Kara Zor-El's pod was used by Kara Zor-El to escape Krypton.


The pod was used by Kara Zor-El to escape the dying planet of Krypton, its coordinates being interlocked with Kal-El's pod. The pod was later knocked off course into the Phantom Zone due to a shock wave caused by Krypton's destruction. After being stuck there in stasis for 24 years, Indigo sensed the pod and used her powers to re-activate its engines, causing Kara to awaken. The pod got out of the Phantom Zone, dragging Fort Rozz with it. It crash landed on Earth, where it was discovered by Superman. The pod was later taken by the D.E.O., who stored it in their base.[1][2]

After Kara saved the Earth by launching Fort Rozz into space. Alex Danvers piloted the pod into space to save her.[3]

After releasing a trace amount of lead into the Earth's atmosphere to fight off the Daxamite invasion, Kara sent Mon-El into space in this pod.[4] The pod soon entered a wormhole, bringing Mon-El to the 31st century.[5]



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Behind the scenes

  • The pod's design is referenced in Supergirl: Rebirth #1, which incorporated many elements from the TV series into the DC Comics' world. Inside a pod created based on "Kryptonian files", a powerless Kara is sent right towards the Sun as a desperate attempt by the D.E.O. to fully restore her powers, which ultimately works.


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