Kara Danvers' apartment is the apartment where Kara Danvers currently resides. It is located in National City.


Kara awakened in a panic, dreaming about the Battle at the Dawn of Time; as Alex Danvers called her name, her glasses fell from her face and she almost hit her sister with a gaze of heat vision. Kara soon realizes that she is on a remade Earth.[1]

Welcoming Winn Schott from his time in the future, William Dey and the Superfriends have a night of fun and games.[2]

Mxyzptlk came here to try to make amends to Kara [3]for his past incidents.[4] He shows her different possible timelines if she had revealed to Lena her secret identity earlier than when she did; each time, they use the apartment as a home base when Kara is dissatisfied with the outcome. Eventually, Kara decides that she will live with the current timeline.[3]

Superfriends attack-ready

Alex Danvers came here to let Kara know that their father Jeremiah Danvers had died.[5]

Kara defends Lena

Humbly, Lena Luthor came here to apologize to Kara about her behavior towards her since Lena learned of her secret identity.[6] Kara alerted the Superfriends that Lena was there and they, thinking she was a villain, kicked in the door; Kara told them that they were overreacting. They discussed the destruction of the D.E.O. National City headquarters and that Rama Khan could kill Supergirl with his newly acquired Kryptonite. Kara screamed when Alex Danvers revealed her new costume. M'gann M'orzz had the idea that she and J'onn J'onzz pretend to be Supergirl as Kara and Lena travel across the city to Luthor Corp to make a protective suit for Kara.[7]

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