proposed the others to officially create a pact between the seven of them in order to work side-by-side more often now that they live in the same universe, so that they would be able to prevent and face any future crisis.

Barry and Kara at Oliver's funeral

Kara and Barry at Oliver's funeral.

Kara later attended Oliver Queen's funeral.[86] She also allows Batwoman to keep the Kryptonite that she got during the crisis.[87]

War against Leviathan[]

A new Earth[]
"I had to see if it was true. The D.E.O., CatCo, all of National City is on this Earth now. Even Argo's up there. We did it! We saved everyone!"
"Not everyone."
—Kara Danvers and Sara Lance[src]
Lex Luthor in the D.E.O

Supergirl in the D.E.O. spot.

Kara is having trouble adjusting to her new reality where she will works under Lex at the DEO. She attempts to be honest with Lena about being Supergirl, but is surprised to find out Lena retains her memories, and she quickly accuses her of trying to manipulate her.[84]

Kara helps Winn who has returned from the future to fight against the computer embodiment of his evil-self and father. After an impromptu date with William, she eventually turns him down, not wanting him to get hurt in her lifestyle.[88] [89]

Meanwhile, Kara is approached by Iris West-Allen on advice about how to approach Joseph Carver about Black Hole; Kara teaches Iris about having a dead-man's switch to report about the organization if something should happen to Iris during the confrontation.[90]

Kara does an exclusive for Catco Magazine outing Batwoman as a lesbian.[91]

Supergirl and Mxyzptlk went to an alternate reality

Supergirl and Mxyzptlk went to an alternate reality.

After receiving an unexpected visit from Mr. Mxyzptlk, Kara attempts multiple times to use magic by changing the timeline in order to fix her friendship with Lena. Unfortunately nothing she does is ever good enough, and Lena always reacts with anger. However, after escaping from a reality, where Lena had become a tyrant, Kara realized that changing the past isn't the answer. She just has to accept her choices and deal with Lena, when the time comes. Kara thanks Mxyzptlk and they make up. She then goes to Lena and declares to her that while she made a mistake of hiding her identity from her, Lena alone is responsible of her own actions. Kara claims that if need be, she will treat Lena like she will any other villain and stop her and Lex.[85]

Supergirl as Andrea Rojas's bodyguard

Supergirl as Andrea Rojas' bodyguard.

Before work, William brings both her and Nia coffee. After saving her boss, she is forced into becoming her bodyguard at the demand of Lex to ensure her Obsidian Platinum launch goes smoothly. While on the campaign trail, she runs into William who doesn't recognize her. She finds herself attracted to his charm and ambition. Supergirl saves Andrea again during a TV interview, and is humbled by Andrea's point of view of wanting to go on with the launch. Eventually she stashes her at the DEO to save Alex and J'onn from mind controlled aliens. The person behind the attacks turns out to be a refugee alien, who lost her husband when he committed suicide related to the obsidian lenses. Supergirl is able to talk her out of trying to destroy most of the city.[92]

Kara goes to CatCo and accepts to give William a chance after acknowledging that he's a great guy. A week later, Kara finally goes on her first date with William. After finding out Dreamer was part of a hate crime, she gets Brainy involved. She and William write a letter to the media about what happened. Eventually as Supergirl, finds herself talking Dreamer out of killing a man in revenge. After, Alex and Kara receive a devastating phone call from their mother, that Jeremiah Danvers is dead.[93]

His funeral is the following day and both Alex and Kara have an explosive argument when Alex refuses to grief for her father one more time. Insisting he was always so focused on protecting Kara, he stopped being a good father, long before he disappeared. Angry Kara leaves and travels home alone.

Alex joins Kara at Jeremiah's funeral

Alex joins Kara at Jeremiah's funeral.

To her surprise, Alex shows up right before the end of the funeral to grieve with the rest of the family. [94]

Heroic Lex[]

Kara is quiet and somber as Lena Luthor gives her condolences on the death of Jeremiah Danvers.

Kara is also upset that Leviathan has kidnapped different people so she has a meeting in the Tower to brainstorm how to find them; Brainy arrives and suggests that she uses the Myriad program to trace them. She agrees and goes to the Fortress of Solitude to activate it; suddenly, Lena arrives through a Transmatter portal. The women argue that it is hypocritical that Kara can use Myriad but Lena is forbidden. Kara tells her that she is a hero and is only using it for heroic deeds. Angered, Lena teleports away. This leaves Kara quiet, but also heightened; she senses that she is not alone. A Morae has crept into the building. Supergirl fights the extraterrestrial, but she has released a sun-eater before Supergirl could stop her. The animal absorbs Kara's solar energy and leaves her in a weakened state.

Kara deploys the Lexosuit's missiles

Kara deploys the Lexosuit's missiles.

Supergirl alerts J'onn J'onzz of the situation and Brainy brings her a Lexosuit to compensate for her weakness. When Kara goes into space, she sees that J'onn and M'gann M'orzz have failed to stop the beast. Supergirl succeeds in shrinking it and returns it to the Fortress.

The police sent an alert that Lex has killed someone, so Supergirl and J'onn quickly arrive at the location, leaving M'gann to interrogate the Morae. They are shocked to learn that Lex was heroic and killed the kidnapper of the missing people.[95]

Destruction of the D.E.O. headquarters[]

Since the D.E.O. will no longer allow the Leviathan member to be interrogated after she has been arrested, Kara now needs a different way to find Leviathan; the Superfriends use various techniques to scour the city. Alex suggests that she and Kara go to Washington, D.C. to talk to Pete Andrews because his knowledge of the obscure would be helpful. While there, Kara gets interrupted by a call from William Dey who has news about the video manifesto Margot Morrison left at her death. Kara returns to CatCo to learn that someone used an image inducer to impersonate Margot in the video. Kara is interrupted again; Dreamer has located Rama Khan in Portland.

Fighting Rama Khan

Battle-ready against Rama Khan.

In Oregon, Supergirl and Dreamer battle the ancient one as Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter stop the earthquake he started. When they separate the Staff of the Shadow World from Rama Khan, he is easier to defeat, but Brainy arrives with the D.E.O. and says that Rama Khan is his to arrest and interrogate. Nia and Brainy argue about this, but the compromise is that Supergirl and Dreamer can watch the interrogation at the headquarters.

Dreamer has a bad feeling about the situation and it only gets worse when Brainy starts speaking the native language of Jarhanpur to disguise his conversation. Suddenly, Brainy runs from the interrogation room screaming that everything was a trap; Supergirl smashes through the two-way mirror to battle the escaped Jarhanpurian. During the battle, Brainy evacuates the building and the Martians arrive to help, but Rama Khan draws all of the Kryptonite in the place to himself, weakening Supergirl so that she is helpless as he escapes and destroys the building in victory.

Kara Danvers' apartment (Earth-Prime)

Lena enters the apartment.

Kara returns to her apartment; Lena enters humbly, after having witnessed the inevitable failure of her project Non Nocere. Kara is angry at her, but lets her in. Lena tells Kara that she apologizes for everything she has done because she was hurt about not knowing the secret identities of the Superfriends. Kara tells her to take a seat.[96]

Reconciling with Lena[]
Kara believes the Superfriends can defend her

Kara discusses recent events.

Kara alerts the Superfriends that Lena is in her apartment and she needs help; they come inside the place battle-ready. Kara explains that they misinterpreted her alert because she wanted their help against Leviathan, not Lena. Together, the team discusses recent events and that Kara cannot use her powers without Rama Khan tracking and killing her with his kryptonite. Lena, retaining her Earth-38 memories, cites that she can create for Kara an anti-kryptonite suit to help while the shape-shifters J'onn and M'gann pretend to be Supergirl, causing Kara and Lena to take a transit to Luthor Corp. Before leaving, Alex shows Kara her new vigilante costume, and Kara shrieks in joy for her sister having become more like her. As the Superfriends take on Leviathan, Kara and Lena travel to Luthor Corp.

While making the suit, Lena tries to apologize and reminisce with Kara about their past friendship, but Kara is far from receptive and tells her that she doesn't want to talk about the past. Lena pushes the issue and Kara explains that it was friendship that caused her to hide her identity; Lena had no idea how harmful her knowing Kara's identity can be to her or Kara. Lena finally understands Kara's reason, and that her feelings of hurt were unjustified; it was all because Lex wanted to turn Lena against her friends. The berating Kara gives, and Lena's tears, are interrupted by the discovery that William is a captive of Eve, causing them to leave without the suit to save him.

