Kate Kane (born January 26, 1990) is the daughter of Kane and a late unnamed woman, and the twin sister of the late Beth Kane.


Kate Kane was born on January 26, 1990, along with her twin sister Beth, to Kane and an unnamed woman. She had an older cousin, Bruce. In their childhood, Kate and Beth would get waffles together every year on their birthday.

For their 13th birthday, Kate and Beth had a Bat Mitzvah. On their way home with their mother, their car crashed on the side of a bridge. Kate managed to safely climb out of the wreckage, and then went back inside to pull Beth to safety. The car then fell off the edge, killing their mother.

It's presumed that Kate and Beth maintained a close relationship for the remainder of their lives, as in or prior to 2014, the sisters took a photo of themselves smiling.[1]

Prior to 2020, Kate fell in love with an individual, who became known as her "soulmate".[2]



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