"A truth-teller if there ever was one."
Querl Dox on Keanu Reeves[src]

Keanu Reeves is a quoted figure on Earth-38 deemed as "wise man" by Querl Dox.


At some point in his life, Keanu Reeves said "Relationships based on intense experiences never work."[1] He also appeared in an oeuvre that contained the phrase "Pop quiz, hotshot."[2]

At some point in his life, Querl Dox learned of Reeves' phrase and overall life. He used that knowledge to quote Reeves to Nia Nal in 2019.[1] Querl also used a quote from one of Reeves oeuvres as a trigger sentence to convince an Aurafacian alien to control him, in order to let Kara and Alex Danvers investigate the creature.[2]


  • High-level intellect: Keanu Reeves is considered a "wise man" and a "truth-teller" by Querl Dox, who himself has a 12th-level intellect.[1]



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Behind the scenes

  • In the real world, Keanu Reeves is a known actor.
    • Reeves portrayed DC Comics character John Constantine, who is also seen in Arrowverse, portrayed by Matt Ryan.
    • The quote "Relationships based on intense experiences never work" was said by Reeves as Jack Traven in the 1994 movie Speed.
      • The quote "Pop quiz, hotshot" also appeared in the movie.


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