M'gann, Supergirl, and Dreamer

Kara sports her new suit against Leviathan.

In a warehouse, Eve has shot William and plans to kill him, but she is stopped by the women. Supergirl, who flew them there, uses her heat vision to cauterize William's wound; when he asks her about the safety of Kara, Lena answers instead, saying that Kara is alright. Since Supergirl used her powers, Rama Khan arrives, but he is not alone, as he brought Sela and Tezumak with him. As the others flee, Supergirl fights the three Leviathan operatives and Miss Martian and Dreamer arrive for back-up. Supergirl grows ill as she is poisoned by their kryptonite rings, but Lena has sent the suit and it binds with her costume. With renewed vigor, Supergirl causes an explosion that destroys the ancient ones; however, they prove their immortality by reconstituting themselves from dust. Quickly, the heroes flee.

Supergirl tries to get through to Platinum users

Supergirl tries to get through to Platinum users.

Since the Superfriends now know they can't destroy the Jarhanpurians, they need a new plan. Kara realizes, that Eve knows something, since she worked for Leviathan. Upon interrogating Eve, it is learned that Gemma Cooper, aka Gamemnae, has a kill-switch she will use to kill 1/4 of the planet while they are in the Worldwide Unity Festival and the rest of Leviathan is merely a distraction for the Superfriends until the killing begins. Supergirl decides that she will enter Obsidian Platinum and ask the participants to leave. Kelly Olsen makes sure that there is no kill-switch connected to Kara's lens. While in VR, Supergirl personally talks to over two billion people and brings each individual hope that reality is worth living.

Meanwhile, in reality, Lena defends the helpless body of Supergirl from the advances of Acrata.

Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor talk

Kara and Lena talk.

Returning to reality, Supergirl gets news that the other members of Leviathan mysteriously disappeared, thanks to Brainy. She reunites Eve with her mother after fighting Lex's hired Mossad agents. While they watch the Teschmachers hug, Kara reveals that she didn't want to let her in, but now she is proud of Lena, because twice she defended her, once with her secret, once with her life. The two rekindle their friendship as they plan to take down the only villain they think is left, Lex.[97]

The last of Leviathan[]

Kate Kane asks Kara for permission to destroy the Kryptonite shard Kate has.[98]

Kara killed Gamemnae with the Anti-life equation and left the Leviathan ship with the team before it exploded. Later, she used a Vertullarian to convince Lex to go to the Fortress of Solitude and shut off the satellites that were a part of his plan to brainwash half the population of the world. At the fortress, she recorded her will using Kryptonian crystals, until Lex arrived. He attacked her with a kryptonite gun and she passed out.[99]

Back to the Phantom Zone[]

Reunited with Zor-El[]
Kara in Phantom Zone

Kara in the Phantom Zone.

Kara was sent to the Phantom Zone when she was blasted by the Phantom Zone projector by Lex Luthor.[99]

Kara screamed as she found herself surrounded by Phantoms; not only were they preying on her sanity by giving her nightmare visions of being helpless as her friends died, she also remembered the isolation and loneliness she had when she was here so many years ago. Kara fainted from the strain.

When next she opened her eyes, she saw a man hovering over her, asking if she was alright. As a fire burned in the cave where he lived, the man mused how Kara was not a fantasy and that she wore the symbol of the House of El proudly on her chest. The man revealed that he was her father Zor-El. Kara revealed to him that he succeeded in saving Argo City and that Alura Zor-El was alive as well.

When Kara attempted to leave the cave to find a way to escape to Earth-Prime, phantoms attacked and Kara's sanity was their meal; Zor-El returned her to the cave. Kara wanted to try again, causing Zor-El to protest. Kara said that she would not be content just being with him in a cave in a dimension where time did not move; her father saw her determination and decided to help.

Outside the cave, the Kryptonians saw phantoms entering a portal. Zor-El told Kara that only phantoms could go through such, causing them to decide to capture a phantom.[100] Hitching a ride on a phantom when they saw it enter a portal, Kara and Zor-El reappeared in another part of the Phantom Zone, but, upon re-entry, Kara landed hard and broke her leg. As she screamed in pain, attempting to regain some stability, men captured Zor-El and left with him. The men ran when Nyxly tricked them by pretending that phantoms were coming to capture them all.

Kara, Zor-El, and Nyxly in the Phantom Zone

Kara, Zor-El, and Nyxly in the Phantom Zone.

As Nyxly and Kara exchanged origin stories and how they both became prisoners there, Nyxly created a splint and a crutch for Kara and told her that the men planned to sacrifice Zor-El, but they had time to rest before they would attempt a rescue.

Later, Kara was awakened by Nyxly regaining her magic. The two found the men and freed Zor-El. Nyxly did not believe that the trio could leave the Phantom Zone; Kara told her new friend that her mother created the place, so there is a hidden passage to escape that they needed to find.[101]

Nyxly's betrayal[]

Kara, Zor-El, and Nyxly must have found a way to escape to stop the invasion, but when the lights went out, someone stabbed Zor-El in the leg. Kara and Nyxly went to repair the mirror and saw her home with happiness until she saw that Nyxly had evil inside her since she wanted to take revenge on her father in the fifth dimension, but first she would destroy the Earth and her intentions to kill Zor-El, this made Kara angry, and she destroyed the mirror to destroy the Anchor. After a fight with Nyxly, Kara tried to save her, but there was no time, so she left before the Anchor exploded.[102]

Escape from the Phantom Zone[]
Kara is rescued from the Phantom Zone

Kara and Zor-El see the Superfriends' arrival.

Kara and Zor-El flee the Anchor as it collapses, but they are forced to fight phantoms. Kara gets discouraged, but Zor-El talks to her. Just as the two prepare to fight more phantoms, the Superfriends arrive and explode a Yellow Sun Grenade, giving Kara her powers. Kara takes Zor-El to the spaceship and quickly hugs Alex.[103]

Back to action[]

Return to CatCo[]
Kara, Zor-El, and Nia arrive at CatCo

Kara returns to CatCo.

When she recovered, Kara was greeted by her friends and introduced to her father, Zor-El. When she returned to CatCo, Kara discovered, to her surprise, that William already had a girlfriend. Kara talked to Andrea about the newscast rating CatCo was on. When a satellite exploded, Supergirl and Zor-El went into action, destroying all the pieces. Kara and Zor-El a lot of trash in the old DEO. Kara began to investigate and found images of the past phantom invasion, which made her have memories of the phantom zone. Kara and Zor-El used Kellex to use it with Coluan technology to clean the trash, but when the robot did not respond, Kara went to help him with her anti-kryptonite suit to avoid the Kryptonite that was in the remains of the DEO.

Seeing Kellex merge with the trash, Kara and the Superfriends teamed up to confront him. With the help of Zor-El, the Superfriends managed to destroy the monster and Kara sent it to the sun. Kara said goodbye to her father, who planned to go to Argo City to see his wife. Kara spoke to Alex about her traumas in the phantom zone. Kara noticed an article by Iris West-Allen that mentioned how the city moved on after an attack, which gave Kara the inspiration to move forward and overcome her traumas.[104]

The Superfriends were having fun. In order for CatCo to return to the top, Kara, William, and Nia had to get an interview with the Superfriends. Supergirl and J'onn discovered that some group of aliens was stealing shipments to make a bomb. Kara helped Kelly investigate the disappearance of Joey Davis's brother. She and Kelly interrogated the Warden Wyatt Kote, but Kara was suspicious of him, so she went with J'onn to Summerlin Industries, where they found the group that stole the shipments, and they were the prisoners that Wyatt used for his plans. Supergirl and J'onn tried to stop them, but were knocked down by the electromagnetic powers of Orlando Davis, Joey's brother.

Supergirl is interviewed by William

Supergirl talks about the framing of the prisoners.

