Kara Zor-El's pod was used by Kara Zor-El to escape Krypton. Years later, Mon-El also used it to escape Earth's lead-tainted atmosphere.


The pod was used by Kara Zor-El to escape the dying planet of Krypton, its coordinates being interlocked with Kal-El's pod. The pod was later knocked off-course into the Phantom Zone due to a shockwave caused by Krypton's destruction. After being stuck there in stasis for 24 years, Indigo sensed the pod and used her powers to re-activate its engines, causing Kara to awaken. The pod then escaped the Phantom Zone, dragging Fort Rozz along with it. It crash-landed on Earth, where it was discovered by Superman. The pod was later taken by the D.E.O., who stored it in their base.[1][2]

When Kara saved the Earth by launching Fort Rozz into space, Alex Danvers piloted the pod into space to save her.[3]

After releasing a trace amount of lead into the Earth's atmosphere to fight off the Daxamite invasion, Kara sent Mon-El into space in this pod.[4] The pod soon entered a wormhole, bringing Mon-El to the 31st century.[5]



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Behind the scenes

  • The pod's design is referenced in Supergirl: Rebirth #1, which incorporated many elements from the TV series into the DC Comics' world. Inside a pod created based on "Kryptonian files", a powerless Kara is sent right towards the Sun as a desperate attempt by the D.E.O. to fully restore her powers, which ultimately works.


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