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"If you just keep running, then you don't have to stop and feel how much you're hurting."
—Kelly Olsen[src]

Dr. Kelly Olsen (born 1983[1][2]) is a brilliant psychologist specializing in trauma and a former soldier of the U.S. Army. She is also the sister of James Olsen, the fiancée of a late unnamed woman, the wife of Alex Danvers, and the foster mother of Esme. After moving to National City, Kelly was hired by Obsidian North and helped them to develop a way to use their VR system to cope with traumas.[3]

After seeing her community being ignored by the city, Kelly wished to help, so she decided to become the new Guardian.


Original multiverse

Early life

Kelly Olsen was born in 1983 to a soldier and his wife. She has an older brother, James. At the age of four, Kelly nearly died of suffocation after eating a handful of blueberries, consequently discovering she was severely allergic to them.[4]

Photos of young Kelly and James.

Growing up, Kelly and James were very close, though the former was constantly worried about her brother due to his impulsive, danger-prone antics. Kelly ended up taking care of James during the 15 times he ended up in the hospital.[5]

When Kelly was eight years old, her father was killed during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.[2] Before the funeral service started, her brother told her that he would have been with her to support her. However, Kelly could not find James and called his name while looking for him. Unbeknownst to her, two boys had locked James in a coffin, so Kelly was alone at the service. This bothered Kelly for many years, as she believed her brother had abandoned her at the service after promising he'd be there to help her through it.[1]

After their father's death, Kelly, James, and their mother moved to the home of their aunt Vi in Calvintown, where they spent their youth and early adolescence.[6]

At some point, Kelly and her family moved to Metropolis.[7]

A love story with her Sergeant

In adulthood, Kelly followed in her father's footsteps and spent years serving with the United States Army.[5]

At some point, Kelly was stationed on a checkpoint in the outskirt of Bashur with a commanding officer whom she considered "a jerk". One night, a man tried to cross the checkpoint with his pregnant wife in order reach the only midwife of the region, but the officer stopped him as he didn't have the right papers. Kelly furiously protested they needed to let the couple cross since it was the right thing to do, but the man did absolutely nothing. Kelly's Sergeant then intervened and convinced the officer it would be safer for his unit not to risk the man's wife and child. In this moment, Kelly realized that while she couldn't change people, she could still appeal to what they cared about.[8]

Afterwards, Kelly fell in love with her Sergeant and the two began a relationship, which they were forced to keep hidden from their fellow soldiers. Their romance progressed until Kelly and her Sergeant became engaged. Unfortunately, the woman died one day during a patrol, leaving Kelly heartbroken and unable to face her grief for months. After returning home from duty, Kelly received a posthumous letter from her fiancée encouraging the former to move on since she would surely find someone else who could make her smile. With this, Kelly finally began to let go of the tragedy.[9]

Sometime after 2015, Kelly met James' friend, Kara Danvers, though she remained unaware of the latter's identity as Supergirl. Kara often told Kelly about her adoptive sister, Alex Danvers.[5] In 2017, Kelly served in Afghanistan, where she met and became good friends with Pete Andrews, a fellow soldier assigned to her same unit.[10]

Later, upon completing her service, Kelly became a psychologist specializing in trauma,[5][11] though growing up many suggested her to be a shrink instead.[9]

Visiting National City

Kelly arrives at National City Hospital.

After her brother was shot, Kelly took a red-eye flight to National City to act as "next of kin" while he was hospitalized and comatose. Arriving at the hospital in a critical time, she asked Dr. Kaplan to see James right away, but not before introducing herself to Alex, whom she recognized as Kara's sister by Alex false association to the FBI, and requesting access for all of James's friends as well, stating they were family too.

Kelly and Alex discuss the Harun-El.

Later, Alex entered James' hospital room asking how he was doing, Kelly answered that he was still unconscious but it was good since it means he was healing. Then, Alex thanked Kelly for giving them access to the room, to which she answered it was a pleasure since she knew her brother is the "chosen family" kind of guy. As they were speaking James began having convulsion and, after Dr. Kaplan managed to stop them, he informed Kelly that their only option is to have him underwent an operation who could leave him paralyzed. Alex took Kelly aside telling her that there was another option: the Harun-El drug Lena was working on and that could heal James entirely. After hearing that the drug could have counter-effect, Kelly told Alex that she doesn't trust Lena since the only thing she knew about her is that her family had done some terrible things, many of which to his brother.

Kelly talks to Alex.

The two women had an argument and Alex told that all she wanted was what best for James, to which Kelly angrily responded that that's what she wanted too. Later, Alex brought some Jell-O as an "offer of peace" to Kelly, the woman gladly accepted, telling her there was no need to apologize and that Jell-O is the metaphor of trauma, since if you shake it they wobble despite still holding their form but if you dig in too deep it's never the same. Hearing her, Alex correctly guessed that Kelly was a psychologist and had previously worked with the military, while the latter told her about how many times she had visited James in hospital. They're interrupted by the arrival of Kara, who cheerfully hugged Kelly, and J'onn who asked her where was James' room.

Kelly at her brother's bedside.