Kara found out from William that the warden always made money from his connections. At the Tower, Kara, J'onn, and Alex detected an energy source from Intergang and Supergirl and J'onn went there. Supergirl and J'onn managed to free the prisoners of the Intergang, but Orlando and the prisoners were going to escape until Kara managed to convince him to be able to reunite with his younger brother and Orlando and the others agreed to reform. Upon arresting Wyatt and releasing the prisoners, Supergirl was interviewed by William, prompting CatCo to go upstairs. Kara spoke to William about her complications as a reporter.[105]

The seven AllStone Totems[]
Superfriends PSA

Kara and Brainy do a commercial.

Kara and Brainy did a commercial to encourage children to eat healthy food. After doing the commercial, Kara ran into Orlando Davis, who was homeless like many people, so Supergirl promised to help him find a home for everyone. Supergirl went to save an alien scientist from a "very familiar" criminal alien, but the alien escaped. Kara got help from Kelly to talk to Jean Rankin to try to buy the Ormfell Building for the people, but Jean refused as it was her building. Angry, Kara began training until Kelly managed to calm her down.

Nyxly traps Supergirl

Kara is captured by Nyxly.

Kara was disappointed in herself for not helping people because of Jean, so she and the Superfriends along with Orlando and the other people teamed up to stop Jean and managed to get the building. Kara was happy for everyone. In the Tower, she believed that she couldn't help people, but Brainy and J'onn motivated her. While going on a rescue mission, Kara came across Nyxly, who had escaped from the Phantom Zone. They both had a confrontation, but Kara was defeated and watched as the buildings were demolished by Nyxly, who was seeking revenge against her, so Kara called Mr. Mxyzptlk for help.[106]

Superfriends confront Nyxly

Kara tries to talk to Nyxly.

Escaping from Nyxly, Kara and Mxyzptlk went to the Tower, where Kara revealed all about Nyxly and listened to Mxy tell Nyxly's story in song form. Kara felt guilty of Nyxly's escape, but her teammates supported her, and together they would defeat Nyxly. To take the magic from Nyxly, Kara rushed to Corto Maltese to get the device that Mon-El used to defeat Mxy the first time. When a giant cat attacked the city, Kara and the Superfriends went to confront them and there they met Nyxly, who threatened them to hand over Mxy to lock him in the orb or else she would destroy the city.

Kara and her friends did not want to tell Nyxly Mxy's location until Mxy went to rescue them and Kara tried to convince Nyxly to leave evil to no avail and watched as Mxy was locked in the Orb. Upon returning to the Tower, Kara and the others wanted to avenge Mxy, so Kara decided to find the Seven AllStone Totems before Nyxly.[107]

Kara and the Superfriends wanted to find the totems, but decided to help Kelly and John Diggle investigate the destruction of the Ormfell Building. Kara was more focused on the totems, which made Kelly mad. Kara apologized to Kelly, and they discovered that Jean Rankin had magic because of Nyxly. She accepted that Kelly became the new Guardian. The Superfriends and Kelly confronted Jean, managing to take away his power.[108]

The Superfriends began looking for the totems, and the first was the Totem of Courage. When Lena returned, Kara asked her if she found out about her mother, but Lena didn't want to talk about it. Kara and Lena discovered from Vita the location of the Totem. Kara, J'onn and Alex went to the museum to try to get it, but Nyxly was there too and the totem was divided into two pieces. Kara tried to pass the totem test to get the other half, but had to relive her first day when she saved Alex, but decided to stop an assailant, causing Kara to fail her test.

Superfriends stop the lightning storm

Supergirl and the Superfriends stop a lightning storm.

Kara and the team discovered that Lena had magical powers. Kara was the test again, but failed, causing the totem to leave with Nyxly. Kara spoke to Lena to motivate her to use her magic and her lineage. The Super Friends teamed up to stop a lightning storm accidentally created by Beatrice Lahr. Kara ended up passed out, but managed to wake up. Kara talked to Lena about her bond with Nyxly, and she decided to take advantage of the connection to find out what Nyxly plans.[109]

Kara was still desperate to find the totems and started laughing as she still had her bond with Nyxly. Supergirl and the Superfriends accepted William into the team to post more about them, but gave him rules for what to and what not to post. Supergirl went for the Humanity Totem, but Nyxly was already there and saw that people started fighting each other due to their lost humanity. Kara discovered that Lena could do magic and believed that it would be useful to end the chaos, but Lena could not do it well. Supergirl contacted William to write about the danger of totems.

Superfriends with the Totem of Humanity

The Superfriends get the Humanity Totem.

When Lena did the spell, everything got worse. Kara tried to motivate her to do the spell again, but Lena refused to do it. Later, Kara managed to motivate Lena to do the spell again. Supergirl and the team were tasked with stopping the thieves. Lena managed to make the spell work and returned the people to their humanity, which made the Superfriends pass the totem test and Kara managed to obtain the totem. The Superfriends celebrated that they had their first totem and prepared to search for the remaining five. Kara and Lena celebrated by eating together and motivated her to accept her magic as part of her.[110]

Kara and J'onn visited Alex and Kelly to meet their adopted daughter, Esme, who had the power to mimic alien powers. Kara went to the Tower to discuss with Brainy, Lena, and William about the location of the totem until Brainy told Kara that there is a political conflict between Kasnia and Corto Maltese, so Kara headed there. Kara and J'onn saw Nyxly trying to get the Totem of Hope, but Nyxly escaped without her aim. To pass the test, Kara required giving hope brighter than the sun. Kara left J'onn to try to stop the political conflicts. Kara spoke to Lena for advice on how to give hope and stop a possible nuclear war. Supergirl and Alex kept hiding their identity from Esme, which made the girl angry. Kara didn't know what to do until Lena managed to motivate her to stop the conflict.

Superfriends stop the nuclear missiles

Kara, J'onn, and Brainy stop nuclear missiles.

Kara returned to CatCo to talk to Andrea about the war until Nyxly showed up and kidnapped William, but would free him if Kara handed over the totem. To save William, Kara, J'onn, and Brainy they avoided nuclear war and succeeded in getting peace treaties affirmed. Kara managed to pass the totem test after giving hope and went to face Nyxly.

Kara managed to rescue William, but she also recovered the totem and lost her bond with Nyxly. Kara managed to snatch the Courage Totem from Nyxly. When returning to the Tower, the Superfriends had to destroy only one, so Kara chose the one of hope since they would give hope to the world. Kara went to a volcano and threw the totem.[111]

The Superfriends received several drawings from Esme of them as heroes and were happy. Kara went with Andrea to be able to interview the politicians of Kasnia and Corto Maltese for the peace signing, but she found out that there was a nightmare monster loose in National City, so Kara and J'onn went to confront him and Lena created a dome to prevent him from escaping, but the monster became invisible and escaped. Kara was called by Andrea, who was upset that she was missing work. Kara decided to leave CatCo. Supergirl refused to do an interview for William to get people to trust the team.

Upon learning that the politicians were late, Kara went to help the Superfriends to send the nightmare monster back to the realm of dreams. Kara tried to get to the interview on time, but the politicians had left. Kara found out that Nia failed to get the Dream Totem. Frustrated, Kara spoke to Andrea and left CatCo. Supergirl finally did an interview with William to apologize to people and promised that the Superfriends would keep everyone safe.[112]

The Superfriends face Lex and Nyxly

Kara and the Superfriends confront Nyxly and Lex.

Kara told everyone about her resignation from CatCo, but the group accepted it. The Superfriends planned to trick Nyxly with a fake Love Totem. Kara and J'onn are glad Alex is going to propose to Kelly. The Superfriends managed to fool Nyxly, but they were surprisingly attacked by Lex, who had returned and knocked Kara out by Kryptonite. Upon awakening, Kara was helped by Lena and the duo tried to process Lex's unexpected return. The Superfriends find out from Brainy that Lex came from the future because of technology. Because of Nia's dreams, Kara, Alex, and J'onn went to a church to find the real Love Totem, but Nyxly was there and used the Dream Totem to make Kara paralyzed by the ghosts of the Phantom Zone.

