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Kara Fowdy (died 2018) was the vice principal of Garfield High School and a spotter for the A.S.A.


Kara attended a fundraiser at Garfield High School. She attempted to introduce Jefferson Pierce to Lady Eve of Blackbird Funeral Parlor, but he went to attend to personal business while Fowdy waited around. The following morning, she told him of how the school's board wanted to install metal detectors on the premises, but he firmly disagreed, a message she promised to relay.[1]

Some days later, Kara stood with Jefferson Pierce and company as he assured parents that their children would not come to harm at Garfield High. She later officially welcomed Jefferson back to work, checking up on him and his girls.[2]

After Bernard Lewis went crazy on Green Light, some students fetched Fowdy on Principal Pierce's request. She sat in on Pierce's meeting with Bernard and his father, telling Jeff following that the board would never allow Bernard to stay at the school. He suggested she tell them that it was his decision, but she simply reminded him that she was the vice principal, not his secretary. The following day, Jefferson and Kara met with Rose Lawson, a member of the board, who recommended that they change the by-laws so that the board has final say on rule-breakers. After it, Fowdy reminded Pierce that he was doing the best he could, and that he couldn't always save every student - they would ultimately make their own decisions. Kara later came to Jefferson, letting him know that the board was giving him an ultimatum: he could either retain full final say on rule-breakers but expel Bernard, or advocate on behalf of the students by contributing one vote and also letting Bernard stay, Jefferson ultimately choosing the latter.[3]

Committing herself to monitoring cyber bullying on social media, Kara found a post from Khalil Payne making fun of Jennifer Pierce. She showed the post to Jefferson, offering her support if he needed it. She later watched a news report regarding a white nationalist killing a college student, remarking to Anissa Pierce how tragic it was that the same sort of hate crimes kept happening.[4]

At some point, Fowdy became a spotter for the A.S.A. Having kept her eye on Neema Summers, she alerted the A.S.A. as to her powers. She was later brought before a contained meta-human, asked by Martin Proctor to bring Jefferson down, revealing him as Black Lightning, which she agreed to.[5]

Kara kept an eye on the contained meta-humans. She delivered Green Light to Deputy Chief Cayman and Detective Glennon, which they planted in Jefferson's car and desk at Garfield High School to frame him in order for the A.S.A. to take him to a black site and confirm his identity as Black Lightning. Gambi and Thunder use a hologram of Black Lightning to convince the A.S.A. that it wasn't Jefferson. Upon seeing this on the news, Kara tried desperately to get in touch with her superiors so that Jefferson would be released.[6]

Three months after the attack on Garfield High School, Kara was preparing to leave town when she was approached by Syonide in a parking garage. Syonide wanted Kara to go with her to Tobias Whale to answer questions about Martin Proctor's briefcase. Kara refused and the two fought, ending with Kara killing Syonide by stabbing her in the neck with a blade in her high-heel. Desperate to get out of Freeland, Kara went to Peter Gambi and revealed that she was the ASA spotter and that she knew of his role with the ASA thirty years previously. She offered a deal – if she brought him the briefcase, then Gambi would get her out of the city and clear her records with the ASA. Gambi agreed to the deal, leading to Kara breaking into Tobias Whale's office in search of the case. Tobias was waiting for her and shot her in the stomach with a harpoon in revenge for her killing Syonide. Despite the injury, Kara managed to throw herself out of a window and escape.[7]

Badly wounded, Kara made her way to Peter Gambi's apartment and collapsed outside. Her presence triggered an alarm in Gambi's apartment, which alerted him to her presence. Checking for a pulse, Gambi noticed the wound in her stomach.[8]

Gambi took Kara to his base of operations and attempted to heal her injuries but she had lost a lot of blood and developed sepsis. When Kara regained consciousness, she pleaded with him to help her but Gambi told her to make her peace and tell him what she knew. Kara believed that Gambi was trying to play her for information and refused to talk. Gambi gave her medication for the pain and hoped that she would reconsider.[9]

Kara made one final attempt to escape from Gambi's before finally accepting that she was going to die. She requested to be cremated instead of buried and told Gambi that Tobias had the briefcase. Kara gave Gambi her phone and then passed away.[9]


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As as spotter for the ASA, Kara has proven to be a capable hand-to-hand combatant, as she was able to hold her own against Syonide who originally had the upper hand resorting to Kara having to stab her in the neck.[7]
  • Expert of deception: Kara was skilled at deceiving people, able to work closely with Jefferson Pierce without his realizing her true intentions.


•Hidden blades: Kara ripped a pair of Twin blades hidden from her heals she used these to fight syonide

•Thermal vision mask: Kara used this to fight Tobias whale.

•Glock 19 Gen 5 FS 9mm: Kara used this to fight Tobias whale.


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