"See, here's the thing. Scum recognizes scum. I'm scum. And I've survived this long by recognizing the same. Like you. You're scum. I sniffed you coming a mile away."
—Goldface to Ralph Dibny and Barry Allen[src]

Keith is a criminal known as Goldface who owns a black market. He is also the boyfriend of Amunet Black. He has the ability to turn into gold.


He claims to have been born in Connecticut and went to Yale.

When two men entered his black market to purchase a Neuro-Stasis Field Generator stolen from Van Horn Industries, he interrogated them, since one of them was too curious. The man claimed to be a notorious criminal known as the "Chemist", convincing him of having been behind multiple recent unsolved crimes. Offering to give them the neuro-stasis field generator, Goldface agreed on the premise that they'd help him in a heist at Ivo Labs.

Keith meets Barry.

That night, partway into the heist, the two men betrayed the rest, causing Goldface to take notice and threaten to detonate explosives attached to them. They fought each other in the parking of Ivo Labs, where he revealed himself as a meta-human, having the advantage as the other two had been dampened by meta-cuffs. The Chemist managed to trick him into hitting an electrical box with a chain he was fighting with, causing him to be electrified. The gold in his body melted, though he survived.[1] He was then presumably taken into custody and sent to Iron Heights.

In 2020, he led his gang on waging war against Amulet and her crew.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After he got his powers through unknown means, his DNA was altered and his cells were supercharged, augmenting his physiology.[1]
    • Organic gold transformation: Goldface is able to turn any part of his body into gold.[1]
    • Aurokinesis: Goldface is able to manipulate gold as shown when he used the gold in the Flash suit to throw him across the room with a wave of his hand.[3]


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  • Expert strategist/tactician: Goldface can organize different robberies on highly secure facilities such as Ivo Labs.
    • Leadership: Goldface effectively lead his men behind the scenes or in the field with them.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Goldface is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. This is seen when he fought the depowered Barry Allen and Ralph Dibny simultaneously.
    • Expert chain wielder: Goldface is an expert in using his golden chain necklace in combat.


  • Extreme energy: When Barry tricked Goldface into getting himself electrocuted, this caused the gold in his body to melt, briefly knocking him unconscious.


  • Golden chain necklace: Goldface was able to manipulate a golden chain necklace he wore, turning it into a weapon for melee combat.[1]


The Flash

Season 5

Season 6


  • Goldface survived several shots due to his gold armor, but in reality, gold is relatively weak and soft.
    • This may imply that he doesn't actually turn to gold, but actually turns to some kind of alloy that looks like gold but is more durable than gold.
  • Goldface does have some morality, as he will not stoop to robbing hospitals. Hence why he targeted the 3D printer before it got to one.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Keith Kenyon is the villain Goldface. He is a frequent enemy of Green Lantern and The Flash, and the ex-husband of Amunet Black. He later retired and became a union organizer in Keystone City.


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