Kara went to J'onn to talk about her experiences with the totems. Soon after, Kara motivated Lena to forget Lex and be able to beat him. Kara and J'onn were called by Esme to confront Lex and Nyxly. Kara used the Humanity Totem and J'onn used the Courage Totem to confront the duo of villains. The team managed to get the damaged Totem of Love, but they had faith that it could work because of the love they have for each other. Later, the Superfriends celebrated Alex's marriage proposal to Kelly.[113]

The Superfriends and William were upset that Andrea posted all about Lex and Nyxly's love affair. The team learned that in the future Nyxly and Lex would obtain the seven totems, but would be defeated by the Legion and Nyxly would die. Kara and the team traveled to Naxim's ship to find Nyxly and discovered that the Hope Totem was still stable, so they took the opportunity to take the Dream Totem and returned to the Tower. The Superamgos learned that totems cannot be destroyed. Kara argued with Alex about taking Esme to school to try and disguise herself, but Alex wanted Esme to be accepted. Kara and Alex argued about not having a party to celebrate the proposal.

She and J'onn returned to the ship to confront Nyxly and Lex. Kara managed to defeat Nyxly and obtained the Truth Totem and recovered the Hope Totem. By blowing up the ship, Kara and J'onn happily returned to the Tower because they have all six totems and only one was missing. Kara apologized to Alex. The Superfriends threw a party until they found out that Lex and Nyxly kidnapped Esme. Kara saw that William had been killed, causing Kara to cry over the death of her friend.[114]

Final battle against Lex and Nyxly[]
Superfriends (Earth-Prime)

The Superfriends defeats Lex and Nyxly.

The Superfriends managed to motivate everyone to rise up against the villains. Supergirl and the team took on Lex and Nyxly, but Lex revived several villains from the past to attack them, like Overgirl. Their battle culminated in CatCo, where Mon-El arrived from the 31st century to help Supergirl in fighting Lex and Overgirl. So Supergirl thrown Overgirl from CatCo and her body exploded. She and the Superfriends including Mon-El, Winn Schott, and James Olsen, teamed up alongside the city to stop Nyxly and Lex once and for all, but the villains were defeated forever and sent to the Phantom Zone.

Kara reveals her identity to the world

Kara reveals her identity to the world.

Reveals her secret identity to the world[]

After the defeat of Nyxly and Lex, Kara attended William Dey's funeral. The president called J'onn and gave him the offer to rebuild and lead the D.E.O. to prepare it for the true extra-normal threats such as the Fifth Dimension/magic along with aliens like previously. J'onn and Alex were reluctant to accept the offer, but Kara convinced them to take the offer. When Cat bought CatCo back from Andrea Rojas, Kara took the editor-in-chief job. After Alex and Kelly's wedding, Kara decided to come out as Supergirl with Cat Grant interviewing her. All her friends are doing well and Kara decided to be editor-in-chief by day and Supergirl by night.[115]

Journey with J'onn[]

For unknown reasons, Kara and J'onn left Earth to take a trip through space, and Alex gave this information to Team Flash.[116] For this reason, she also couldn't be around to help Barry Allen with his problem of creating Armageddon.[117]

Visited by Kate Kane[]

At some point, Kate visited Kara in National City before leaving to find Bruce Wayne. During this visit, Kara learned that Ryan Wilder was the new Batwoman. When Lena wanted to use Victor Fries' serum to create an energy source, Kara told her about Ryan.[118] She also began having monthly mimosa brunches with Alex, Nia, and Ryan in Gotham City. Iris West-Allen also started joining them in early 2023.[119] After one of these brunches, Kara once again traveled off-world again with J'onn and Brainy. As a result, Team Flash was unable to contact her regarding Nia and Iris suddenly falling into comas.[120]

Potential future[]

Battle against Magog[]

"I knew when the moment called, the two of you would step up and be the saviors the world needed. Seeing the two of you, it reminded me of the old days when your dad and I were starting out."
—Kara to Nora and Bart West-Allen[src]

In a potential future in 2049, Kara went to Central City to confront Magog, saving the young heroes Nora and Bart West-Allen. Nora devise a plan to discover Magog's identity, and Kara supported it, much to Nora's delight. Fighting Magog, Kara was about to defeat him until he used Kryptonite against her, weakening her. Kara was unable to continue, and she soon mysteriously disappeared.

Heroes united

Kara and the other heroes face Magog and his team.

Shortly after, Kara was summoned by Oliver Queen to help Nora and Bart. Kara, Nora, Bart, J'onn, Ryan Wilder, Luke Fox, Ryan Choi, Ray Terrill, Wally West, Mia Queen, Ray Palmer, Jefferson Jackson, Kendra Saunders, Scythian Torvil, and other heroes united against Magog. Kara, Wally, J'onn, and Jay Garrick were tasked with fighting an evil version of Kal-El. After Magog was defeated, Kara and the heroes sent each villain to their time (except for Kal-El, who vanished). She congratulated the West-Allen siblings for saving the day. She soon went to the Hall of Justice to meet with the League, and they overheard Oliver talking about another threat.[121]

Erased futures[]

Supergirl was involved in the events of 2024 when the Flash fought Reverse-Flash before disappearing from the timeline. However, based on various witness claims, there are contradictory versions of the events (whether the Flash was assisted by Supergirl and the Atom, or a team of Green Arrow, Batwoman, and Elongated Man).[122]

At one point in a future Nora West-Allen hails from, Kara was among the heroes Team Flash called to their aid to try to stop Cicada, but failed.[123] However, in the new timeline, in which Orlin Dwyer (and later Grace Gibbons) took up the mantle of Cicada instead of David Hersch, Team Flash was able to defeat them without Supergirl's aid.


Kara Danvers

Kara in her civilian persona.

"Kara Danvers is my favorite person! She saved me more times than Supergirl ever could, so just... think about that while you're trying to get rid of her!"
Alex Danvers to Kara Danvers on the importance of her civilian identity[src]

As a child, Kara was very curious as she learned as much about an alien species and cultures as possible, she also looked up to both of her parents, believing them to be heroes (unaware of their true natures at the time), upon Krypton's destruction, she was devastated by the destruction of a home world and the death of most members of her family.

As a teenager, Kara did not get along with her adoptive sister, Alex Danvers (at the time) this was due to Alex's arrogance, immaturity and unfairly blaming her for Jeremiah's apparent death, Kara once stated to a friend Kenny Li (prior to his death) that she has lost individuals she cared about, but she does not go lashing out on the entire world or blaming others for her problems.

As an adult, Kara is kind, caring, selfless, intelligent and brave, she has a sense of justice, honor and good morals, however, when she makes mistakes, she feels guilt and remorse for her actions. She is also a dedicated reporter, willing to go to any lengths needed to solve a story and put away the bad guys.


Kara as Supergirl.

"We can't let bad odds or whatever it is we're afraid of stop us from doing what we know is right."
—Supergirl to Brainy[src]

Due to Kara being a new superhero (at the time) she unfortunately does not have the confidence that her cousin, Clark Kent possesses, she is sometimes short-tempered and lets her emotions get the better of her. But after being a superhero for a year, she gained more confidence in herself and her abilities, and get a better grip on her emotions out on the field.

Kara is very forgiving and willing to give individuals several chances hoping to help her aunt Astra find redemption, though ultimately didn't get the chance because Alex killed her when Astra almost killed J'onn, however, despite her adopted sister killing her aunt Kara chose to forgive her. She is also willing to look past Lena Luthor's ties to the Luthor family seeing her as her own person, whereas many are unwilling to look past her relation to Lex Luthor.

Despite Kara living on Earth for some time, she has a great understanding of other races and their culture in the universe.

While under the influence of red kryptonite, Kara became very cruel and heartless, as she threw Cat Grant off a building, tried to kill Alex and attacked many civilians; as she displayed no guilt or remorse for these vile acts of hers. After being freed from the red kryptonite's influence Kara became very sad and regretful of her actions (tearfully telling Alex she was sorry).

Despite loving Kara's parents as a child, since becoming Supergirl, she has learned much more about the individuals they really were, and has become quite disgusted and enraged with them, she learned that Alura used her as a means to arrest Astra for her crimes which ironically were an attempt to save Krypton, as Alura was one of the many who refused to accept it's impending fate, this made Kara especially resentful towards her mother, though she soon considered that her mother believed that the alternative of using Myriad to control the populace was unethical and an action not worth taking, but not to the point of defending her mother's unspeakable actions, she also learned that father, Zor-El developed the Medusa virus as a means to kill all lifeforms other than Kryptonians, as a means to defend Krypton from invasion; the more she learns about her parents' true natures, the more Kara feels ashamed of being their daughter, Kara eventually forgave her mother, after realizing that she repented her inaction, she also ultimately forgave her father after learning of his sacrifice to ensure Krypton could still exist. When Argo was destroyed, Kara was devastated by her mother's death, showing how she had buried the hatchet with her.

