"Karabasan's a nasty bugger. Preys on sleeping victims, paralyzing their bodies as it dines on their innards and sucks their life away."
—John Constantine on Karabasan[src]

Karabasan was a bestial demon who preyed on the sleeping victims in New York City. It was killed by John Constantine at the behest of Felix Faust.


When Felix Faust developed his soul separating spell, he noticed that not all of souls affected by the spell were put under his control. The malignant demon Karabasan hunted down people put into coma by Felix Faust's spell to prey on their bodies and life force afterwards, blocking Faust's magic by its own. Faust entered a mages' contract with John Constantine, ordering his team to hunt down the demon and banish it back to Hell.[1]

Karabasan electrocuted

Karabasan's demise.

John and Zed Martin found Karabasan in the underground ruined sewers, using the stone of true seeing given to them by Faust. As he preyed on a woman's innards, Karabasan sensed that it was being hunted and escaped into the labyrinthine maze of the sewers. To capture Karabasan, John put a sleep spell on Zed and used her as bait for the demon, putting her inside the circle. However, something went wrong with John's lighter, which he needed to perform the banishment, forcing him to dispel the sleeping spell and fight Karabasan differently.[1]

Grabbing an electric baton, John electrocuted the beast directly, killing it through energy dispersion. That allowed Faust to go back on his deal, saying that the contract was about banishing, not destroying Karabasan.[1]

Powers and abilities


Karabasan prepares to attack Zed Martin

Karabasan prepares to attack Zed Martin.


  • Animal hand-to-hand combatant: Karabasan fights akin to an animal, using bites and slashes.[1]


  • Electricity/Energy dispersion: John Constantine was able to kill Karabasan through electrocution, which Felix Faust referred to as a method of energy dispersion.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In Turkish folklore, Karabasan is an evil spirit, known in English as mare, which rides on people's chests while they sleep, bringing on bad dreams
    • Karabasan is also a term for sleep paralysis, derived from the mythological creature's actions.


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