"I understand Mother, that you were always threatened by my success and you tried to elevate yourself by denigrating me, which is fine, but you are not allowed to the the same thing to my assistant who, by the way, is excellent at her job."
Cat Grant standing up to Katherine

Katherine Grant is the estranged mother of Cat Grant and the maternal grandmother of Carter Grant and Adam Foster.


In late 2015, Katherine was to have sushi with her daughter, Cat, for lunch. However, their meal was canceled due to Cat having a meeting with the board of directors of CatCo Worldwide Media.[1]

When her daughter won the Siegel Prize for Women in Media, Katherine dismissed it as a "stupid award" and adamantly refused to babysit her grandson, Carter, for the night so Cat could attend the award ceremony in Metropolis.[2]

Katherine visited Cat yet again and she irritated her daughter, causing Cat to take it out on Kara, however due to this Kara and Cat grew close as they went out to drinks following their argument.

Katherine was aggressive to Kara, to which Cat defended Kara and praised her efficiency.[3]


Compared to her daughter, Katherine is much worse, while Cat is actually a good-hearted woman, Katherine is very hostile and arrogant. Cat claims to be bossy with Kara partly because of her domineering attitude.

When Katherine left CatCo and Kara asked Cat if she should call a taxi for her, Cat told Kara that her mother could use a broom.[3]



Season 1


  • Katherine has seen the musical Wicked from the orchestral section multiple times.[1]
  • She dislikes Thanksgiving turkey.[4]


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