Kara has a good and loving relationship with her adopted parents; Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers, although she addressed them by their first names instead of as "mom" and "dad", she was devastated when her adopted father had (apparently) died and was happy to later discover that he was alive. Despite her affection, she had no blind spot for her adopted father, because her biological parents had betrayed her in the past; as she became suspicious of Jeremiah after Mon-El informed of his suspicions, regarding her adopted father; that Project Cadmus may have succeeded in turning his allegiance, which turned out to be correct.

Kara has demonstrated loyalty to her friends; for example, when everyone else thought Lena broke her step-mother out of prison she refused to believe that she was guilty, also when most members the Legends, Team Arrow and Cisco Ramon didn't trust Barry Allen after he altered the timeline, Kara, Oliver Queen, Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein still trusted him, mainly because said teams members and Cisco were all being hypocritical; as Kara would have done exactly the same thing Barry did, if she was in an emotional state and not thinking clearly. Kara also cares deeply about her friends and family and will do everything she can to help them or cheer them up when they are sad, and save them even if it risks her own life to do so.

Kara is willing to die for her adopted home world and that she is willing to do what needs to be done to save it, whether it's sacrificing her own life, giving up her own happiness, or even regrettably killing someone.

On this last point, Kara generally follows a strict "no-killing" rule which has led to some friction with allies who feel deadly force is necessary, such as opposing Imra Ardeen intent to kill the Worldkillers, however, she has been willing to take lives in extreme circumstances; for example, she gave Parasite one more chance to stand down and give up, but he was too far gone and after seeing how dangerous he was, and not having the means to contain him, she had to overload him with so much energy that it destroyed him, another example is when Rhea broke her promise to leave the planet and began to destroy National City, kill the population and threatened to annihilate the rest of the planet, with Mon-El's blessing, she turned on Lex's device filling the Earth's atmosphere with lead which made it impossible for all Daximites to be able to survive on Earth. This killed Rhea and forced her to bring Mon-El, the person whom she was in love with, back to his pod that brought him to Earth and leave the planet, seemingly forever with her mother's necklace to keep him safe wherever he went.

After Kara sent Mon-El away during the Daxamite invasion, she became sheltered and distracted, as she was delving into her Supergirl persona, this created a riff in her personal relationships and she started to fall behind her in her job and relationships, Kara has also given up on the idea of finding love and her perfect partner, as she believes that since she isn't human she is above those emotions. But after a while she began to get over Mon-El and return to her old happy-self again.[124] Despite this, Kara has also accepts the fact that she is a Kryptonian and never will be human.

Additionally, Kara is accepting of people, as seen when she accepted her adoptive sister for being a lesbian, she later accepted the fact that Mon-El is married to Imra Ardeen and the two will possibly never be together again. She also continued to be kind to Imra despite her pain.

Kara keeps her civilian identity a secret from the public (knowing that if her identity is known to the public, it would put both her family and friends' lives in danger from her enemies) after Phil Baker, the new president of the United States ordered her to reveal her civilian identity to public, so it would not affect his approval ratings anymore, when she refused, he fired her from the D.E.O..

Even after Kara discovered that the reason why her cousin, Clark Kent doesn't work with the government because of their secret experiments on alien life, she still continued to work for the D.E.O., however, since been fired from D.E.O., Kara has started seeing the corruption of the government, as her opinion is slowly starting to match Clark's, who doesn't trust the government in general and refuse to work for any government organization for good reason.

Powers and abilities[]


"I'm not going to hide. I'm the Girl of Steel. I don't bend. I don't break. I don't stand down for anyone."
—Kara Danvers[src]
  • Kryptonian physiology: Normally, like all Kryptonians, Kara's capabilities are no greater than a normal human of her physical conditioning. However, once charged by the energy spectrum of a yellow sun, she possesses various superhuman attributes. While generic for her race, having grown up half of her biological life with these powers has granted her greater strength and control over other kryptonians. Furthermore, after twelve years of absorbing solar energy, she appeared to surpass even Superman in power, despite his thirty-five years of solar energy absorption, this suggests an exceptional physiology. It’s also been duly confirmed that Kryptonians possess boundless power. Presently, Kara wields the combined strength of two Kryptonians, having assimilated the abilities of Red Daughter, who possessed additional capabilities from Harun-El. While under the influence of a supercharged state, her power is amplified to a degree that exceeds that of any being or force within the entirety of the multiverse, rendering her immensely more powerful than all others. It's safe to say that she will attain such a level of power autonomously, upon the realisation of her complete potential, obviating the necessity for supercharging. But for now Kara is one of the most powerful beings in the entire multiverse.
    • Solar energy absorption: Kara's cellular structure allows her to absorb, store and metabolize the wavelength of yellow sun radiation to fuel all of her abilities. Direct exposure to sunlight will also accelerate her absorption rate. Also, she can quickly regain her full power by small sun radiation like during nighttime on Maaldoria and even in Master Jailer's prison despite powerful red sun radiation. Just a small amount of yellow sun radiation makes her godly powerful despite presence of red sun radiation. After her battle with Red Daughter, she is shown to be able to take the solar energy out of plants to recharge herself.
      • Accelerated healing factor: Kara's solar enhanced metabolism grants her accelerated healing abilities and burning calories at a superhuman rate, making her practically immune to becoming fat or obese.[124] Upon being struck by an alien war hammer which penetrated the skin of her arm, when the piece was removed she healed instantly. She often enjoys the luxuries of eating a variety of foods without fear of becoming obese.
        • Contaminant immunity: Kara has an immunity to all forms of disease and contaminants on Earth. However, despite being unable to be inebriated or intoxicated by drugs or alcohol from Earth, she has shown herself to have a particularly low tolerance to alien alcohol. Additionally, Pestilence's virus wasn't as effective on Kara compared to humans, as the Worldkiller needed to scratch Kara multiple times on her face and arms before the latter began feeling sick.
      • Flight:
        Kara chasing missile

        Supergirl flying after a missile.

        Kara is able to manipulate her own gravitational field to generate thrust and propel herself at supersonic speeds, much faster than she can travel by foot. In early carrier in less than minutes she flew from National City to Chicago. Kara could fly on her own from Kaznia to National City very quickly. Kara was shown moving around Earth twice in a second. She was flying very fast, according to D.E.O. map, during kryptonite contamination. As such, she is able to levitate and fly past Earth's atmosphere and near the planet's orbit.[36][44][45] James once described her as being even faster than Clark.[13] Also she blitzed all dominators across the planet in Earth-1 where all of them saw rushing taxis as statues.
        • Sleep Flight: Kara has the ability to float in the air, thanks to her ability of flying, while she sleeps.[124]
        • Levitation: Kara can levitate using her flight abilities.
      • Heat vision:
        Supergirl cauterises William

        Kara using her heat vision.

        Kara can emit blue energy beams of intense heat from her eyes. Due to her control over the beams, she has demonstrated being capable of burning through stone and welding metal, causing small explosions and fires, disintegrating meteors, melting very deep in the ground while weakened drastically by kryptonite and physically repelling enemies with similar durability making it useful in combat. At full power, the beams could overload a target with energy, as it did to Vartox's axe and Red Tornado, as well as potentially damage highly durable enemies, as she was able to use it to leave Non blinded (frying his eyes) and seemingly unconscious when she overwhelmed his own heat vision. However, she has personally utilized it for more mundane uses, such as heating up beverages and cooking food. The color of this heat vision has been changed to purple after Red Daughter merged back with her.[36][44][45] But the color has changed back to blue after the battle with Lex Luthor.
      • Invulnerability:
        Bullets bounces off Supergirl

        Kara's bulletproof durability.

