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Kate Spencer (died May 2014) was the district attorney of Starling City. She was to be the prosecutor had Oliver Queen's case gone to trial, and headed Moira Queen's on her role in the Undertaking. Kate was killed by one of Slade Wilson's soldiers during the Siege.


Prior to late 2012, Kate Spencer launched an investigation into corrupt businessman Adam Hunt, but soon cleared him of wrongdoing due to a lack of evidence.[1]

Kate apparently failed to prosecute Martin Somers, likely due to his connections in the district attorney's office. However, after The Hood obtained a recording of Somers confessing to ordering Victor Nocenti's murder, Kate had enough evidence to send Somers to prison for the rest of his life.[2]

When Oliver Queen was arrested on suspicion for being The Hood, Kate was brought on as the prosecution. She was visibly taken aback at Oliver's desire to initially represent himself. When the hearing commenced, Kate refused to consider bail and deemed Oliver a "flight risk", citing the Queen family's extensive wealth. Laurel Lance intervened and suggested a minimized risk by keeping Oliver on house arrest. Judge Moss agreed, overriding Kate's objections.

Kate admitted that she believed Oliver to be the vigilante, though due to being affected by post-traumatic stress disorder from being stranded on an island for five years, and offered him the insanity plea. Oliver rejected the deal in favor of a polygraph, with the agreement that if he were to fail, he would accept the plea. The case was thrown out when Oliver was seemingly proved innocent.[3]

After career criminal Cyrus Vanch was released from Iron Heights, Kate informed Anastasia at CNRI that she couldn't take legal action against him without sufficient evidence and requested that Cyrus' prosecutors not stop by her office to demand help.[4]

Kate refused to indict corrupt real estate developer John Nickel over one of his buildings burning down due to faulty wiring.[5]

Kate headed the prosecution of Moira Queen for her complicity in the Undertaking

After Adam Donner, the lead council on Moira trial, was kidnapped by Cecil Adams, Kate appointed Laurel as his replacement, deciding that the jury knew her best.[6]

Kate fired Adam when his fake trial of Frank Bertinelli meant to lure out Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress for the SCPD resulted in a hostage situation at the courthouse. She apologized to Laurel, who was caught in the middle of Adam's actions, but said that nothing changed because he had no authorization to give her job back. In response, Laurel threatened to expose Adam's involvement in the conflict if Kate didn't rehire her. A surprised Kate complied, stating she thought blackmail was beneath Laurel.[7]

After Quentin Lance was attacked in prison, Kate went to visit him and Laurel threatened to sue her if she didn't drop the charges against Quentin for working with the vigilante. Kate agreed to authorize this. However, as Laurel left, Kate warned her to pick her battles, as they wouldn't always go her way.[8]

During the Siege, Kate was killed by one of the Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers, who snapped her neck, against Sebastian Blood's orders.[9]


Kate was shown to be a stern, practical-minded lawyer, acting in accordance with the law in her duty as the district attorney. In the views of others though, she was fairly lax when it came to her job's objective and morals; Laurel Lance and Joanna de la Vega believed Kate was unmotivated to actively prosecute the wealthy and corrupt unless she had "no choice".[2][4] Oliver Queen supported this assertion with how Kate often "ignores" any wrongdoing targeting the Glades.[5]


Kate received justice for her death after Team Arrow defeated Slade Wilson's army and Slade was incarcerated on Lian Yu.[10]

Sometime after Kate's death, Susanna Bray eventually succeeded her as the district attorney of Star City.[11]



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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics multiverse, Kate Spencer is a federal prosecutor who moonlights as the vigilante Manhunter.
    • In the New 52, Kate briefly acted as Oliver Queen's defense attorney when he was framed for allegedly murdering his secretary.