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Kayla is a Necrian and the daughter of Kyle and Kamaya. She assisted Bishop in kidnapping various creatures throughout the universe, including Sara Lance. Kayla is also the girlfriend of Mick Rory. After Bishop died, she and Mick left the Legends to raise their kids.

With the help of the former Legends members, Kayla and Mick traveled to Necria to save their children and Mona Wu from confronting her parents.


Early life

Kayla was born on the war-torn planet Necria, to the warlord Kamaya and Kyle.[1] Her mother got her the spaceship for her 300th rotation.[2]

At some point, Kayla became Gary Green's boss and fiancée. She also sent him to Earth in order to follow Sara Lance.[3]

Abducting aliens and people

Kayla has been using her ship to abduct and confine different aliens and humans, such as Spartacus. In London in 1977, Kayla abducted Sara Lance.[3] She worked for another whom Gary described as a "power hungry space lord".[4]

She was later attacked by Spartacus, who escaped, but she impaled him with one of her tentacles and then ate him alive. Kayla then sent Gary to check on the containment cells. After Gary returned, she went to check on the cells herself. There, she was confronted by Sara who threw a pole at her, which she caught before starting to fight against Sara. After she won the fight against Sara, she put her back in her cell, but Sara broke out again and sent Kayla flying through space right into the temporal zone, together with multiple containment cells.[3] Kayla sheltered herself in a cryochamber to survive.[5]

Landing in Cuba

When Lord Knoxicrillion describes his abduction by Kayla, Mick Rory gets the idea to find her to find Sara.[6] Following that idea, Mick and Gideon find information on Kayla, leading them to 1962 Cuba.

Meanwhile, Kayla's cryochamber lands in Cuba, 1962 and she is captured. Ava Sharpe saves her from being vivisected, but Kayla awakens and attacks Ava, before Mick uses the heat gun to save her and makes Kayla run. Kayla runs to the office of Fidel Castro but she is repelled by Behrad Tarazi wielding the Air Totem.

Kayla and Mick make a deal.

Kayla sought a spacecraft to leave Earth, but thought a missile was one instead. With Spooner as a translator, Mick talked Kayla into boarding the Waverider with the plutonium from the nuclear missile, so the ship has enough fuel for their trip. Mick and Kayla go without the Legends. So Mick can understand what Kayla is saying, she wears a transmografication ring to assume a human form.[5]

Saving Sara

Kayla and Mick keep an eye on the clones.

Kayla and Mick took the Waverider to the planet governed by Bishop and flew into the section that had an artificial atmosphere; the rest of the planet was hostile to most forms of life. Kayla determined that her ship was damaged and needed a new fuel cell to operate. Mick was interested in rescuing Sara so he went arrogantly against the AVA Clones that were nearby and was captured. Before Kayla could return to the Waverider, it was stolen by someone else.

Kayla steals a battery, but, as she is dragging it to her ship, the atmospheric dome disappears and Kayla is exposed to poisonous gas. Mick, who notes that he is not strong enough to move the battery alone, appears with a breather which they share.

Kayla confronts the Zagurons.

Just as the two arrive to her ship, Zagurons surround them. Kayla and Mick hide in a cryochamber and Kayla admits that she fears the Zagurons. Alone together in the cryochamber, Mick and Kayla make-out, with Kayla switching between forms.[2] During this intercourse, Kayla laid her eggs in Mick's head through via his ear canal during intercourse with her tentacles, making him the host of her eggs.[7]

Helping the Legends and Wedding

Kayla shows up on the Waverider to fixes the leap drive, yet later assaults Gary and Mick out of a loyalty to Bishop, who helped her departure. Mick uncovers his pregnancy, however she takes him out. Kayla's cut off appendage starts making another body and chokes Gary.[8]

Kayla talks with Mick.

Kayla is later contacted by the Legends by Mick is freezing about his eggs, and she appears. They fill her in on the circumstance and Mick additionally discloses to her that he has genuine affections for her. Kayla hesitantly collaborates with them to save the eggs. Later, Kayla takes the Legends to Texas 1925 and they discover the Waverider. The remainder of the Legends get on the Waverider to save the eggs and find that Bishop has manipulated the hatchery to detonate. They hurry to snatch the eggs, yet one is abandoned. Mick returns to get it, and the bomb goes off.[9]

The Legends fight the Zagurons.

Mick hardens the impact and the Legends figured out how to save all of the eggs. They soon find that Bishop debilitated the Waverider as well as took Kayla's ship. Kayla attempts to fix the Waverider and Mick spends time with her, watching with the eggs. He discloses to Kayla that after not being around for Lita, he won't make the same mistake with these kids. Kayla realizes someone is coming and chooses to take the transport and escape her, but Mick tells her that he can accompany her and her children. She gets Gideon online, and discover Bishop has left a video message. Kayla gets the Waverider working and attempts to leave, yet Mick stops her.

Kayla and her baby Necrian.

Later, the outsiders begin to rise up out of their cases and everybody gets ready to battle, including Kayla, who chooses to stay close by too. With the chances not in support of themselves, Kayla goes full strange to keep things down so Sara and Ava can finish their promises. At the point when they kiss, energy encompasses them and afterward impacts out from them, taking out the outsiders. The Fountain concluded people are great all things considered and saved them due to cherish. Minister appears as yet reluctant to surrender, however Mick and Kayla's children begin to incubate and assault Bishop, devouring him. After Bishop died, Kayla and Mick left the Legends to raise their kids together.[10]

Revisiting Necria

For fun, Kayla and Mick hired Mona Wu, a friend of Mick's, to babysit the kids. Kayla and Mick were at a bar until several former members of the Legends showed up to successfully ask Mick for his time courier. However, Kayla and the others went home only to find that her children and Mona were kidnapped by Necrians.

Kayla and the former Legends team up on their rescue mission to save the children.

To save her children, Kayla and the former Legends used the time courier to travel through history chasing Necrians, until she took their ship, and learned that her parents were responsible for the kidnapping, shocking everyone. Kayla placed her children in Necria and they traveled there, where Kayla fought with her parents, only to discover that they only wanted to meet their grandchildren, and accepted that they could only see them when there were Necrian festivities. Back on Earth, Kayla and Mick played with their children. Upon arrival, Kayla and the former Legends took a selfie taken by Ray Palmer to send to Nate Heywood.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Necrian physiology: As a Necrian, Kayla's physiology provides her with that aren't possessed regular humans.
    • Prehensile tentecles: As a Necrian, Kayla has prehensile tentecles strong enough to easily restrain and lift people.
    • Extendable mouth: Kayla's mouth can can extend into her torso, enabling her to swallow people whole.
    • Bodily contortion: Kayla's entire body can compress to fit through small spaces; quite similarly to an octopus.


Kayla turning into human via the ring.

  • Transmogrification ring: Kayla uses special ring that enables her to transform into a human form, like Gary's glasses. As oppose to an image inducer, the effect is an actual physical transformation, not a hologram. However, the effect only lasts as long as the ring is worn.[5]


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  • Kayla is over 300 years old, based on her planet's rotation.[2]
  • Kayla likes strong alcohol. She tells Mick his brand isn't strong enough for her, gulping down an entire bottle without getting a buzz.[5]