        Kara's body is virtually indestructible to all Earthly weapons, with bullets simply ricocheting whenever they come into contact with her skin. She is immune to most forms of extreme punishment, as seen when she was completely unaffected by attacks with the A.T.O.M. Exosuit, and Mick Rory's Heat gun. She also was able to withstand the Flash's lightning despite it having knocked out both Firestorm and the Atom though this might be because it was not all directed at her. Caitlin Snow even stated that Kara was "invincible" while she was mind-controlled into fighting Barry. However, her near immunity to damage and outside forces did not protect her from the Dominators' mind control device, which forced her to mindlessly turn against her allies. Her invulnerability was put to the test when Overgirl exploded into a supernova (which was about to destroy at least entire Midwest) at point-blank range, and Kara was sent plummeting back to the ground, but survived, showing no physical damage. However, her invulnerability, while incredible, can be broken. She can be overwhelmed if she fights beings of equal or even superior strength, such as when she fought Superman, as her cousin's feral attacks were able to stagger and exhaust her to unconsciousness, and later Reign, who was able to make her bruise and bleed badly during their fight. Also, she can withstand Red Daughter's attacks, as well as her magic plasma blast which created an unnatural anomaly of turning day into night. During her state of supercharge, she exhibits immunity to the effects of five-dimensional magic, thereby placing her inherently superior to it. This distinction solidifies her status as one of, if not the most powerful extraterrestrial beings to have ever existed.
        • Extreme Heat Resistance: Kara feels no pain when exposed to extreme heat, as shown when her shirt caught fire after the Flash caught her as she fell out a window and (accidentally) sped her out of National City, and she was able to extinguish the embers on her shirt by casually patting them.[36] This was also shown when she didn't flinch at the heat of Mick Rory's Heat gun[45] and removed a hot pan from her oven with her bare hands.[55] Or in her early career she could casually block a nuclear beam from Reactron. She also resisted magical fire from the fiery well from the Fortress Sanctuary.
        • Self-sustenance: Due to the effects of a yellow sun, Kara's physical needs are greatly reduced.
        • Atmospheric adaption: While Kara does require oxygen, her physicality and exposure to a yellow sun allows her to survive while inhaling more harsh forms of it such as the thin, highly CO2-concentrated, atmosphere of Mars.
      • Reverse photosynthesis: Kara is capable of draining solar energy from plants even without a direct source of light, as seen after being brutally beaten by Red Daughter, allowing her to use the solar energy she absorbed from her surroundings to heal.[3]
      • Superhuman senses: Kara has super senses, including super vision and super hearing.
        • Superhuman vision: As a Kryptonian, Kara is able to see very far distances, presumably low superhuman levels.
        • Night vision: Kara can see clearly in the dark.
          • X-Ray vision: Kara can focus her vision past layers of matter to see through them, except for lead.
        • Superhuman hearing: Kara has super-sensitive ears that can perfectly pick up sounds from miles away and even through structures.
      • Freeze Breath: Kara is able to exhale powerful gusts of air from her mouth which are similar to force winds. She can also cause the temperature of her breath to drop, therefore able to freeze nearly anything.[36]
      • Superhuman speed:
        Kara saves Oliver

        Kara catching a bullet.

        Kara possesses the ability to move at hyper-sonic speeds, both through flight and on foot. Once she started to actually use her powers in a less restrained way, she was easily able to move at even greater supersonic speeds to the point where she could match a tachyon-enhanced speedster like Barry Allen. Kara's top speed remains unknown because she always holds back, however she easily traveled an interstellar distance prior to her power boost and she easily flew from the earth to the sun and back, in less than 20 seconds. [36] She commonly uses her speed to appear and disappear faster than people can notice, as well as to somehow change in or out of her Supergirl suit in seconds.
        • Accelerated perception: While using her super speed, Kara sees everything much slower; allowing her to move with precision and accuracy within very fast moments.
        • Superhuman reflexes: Kara's reflexes are so fast, she can respond to attacks within seconds.
        • Time deceleration: When Kara and the Flash ran around the Earth in opposite directions at just over Mach 7, they were able to generate enough centrifugal force to slow the Earth's rotation, along with time itself.[20]
      • Superhuman strength:
        Kara catches satellite dish

        Kara catching a satellite dish.

        Kara possesses tremendous physical strength under a yellow sun. After embracing her powers as Supergirl, Kara's true potential started to manifest, allowing her to stop a train moving at Mach 1 or lift over a million tons of condensed star material. While not limitless, her strength limit is unknown; making her among the strongest extraterrestrial beings in the known multiverse alongside her cousin Clark Kent and J'onn J'onzz. Despite her strength, Kara still must physically exert herself when fighting other super powered beings of similar levels of strength and durability, such as other empowered Kryptonians, as well as to lift or press objects or structures that are larger than herself, such as planes or ships.[36] She was also able to throw Fort Rozz at speed capable of reaching distance needing 12,233 years for message bottles to arrive ( knowing technology already is MTFL+ in communication between planets/galaxies ) to another star system in 1.5 years, and could stop the Exodus ship, which was capable of reaching the other side of the universe in an instant.[38][52] Kara can also rip apart pods able to survive massive meteor showers of Krypton's remnants or Krypton's massive explosion.
        • Thunderclap: When Kara uses her super strength to clap her hands together, it creates a powerful shock-wave that throws enemies back. Even as a teenager, Kara accidentally broke a piece of a small cliff. It also destroys glass, pushes objects away from her and disorients anyone nearby.[124]
      • Superhuman leaping: Kara is able to jump several feet off the ground and leap several stories in a single bound without having to fly. Even as a child, she was able to leap onto a crashed car several feet away, and when trying to fly again after several years, she was at first only able to jump upwards two stories before shooting skyward. While fighting Alex Danvers, who was controlled by Myriad and wearing a Kryptonite exosuit, both she and Alex jumped several stories into the air while attacking each other.
      • Superhuman stamina: Kara rarely grows tired if she is continuously powered by the yellow sun of Earth. She fiercely battled with her cousin, Clark, without slowing down, and eventually beat him while he was under the effects of silver kryptonite.
    • Extended longevity: As a Kryptonian and the powers that she gains from the yellow sun, Kara's life span is considerably longer than a normal human and likewise ages much slower.
    • Telepathy immunity: Kara is immune to most forms of telepathic powers, even from someone as powerful as J'onn J'onzz, but not from the Dominator device, Psi or M'yrnn J'onzz.
    • Power bestowal via electricity: If Kara is holding a person while electrocuted by lightning, her Kryptonian physiology allows her to affect the person, giving the person strange abilities; for example, Leslie Willis got her powers from Kara when the latter was struck by lightning when touching Leslie.[6]
  • Abilities via Legion Ring: When Kara and Mon-El visited Argo City, Kara was given Mon-El's Legion ring.
    • Flight: The ring has been seen to enable Supergirl the ability to fly when not exposed to a yellow sun through unspecific means. It seems to be activated through a telepathic suggestion, as no thoughts or movements were taken to activate it.
    • Telepathy immunity: With the ring, Kara has a much stronger resistance against telepathic powers than her natural immunity.
    • Oxygen independence: The ring can allow Kara to breathe in space.
      • Time travel: Being able to survive in space allows Kara to travel through time if she finds a temporal disruption in space.[62]


