Kara Danvers wears a pair of lead-lined glasses to help her control her visual powers. They also conceal her identity.


Kara awakened in a panic, dreaming about the Battle at the Dawn of Time; as Alex called her name, Kara's glasses fell from her face and she almost hit her sister with a gaze of heat vision. Later, Kara wore her glasses and attended the 2020 Peace Prize Award Ceremony held for Lex Luthor.[1]

Alex joins Kara at Jeremiah's funeral

Kara at Jeremiah Danvers' funeral

At the funerals of Oliver Queen[2] and Jeremiah Danvers,[3] Kara wore her glasses, concealing her identity from those who didn't know her other persona.[2]

Though William Dey works with Kara often as reporters at Catco Worldwide Media,[4] even dating her,[5] he doesn't recognize her as Supergirl when she wears her glasses, to the extent that he asked Supergirl about Kara's whereabouts.[6]

Kara believes the Superfriends can defend her

Though Lena Luthor knows, Kara wears her glasses.

Kara wears her glasses even when she is alone in her apartment[7] or around people who already know that she is "Supergirl".[6]


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