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For other uses of her possible alter ego's name, see Batwoman (disambiguation).

"My Kate put on the cape, thought she could succeed where I failed. All she did was get herself killed."
Bruce Wayne[src]

Kate Kane (died 2014) was the sister of Beth Kane and the cousin of the late Bruce Wayne. She took up her cousin Bruce's mantle as a vigilante, but was later presumably murdered.


At some point, Kate learned of her cousin Bruce Wayne's true identity as Batman. She later took his place as a vigilante, but got herself killed soon after.[1]


A picture of Kate and Beth Kane was given to the Kate Kane of Earth-1 by Kara Danvers. Kate mentioned that she wished that she and Alice knew each other like how their Earth-99 counterparts did.[1]


  • Bat suit: According to Bruce Wayne, Kate tried to wear the cape and fight crime like him.[1]



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