"It's kind of ironic they call it 'Advanced Placement'. On Krypton, we did calculus from age four."
"Sorry we can't all be as sophisticated as Kryptonians."
—Kara Danvers and Alex Danvers[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Due to growing up in an advanced civilization, Kara has vast knowledge about other alien species, as well as their abilities and heritage. On Krypton, she was a studious, hardworking child, spending hours studying Kryptonian history.[125] Kara easily excelled at advanced high school level math and sciences on Earth; she boasted to Alex Danvers of knowing Calculus by the age of 4[22] and was able to scientifically describe Caitlin Snow's meta-human powers.[65] Kara is very focused and excellent at multitasking, able to keep up with Cat Grant's rigorous demands as her assistant.[1][5] Kara also has to carefully calculate how much force to use in her powers so she doesn't hurt/destroy someone/something. She can inspire other individuals to be the best that they can be and sometimes even convince criminals to do the right thing without resorting to violence.
    • Eidetic memory: Kara seems to have an eidetic memory, able to recall everyone she had ever saved when investigating the Cult of Rao.[126]
    • Expert investigator/Journalism: Since becoming a reporter, Kara proved to be an effective investigator with strong instincts. She was able to connect the disappearance of Izzy Williams to a string of missing persons cases surrounding a shady clinic.[8] Kara also correctly believed that Lena Luthor was framed for delivering Kryptonite to Metallo[50] and was able to discover Beth Breen's plan involving Jack Spheer's Biomax technology.[55]
    • Skilled engineer: Kara has displayed familiarity with Kryptonian technology, which is much more advanced than technology of Earth.
    • Multilingualism: Kara is capable of fluently speaking English and Kryptonese. She also knows some Kaznian-dialect Russian, French,[127] and Spanish.[128]
"It's everyone's fight. But Kara just defeated me. She's the champion of Earth."
Superman to Mon-El[src]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Since joining the D.E.O., Kara has been taught by Alex to better handle herself in battle against opponents with formidable powers of their own, including using their own momentum against them. Ultimately, even with her powers temporarily disabled, Kara has become a highly trained combatant, able to compete against the more experienced Alex and Astra. As the years progressed, her combat skills continued to improve, allowing Kara to hold her own against Indigo and defeat Maxima in their first battles. Her proficiency in combining combat skills with her raw might became great enough to even defeat her cousin, Clark Kent in one-on-one combat and even fight on par with Rhea while weakened by Green Kryptonite. Kara was able to fight evenly with Reign for a while, though was ultimately overwhelmed due to the latter's superior strength. After being trained by Mon-El, Kara has started using her cape in combat. Her fighting style incorporates Boxing, Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Hapkido, Aikido, Karate, Muay Thai, Judo, and Pro Wrestling.[129]
  • Singing: Kara has shown to be a very talented singer, able to pass as a lounge singer in Music Meister's movie musical reality.[18] Her skill impressed Barry Allen to the point that he even asked Kara to sing at his wedding.[124]
  • Dancing: Kara is a talented dancer, particularly in ballroom and tap, as seen in Music Meister's reality.[18]
  • Meditation: Kara is familiar with Kryptonian meditation designed to strengthen one's mind, which she used during her ordeal with Gayle Marsh/Psi.[12]
"Kara Zor-El, despite all you have endured, you are the Paragon of Hope."
Monitor to Kara Danvers[src]
Supergirl talking the armed robber out of robbing a convenience store

A powerless Kara stopping a robbery.

  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: Kara is a very determined individual and never gives up on trying to protect Earth. She has a remarkable tolerance for pain, as even when weakened by Rhea's Green Kryptonite-laced blood, Kara was able to resist and keep fighting Rhea.[59] With Alex's help, Kara was also able to overcome to Psi's psychic attacks.[12] Kara was also able to conceal some Kryptonite on her person despite the pain, which she used to incapacitate Reign.[60] During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Kara was revealed to be the Paragon of Hope.


  • Kryptonite: Like all Kryptonians, even while empowered, Kara is vulnerable to the exposure of Kryptonite, a radioactive mineral from her home planet Krypton. Depending on the nature of the said Kryptonite, it will cause a different adverse affect on her;
    • Green Kryptonite: Green Kryptonite is poisonous to Kara and weakens her physical attributes to human levels. Prolonged exposure to large amounts could kill her.
    • Red Kryptonite: If exposed to Red Kryptonite, it gradually destroys Kara's inhibitions and turns her into a corrupt version of herself. Left without morality, compassion, rationality, or any cares whatsoever, Kara will become malevolent and prone to hostility and aggression, making her a danger to everyone around her.
    • Silver Kryptonite: If exposed to Silver Kryptonite, it will cause Kara to go in a deep and frightful hallucination where nothing from the outside world can stir her out of it until it leaves her system.
    • Harun-El/Black Kryptonite: If directly exposed to Black Kryptonite, it can hurt Kara and cause her to lose control of her abilities, as she was unable to stop her heat vision while holding Harun-El. It can also be used to split Kara into two different beings. Red Daughter also had the ability to launch a blast of energy from the Harun-El inside of her in order to overpower Kara.
  • Red sun energy: Kara is powerless; when exposed to the energy of a red sun.
  • Blue sun energy: Kara is powerless; when exposed to the energy of a blue sun.[130]
  • Solar energy depletion: When deprived of yellow sunlight to empower her, Kara's abilities would slowly begin to fade, thus requiring her to recharge.
  • Antimatter: Even with her invulnerability, a small amount of antimatter would weaken her and a large amount would kill her.
  • High-frequencies: Although considered a strength, Kara's hearing does have its disadvantages; since her hearing is more sensitive than a normal human's, higher pitch noises (sonic screams, etc.) can disorient Kara and cause pain in her ears, leaving her vulnerable in a fight. Therefore; enemies; with sound-based powers like Silver Banshee, Purity, and later Reign (who absorbed Purity's powers after her demise) can potentially be powerful enough to incapacitate Kara.
  • Sound-dampening technology: The D.E.O. designed frequencies to block super-hearing and cause Kara slight pain when trying to use this ability in areas protected by the technology.
  • Claustrophobia: After being trapped in a space pod for over two decades, Kara developed a fear of confined spaces and often struggled with claustrophobia when she first arrived on Earth. When incapacitated by Psi's psychic attacks, Kara's worst fears manifested in form of claustrophobia, to the point that she even experienced a panic attack in a CatCo elevator.[12] Later on, when Earth's atmosphere was filled with Kryptonite, Kara was forced to wear a confining, protective suit; upon awakening, she immediately began to panic and was not able to breathe until Alex calmed her down.[131]
  • Power-dampening tech: Just like with any other alien, Kara's powers can be dampened by technology specifically designed to weaken her powers but even though it's dampening her powers she can still use her powers but at a much weaker degree.
  • Magic: Like all aliens including kryptonians, Kara is not immune to magic and it's effects due to the fact that her powers and abilities are biological and are not supernatural in nature.


  • Supergirl suits: Kara wears a protective suit as her super-heroine alter-ego, Supergirl, to hide her identity from her enemies when out fighting crime. It was designed by her friend, Winn Schott. While it is unknown what materials the suit is made from, it is just as durable as Kara, having only been pierced by alien technology such as Vartox's axe and Kryptonite. Kara is notably able to change into her suit in seconds with her speed, usually keeping it underneath her civilian clothing. The suit includes a cape, which aids Kara in maneuvering while flying. Later, Mon-El taught Kara how to use the cape as a defensive weapon in hand-to-hand combat. Mon-El stated that Kara’s cape was studied to create his own and that it was made of a Kryptonian meta-material which he also called smart cloth. This suit also bears the glyph of the great house of El appearing as an S at the center of a heart-like shape meaning El mayarah which is Kryptonian for stronger together. However, Querl designed for Kara a new suit made of nanotechnology, with pants, which is attached to Kara’s glasses so that the suit materialized when she whips them off.
  • Nanotech Anti-Kryptonite suit: During the fight with Leviathan Lena designed Kara a protective suit to protect her from the Kryptonite they were using against her. This suit materialized like Supergirl’s actual suit designed by Querl Dox which is also made of nanotechnology. Like Supergirl’s actual suit, This suit also has the heart the glyph of great house of El. [97]

Former equipment[]

  • Glasses: Due to her original glasses not being with her in the Vanishing Point, they were destroyed by antimatter and Kara received a new pair after she was relocated on Earth-Prime. She decided to give up wearing the glasses after being convinced to reveal her identity to the world.
  • Legion ring: While living in Argo City, Kara was briefly given Mon-El's Legion ring. After defeating Reign, Mon-El gave Kara the ring so she can call the Legion if she ever needs help.
  • Lead-based glasses: As a teenager, Kara was given a pair of lead lined glasses by Jeremiah Danvers to help her control her X-ray vision. She continues to wear them as an adult to hide her identity as Supergirl. They were destroyed, along with the entire multiverse, during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.
  • Interdimensional extrapolator: Kara was given an interdimensional extrapolator as a present by Cisco Ramon. The device can create small breaches to allow travel between Earth-1 and Earth-38 anytime Kara wants to. It also has a communication functionality that can allow contact between universes. She longer requires or has this device due to the Crisis and its altering effects on the laws of interdimensional physics.
  • Yellow sun grenade: Kara brought a yellow sun grenade to Shelley Island to boost her powers and retain them due to the island's power dampers.[132]
  • Dispersal device: Lex designed a device that was supposed to fill the earth atmosphere with Kryptonite. Lena modified it to disperse lead to defeat the Daxamites, causing Mon-El to leave Earth to be safe. Later Mercy and Otis stole the device with the help of Raymond Jensen to contaminate the atmosphere with Kryptonite which nearly killed Kara until Brainy and Lena found a way to suck all the Kryptonite from the atmosphere.
  • Protective suit: After Mercy and Otis Graves contaminated the Earth's atmosphere with Kryptonite, Kara donned a protective suit designed Lena Luthor to help her survive. Once Lena and Querl Dox purified the Kryptonite from the air, Kara no longer required the suit.[131] However, she still uses it when traveling into space.[133] The suit's elements were later added to her original suit to protect Kara from Kryptonite exposure.[4]
  • Earpieces: Barry designed special ear protection for Kara. It was used to help her fight Silver Banshee.

