Kaupe are a species of magical creatures.


At some point in the past, a Kaupe named Konane was banished in Mallus's realm, along with other mystical beings.[1]

Escape from the Dark Realm

After Mallus gained freedom from his imprisonment, Konane and other magical beings made their escape as well.[1]

The Time Bureau eventually captured Konane and detained him while under the care of Assistant Coordinator Mona Wu of Creature Upkeep.[1][2][3]

Konane was kidnapped by two suspicious men, so he knocked out the men and (accidentally) seriously injured Mona, who let the Kaupe successfully escape.[3] He was later killed by a Time Bureau agent whereas Mona prepared to send him back to his time.

Physical appearance

A Kaupe is characterized by its hairy body with a muscular build and tribal tattoos imprinted on its chest.[1] Its sharp claws are used to attack prey and potential aggressors. Its sharp teeth are used to bite the flesh off of its prey, and are used as a scare tactic.[2][3]

Powers and abilities


  • Enhanced strength: A Kaupe can exert a greater physical strength than humans. It is shown able to break from metal cuffs easily and to overpower aggressors and prey, also being able to leap high like an animal. With its strength, it can inflict serious wounds with its sharp claws and its teeth, which is also used to bite off the flesh of its prey.[3]
  • Enhanced senses: Konane is shown to exhibit a great sense of smell, able to catch the scents of potential pursuers nearby.[3]
  • Infectious Scratch: If Kaupe scratches a human, it causes a werewolf-like infection. The victim gains heightened sense of smell and the ability to transform into a Kaupe-like creature with a superhuman strength if under a great deal of emotional stress. So far only Mona has been a victim of this.


  • Emotional intellect: Konane was able to empathize with Mona when she told the story of her bad day. Konane was also able to get emotionally attached to Mona, being its creature handler and caretaker.[3]
  • Receptively bilingual: Konane can speak the Hawaiian language, but can only understand the English language.[3]


  • Elephant tranquilizer: The Time Bureau was able to sedate the Kaupe with two doses of elephant tranquilizer for a few hours.[1]

Known Kaupe


DC's Legends of Tomorrow


  • According to Mona, the Kaupe likes to eat Hawaiian barbecue.[1]
  • It's possible that female Kaupe naturally have long hair, as Mona's hair grew out during her transformation.

Behind the scenes

  • Historically, the Kaupe is a malevolent spirit from Hawaiian folklore that calls out at night and lures people to their death.


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