Kathy Meyers is the mentally ill mother of Freddy Meyers and a serial killer in the original timeline.


Original timeline

Kathy lived with her introverted and shy son alone. She secretly had an untreated mental illness that made her possessive of her son, to the point where she felt that contact with kids his age was "stealing" him. After he got invited to prom by Tiffany Harper, Kathy snapped and murdered the other kids who pranked Freddy with Tiffany Harper being the only survivor. Freddy then took the fall for her crimes and was incarcerated at Iron Heights Penitentiary, where he was executed 15 years later. As an act of karma, seeing her son die gave Kathy a fatal heart attack.[1]


Kathy's actions damned her to hell. However, Astra Louge set Kathy free. Kathy arrived in her body and killed the coroner. More insane than ever, Kathy went to the high school to keep killing. At the high school reunion she used telekinesis to seal the school shut. With her prey trapped, she began to systematically stalk and kill her targets one by one like Tiffany, an unnamed attendee, and Ali. However, Sara Lance, Heat Wave, and Ava Sharpe kept her busy while Ray Palmer, Nate Heywood, and Nora Darhk went into the past to change Freddy's life (believing he was the Encore). Kathy managed to kill Rory by deflecting his fire attack that melted her mask. Then she engaged Sara and Ava in combat. She was about to kill both of them but once Behrad Tarazi knocked out her past-self, Kathy vanished as the past she came from was gone and the deaths she caused were undone.[1]

Current timeline

Kathy attacked Freddy, Tiffany, Zari Tarazi, and some girls in the limousine where she managed to wound one of them. Before she can continue the attack, Kathy was defeated by Behrad's wind attack. Kathy was arrested for attempted murder while Freddy found true love with Tiffany. Freddy even admitted to Nate that his mother needed help. While Kathy is likely still detained, Tiffany became her daughter-in-law.[1]


Kathy was heavily suffering from a mentall illness that made her obsessive regarding her son. Wanting to keep him for herself she regarded anyone else having contact with him as an act of stealing him from her. She became so obsessed that she decided to kill the kids who had bullied him. As he got sentenced to death and executed she died from a fatal heart attack.

When resurrected, Kathy was crazier than usual. She stole her son's corpse and kept killing blindly at the school. In a backwards, Jason Vorhees-esque mentality.

Powers and abilities

Original timeline powers

  • Telekinesis: Kathy can use telekinesis after being resurrected by Astra Logue. It is strong enough to stop and redirect the blasts from the heat gun. She was also able to move people around or hold them in place as she did to Sara and Ava.[1]
  • Invulnerability: Kathy was able to ignore axe strikes which didn't phase her and keep going without slowing down.[1]


  • Expert knife-wielder: As the "Prom Night Slasher", Kathy uses a knife to kill her victims or to throw it in order to assassinate her victims.[1]
  • Stealth: Kathy was able to sneak around unnoticed and stalk her targets. She was able to attack swiftly before disappearing.[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Kathy is highly skilled in using a variety of improvised weapons for her kills. Kathy was able to blend her combat skills with her telekinesis which made her nigh unstoppable, evidenced by that she was able to best Ava and Sara.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • She is similar to Norma Bates from Psycho.
  • Her killing people because she loves her son so much is also reminiscent of Pamela Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise.
  • Her family name is based on that of Michael Myers from the Halloween movies.
  • Her exact mental illness has never been addressed.
  • Kathy Meyers is the first Encore to not be directly based upon a person from the real world.
    • The second is Damien Darhk.
  • Kathy Meyers is the only Encore that Astra released from Hell who is still alive and the only one who remains alive after the final fight in "Swan Thong"; all others were either killed by the Legends, or were later dragged back to Hell by Astra to punish them for their failures.


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