Alternate timeline equipment[]

  • Supergirl suit: Kara wears a protective suit as her super-heroine alter-ego, Supergirl, to hide her identity from her enemies when out fighting crime.



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  • Kara is physically 25 years old at the start of the series. However, due to her being 13 when she left Krypton, spending 24 years in the Phantom Zone frozen in time, and the next 12 years on Earth hiding her powers, Kara is chronologically 49 years old at the start of the series.
  • Kara first arrived on Earth in the year 2003, given that the show starts in 2015 and it was noted by a Fort Rozz prisoner that they had been hiding on Earth for 12 years.[1] "Medusa"​​​​ takes place on Thanksgiving, and during "The Martian Chronicles", which appears to have taken place in December since "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk" took place on Valentine's Day, and Kara celebrated her 13th Earth birthday.[49] Therefore, she probably landed on Earth around December 2003.
  • Kara is one of the few main protagonists in the Arrowverse who doesn't originate from Earth-1, but from Earth-38. Another notable example is Jefferson Pierce, who comes from an unidentified Earth.
    • However, this would change in the Anti-Monitor Crisis, after which Earth-1, 38 and Black Lightning's Earth would be combined into a single universe, known as Earth-Prime.
  • Kara is one of seven Supergirl​​​​​​​​​​​ characters to appear on The Flash​​​​​​​​​​​. The others are Mon-El, J'onn J'onzz, Eve Teschmacher, Alex Danvers, Clark Kent, and Lois Lane.
  • Kara had four love interests so far: Adam Foster, James Olsen, Mon-El, and William Dey.
    • Winn Schott had romantic feelings for Kara, but the attraction wasn't returned and he eventually moved on. Additionally, Sara Lance, Mick Rory, and Mxyzptlk were all in some measure attracted to her.
    • Kara has had at least four ex-boyfriends prior to the start of the series, whose noses she accidentally broke while attempting to kiss them from her enhanced strength.[51]
    • Interestingly in Smallville, Kara was attracted to Jimmy Olsen when meeting him in season 7. Also in the Pre-52 comics, Kara dated Brainiac 5 as they both were members of The Legion.
  • Kara loves to eat potstickers, sticky buns from Noonan's,[28] fried sugar pastries,[13] pizza,[56] and her adoptive mother Eliza's lasagna.[134] Her favorite dessert is Eliza's homemade chocolate pecan pie, declaring it "the best dessert in the galaxy".[6]
  • Kara mentioned that she visited 12 different planets, aside from or in addition to Earth and Krypton.[6]
  • Kara enjoys the TV shows Homeland,[28] Orphan Black,[6] Game of Thrones,[32] and The Wire.[7]
  • Kara received her first cell phone when she was 16.[29]
  • Her go-to drink order at Noonan's is a pumpkin spice latte with extra foam, sprinkled with cinnamon.[34]
  • Kara normally wakes up at 6:45 a.m.[35]
  • Because of Kara's singing, Alex jokes she puts the "Kara" in karaoke.[18]
  • Kara is fond of romantic comedies[41] and musicals:[18]
  • Kara is a fan of the famous 90s boy band, NSYNC.[41][57]
  • Her "OTP" is Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.[57]
  • According to Alex, Kara is a bad driver.[22]
  • She hates opera.[125]
  • Kara is a fan of the Star Wars franchise.[62]
  • According to John Deegan, who used the Book of Destiny to become Earth-1's Superman, Kara doesn't have an Earth-1 counterpart.[20] Kara also realized her sister's Earth-1 counterpart had never met her, possibly because her pod never made it to Earth (if it existed in the first place).[20]
    • However, Harry Wells stated that Krypton exists in every universe.[135] This either implies that Kara either may have died in Krypton's potential destruction in Earth-1's history, never left because Krypton didn't self-destruct, her pod landed on another planet (or remained in the Phantom Zone), or she was never born in the first place.
    • Despite not having an Earth-1 counterpart, Kara's existence is well-known to the general public there; her symbol is recognizable enough to be depicted on T-shirts and as a featured character (impersonated by Sara Lance) in the TV commercial "Trinity" performance for the opening of Heyworld theme park.[136]
  • Kara has a close, sister-like relationship with her cousin-in-law, Lois, which might signify the former taking Lucy's place in Lois's life since the two sisters don't get along.
  • Kara enjoys painting.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Kara Zor-El debuted in Action Comics #252 (May 1959) as the cousin of Superman, who was rocketed from Argo City before its destruction. She later died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths (October 1985) event. Kara was later re-introduced into the DC continuity in Superman/Batman #8 (2004). She was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino.
  • In a nod to Brandon Routh's previous role as the title character in the 2006 film Superman Returns, Ray Palmer made a brief remark about Kara resembling his cousin during the events of the Invasion!​​​​​​​​​​​ crossover.
  • The event of Supergirl losing her powers was called a "Solar Flare" by James Olsen, as he stated Kara's cousin, Superman, also called it this at times when he depleted his powers.[21] In Superman #38, part of the New 52, it is revealed that Superman's heat vision is a precursor to a power also called a "Super Flare", in which Superman release a large explosive force of his solar energy from his entire body, which leaves him depleted and the equivalent of a human for 24 hours.
  • In the comics, Supergirl has used several aliases for her civilian identity, including Kara Kent, Linda Lang, Claire Connors, and most famously, Linda Lee Danvers, who was later adapted to be a separate character altogether. Supergirl's name on the show, "Kara Danvers", is a combination of some of those aliases. The is the first instance this particular name has been used, though it was later incorporated into the comics.
  • Supergirl​​​ marks Kara Zor-El's third live-action appearance, having previously appeared in the 1984 film Supergirl (where she was portrayed by Helen Slater), and Smallville (portrayed by Laura Vandervoort). Both of those actresses have appeared on this show.
  • Kara's skill in singing is a nod to her actress Melissa Benoist's role as Marley Rose in the musically-centered series Glee, where she worked with Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen on The Flash​​​​. The two were also cast together in the musical episode "Duet"​​​ on The Flash​​​​ in third season.
  • Kara's original character is a teenager in the comics and is as such more often depicted throughout media, while she is a young adult in the series. However, the Linda Danvers version of Supergirl was a young woman as well.
  • In this adaption of Supergirl, Kara has a lot more in common with her cousin.
    • She works at CatCo Worldwide Media as a reporter, just like how Clark (Kal-El) works at the Daily Planet. The only difference is that Kara was initially an assistant to her former boss, Cat Grant, before becoming a reporter for editor-in-chief of CatCo Magazine, Snapper Carr.
      • These elements were likely taken from the Sterling Gates-Jamal Igle Supergirl run, in which Kara assumed a civilian, nerdy-like attire (as Linda Lang) and worked at the Daily Planet along with her "older cousin" Lana Lang. Cat Grant was a recurring character in this run.
    • Leslie Willis/Livewire would insult Supergirl on her show. Kara accidentally gave her electric powers during a helicopter accident and Livewire became a frequent foe of hers. Similarly, in the comics, Livewire would target Superman in her broadcasts and he indirectly gave her powers in a lightning accident during a rock concert in Metropolis.
    • Kara was affected by the Black Mercy like Superman in the popular comic issue For the the Man Who Has Everything and the animated series Justice League Unlimited.
    • Kara had a race with The Flash, which Superman frequently did in the comics, Superman: The Animated Series and the live-action film Justice League.
  • In the Injustice 2 Mobile game, Melissa Benoist's portrayal of the character is playable as "Multiverse Supergirl", and her appearance in her protective suit is playable as "Multiverse Armored Supergirl" along with Arrowverse versions of Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, Sara Lance, and Leonard Snart.
  • Before Superman & Lois was retconned to take place on Earth-TUD25, Kara was going to be featured in a picture in "Heritage", but that scene was ultimately deleted.[137]


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