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"Caretaker android mach IV, with many other functions."

Kelex is the design name of multiple robotic assistants from Krypton.


Original multiverse[]

One Kelex appeared in Kara's dream, induced by an alien plant. It introduced itself to Kara as her medical attendant, when she "woke" up, much to her confusion. In order to calm her down, Kelex told Kara that her confusion would abate as her temperature stabilized. It then prompted her to get dressed.[1]

Kelex at Fortress

Kelex at the Fortress of Solitude.

Another Kelex was seen in the Fortress of Solitude where it gave Kara information on Indigo.[2]

During Non's takeover of National City, Kara arrived at the Fortress looking for Superman. Kelex informed her that her cousin was dealing with a matter offworld. Kelex refused to give Kara information on Myriad, and instead directed her to a hologram of her mother.[3]

Later, Superman has Kelex scan his hand for residual materials from his fight with Metallo. Kelex discovers residual promethium.[4]

Kelex hovering

"Halt or you will be disintegrated."

Kelex looks at Kara

"You are the intruder."

When Hank Henshaw infiltrated the Fortress, Kelex threatened him with disintegration if he did not identify himself. Henshaw poured blood stolen from Kara on the console, causing Kelex to identify him as Kara, and thus freely provided information on the Medusa virus.[5] Henshaw subsequently reprogrammed Kelex to attack Kara on sight with energy bolts, forcing her to destroy it with her heat vision.[6]

The Kelex of Argo City think Kara and Mon-El are invaders and try to stop them, but Alura appears and tells them to leave.[7]

The Kelex of Argo City

The Kelex of Argo City.

Afterwards, the Kelex are seen performing Argo City after an incident.[8]

At some point, Lois Lane introduced Kelex to Querl Dox.[9]

When Nia Nal was brought to the Fortress by Supergirl and Querl Dox, Nia was fascinated that there was a robot, causing Kelex to introduce itself. Querl and Kelex had a cold exchange, demonstrating their dislike for one another, though Supergirl had no idea why.[9]

New multiverse[]

Kelex transformed

Kelex transformed.

After seeing the damage Earth's oceans were taking from pollution, Zor-El used Kelex for the host of his Oscar program to turn trash into energy; upgraded him with Coluan technology creating a self-replinishing cleaner. However, Kelex was taken over by a parasitic organism in the D.E.O. wreckage and turned into the core of a garbage monster. Brainy later freed him and Kara tossed the trash into the sun.[10]



Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Kelex is a Kryptonian service robot, owned by the House of El and originally charged with monitoring a younger Jor-El. It was created by John Byrne and Dick Giordano, debuting in The Man of Steel #1 (October 1986).