Keisha Moore (died January 2019) was a meta-human former criminal who was killed by Cicada in his vendetta.


Under unknown circumstances, Keisha Moore gained meta-human powers.

Keisha Moore was fighting Cicada. He slashes her stomach and she staggers away. The Flash hits him with a lightning bolt and Elongated Man hits him with a blaster while Killer Frost uses her own powers to freeze the villain to the wall. She then reverts to Caitlin to tend to Keisha's wound. Unfortunately, they were unable to save her and she subsequently died of her injury.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Keisha Moore's DNA was altered by exposure to dark matter, allowing her to access her newfound powers.[1]


  • Skilled combatant: Moore was able to fight on par with Cicada.


The Flash

Season 5


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