Kazumi Adachi (died 2018) was the mother of the late Emiko Adachi and the ex-lover of the late Robert Queen.


Having Emiko

At some point, Kazumi fell in love with the billionaire Robert Queen and in 1989 they had a child named Emiko.

Eleven years later, in 2000, Robert abandoned her and Emiko and cut off all contact with them, choosing Moira, Oliver and Thea over them.[1]


At some point in 2018, Kazumi was murdered by Bear, who had been hired by Dante, and her house in the Glades was burned down to cover up the murder.[1]


Original multiverse

Kazumi's daughter, Emiko Adachi swore to avenge her death, by embracing the darkness and becoming the new Green Arrow after her half-brother Oliver Queen was incarcerated. Emiko found out the truth that it was Dante who had Kazumi killed, and wanted her to embrace and lead the Ninth Circle and killed Dante in revenge.

As noted by Oliver, if Kazumi was still alive today, she would become completely disgusted not only by every immoral action Emiko had committed all the years, including her indirect role in her father, Robert Queen's death, but also disgusted by the individual she became, as Kazumi had raised her daughter to be a good individual, not the cold-hearted psychopathic monster she became.



Season 7


Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Kazumi Adachi is the grandmother of Shado and the maternal great-grandmother of Emiko Queen.


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