Kaznia or Kasnia, was a post-Soviet country in Siberia, bordering Russia.


Language and geography

The spoken language was similar to Russian, and the written language was a variant of the Cyrilic writing system, indicating that Kaznian was a Slavic language. Russia and Kaznia were thus frequently confused on Earth-38, which James Olsen demonstrated. Unlike Earth-1's Republic of Kasnia, it was not located in the Balkans. A map of Kaznia shows the nation's borders to correspond to those of the Irkutsk Oblast, on the east side of Lake Baikal.


Kaznian terrorists were one of the groups linked to John Corben's activities as a mercenary, including a genocide in Corto Maltese.[1]

In spring 2018, the remains of Reign, infused with the magic of the Harun-El, separated from her battle with Supergirl and dissipated, before materializing in Siberia. From them walked a copy of Supergirl, who was met by a number of soldiers in winter uniforms.[2] She was codenamed "Snowbird" by the Kaznian government and taken into training.[3]

Several months later, Snowbird was seen digging in an underground mine in Southern Kaznia. Thus, it is likely that the soldiers stationed in Siberia were also Kaznian. Her digging caused an earthquake in the mountains, leading to an imminent train crash, which was luckily prevented by Supergirl, who also grabbed a bottle of brand Kaznian alcoholic drink. The Supergirl copy continued her digging under the watch of soldiers.[4]

Though Kara was annoyed with the conversation, Lena reminded her of how they tracked Lex through Eve's exploits in Kaznia.[5]

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Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, Kaznia or Kasnia is a country in the Balkans region of Europe, similar to its portrayal in Arrow​ and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The country's history of civil wars and strife references that of the historical country of Yugoslavia.
    • Although it later appeared in the comics, the Republic of Kasnia originates from the DC Animated Universe (1992-2006), rather than the main DC Comics universe.
    • In the Justice League Action cartoon series, Kaznia was featured in the episode Keeping Up With The Kryptonians with a similar premise to the one in Supergirl. In particular, Mr. Mxyzptlk affected reality to turn Superman into Kaznia's own "Red Son", while Supergirl became a superstar celebrity with Mxy himself as the producer.
  • While Russia controls Siberia in real life, the fictional Earth-38 universe has a part of it be controlled by Kaznia instead (as Supergirl's copy appeared in Siberia before the local soldiers, and was seen in Southern Kaznia the next time).
    • Specifically, Kaznia seems to correspond to the real-life Irkutsk region of the Russian Federation.
    • However, Lex Luthor's letter to "Snowbird" has the word "РОССИЯ" ("RUSSIA") written underneath the word Kaznia, implying that Kaznia may be a part of Russia, or a breakaway contested territory, akin to Transnistria in real life.


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