After the power outage caused by Manchester Black, Alex once again told Kelly to use the drug stating that she was not asking her to trust Lena but rather to trust her, Kelly was convinced and, since Eve Teschmacher eavesdropped their conversation and had a sample of it with her, they let Lena use it, eventually saving him. When James regained consciousness, she greeted him cheerfully, before to pass him their mother on the phone so that he could reassure her himself.[5]

Kelly visits James at CatCo.

The next day, after James got a clean bill of health by the doctors and was about to exit the hospital, Kelly approached him and noticed he was still shaken (also due to the powers of enhanced hearing he gained from the drug) so she insisted that he should take some more rest, however the man dismissed her offer stating that he was fine and must cover the story of the official repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act. Kelly then reached James' office at CatCo in order to bring him the reference for National City's top PTSD specialists. James insisted that he was fine, however, Kelly pointed out that he was keeping off all the monitors in his office, guessing it was out of fear for seeing Lex Luthor at the news, since he tried to kill him eight times.

Kelly and James hugging.

She also noted that her brother was irritable, jumpy and sweaty, all psychological responses to triggers. James got angered and yelled at Kelly, then he apologized telling him he was busy and overwhelmed and that she should return home. Later that evening, after the fake Supergirl's attack to the White House, James came back to Kelly's hotel room and asked her to stay in National City a little longer, admitting he needed her help to heal from his trauma.[11]

Getting close to Alex

The next day, Kelly accompanied her brother to the clinic of her colleague Dr. Park, National City's best trauma therapist, in order to have the first session to treat his PTSD. Kelly stated that she knew how hard could be facing what he was about to do, that she was proud of him and their father would have been too. James thanked her and entered the clinic as Kelly received a phone call from Alex.

Kelly meets with Alex.

Later she and Alex met in a coffee and the latter asked her to give her advice regarding what to do to reach her commanding officer since they both agreed on the suspicious behavior of the Department of Alien Affairs, but the Colonel insisted on following the rules despite all of it. Kelly told the woman about her experience in Bashur and suggested her to find what her commanding officer cared about, Alex stated that she was very happy that Kelly decided to stay in National City, causing Kelly to joyfully smile. That night, Kelly received a message from James and met with him at CatCo. He revealed that hours earlier he had an attack that he initially thought was related to PTSD until he started to somehow managed to see and heard a lot more clearly than possible, then he showed her the metal lamp he bent bare-handed suggesting they need to contact Lena since she could have known what was happening to him.[8]

Kelly, Alex, James and Brainy in Lena's lab.

After Lena tried unsuccessfully to extract the Harun-El from James with the assistance of Alex, Kelly and Brainy, the latter suggested that they could use a mental palace as a drastic measure to relieve James' PTSD, however as they did this he revived their father funeral, prompting Brainy to state that that was the real reason of his PTSD. Both James and Kelly stated that it was impossible due to James not being at the ceremony because he had locked himself in a diner's bathroom, however, Brainy suggested that he could have altered his own memory since the mind does everything in order to protect itself for traumas.

Kelly opens up to Alex.

This caused Kelly to walk away telling that she needed a break, only to be followed and confronted by Alex, to whom she opened up revealing what happened the day of her father's funeral and why said memory was particularly painful for her. Alex told her that they were similar, as both are great at taking care of others, but not at taking care of themselves; then she offered her to rest, as she could stay at James' side at her place, however, Kelly stated that she could actually do it, and sincerely thanked her.

Kelly helps James overcomes his trauma.

Later, after James entered again his mental palace, finding himself stuck into his traumatic memory, Brainy asked Kelly to enter her brother's mind in order to help him but, although Alex told her it would be too much for her, Kelly eventually choose to do it and entered James' subconscious finally discovering what really happened to him the day of their father's funeral, managing to help him overcome the memory and unlocking his new ability to fly. After Kara's interview with Dreamer and Ben Lockwood's subsequent attack at CatCo with the Children of Liberty, Kelly was informed of it when a D.E.O. agent called Alex, and she stayed at Lena's lab while James and Brainy went there in assistance.[1]

The next day, while Kelly and Alex were jogging together in a park, Alex received a phone call from the adoption agency informing her that a 17-years-old girl in labor had chosen her to be the adoptive mother of the child she was having.

Kelly and Alex in Portsmouth.

Kelly offered Alex her support, due to the anxiety she was experiencing for having to take the most important choice of her life in less than 12 hours, convincing her that nevertheless of the circumstances, she was about to receive a gift; then she accompanied her to Portsmouth, where they took a hotel room and Kelly reassured Alex over her doubts and worries as well as the fear of not being a good mother like Eliza was to her. Kelly comforted Alex telling her that she cared too much for others for not be a good mother; however, moments later, the agency called Alex to inform her that the girl's family had made her changed her mind deciding to keep the baby. After they went back to Alex's apartment, Kelly consoled Alex by telling her about what had happened to her fiancée, stating that it has taught her that no matter how deep they are, eventually scars would always fade.[9]

Kelly and Alex enjoy a movie.

Afterwards, Kelly stopped at Alex's apartment for the night and they enjoyed a movie together, then Alex fell asleep briefly and had a flashback about an episode of her adolescence with Kara at Midvale. After she woke up and told it to Kelly, she reassured Alex by telling her that the failed adoption could have triggered some memories related to her sister because Kara had also been adopted. Later, Lena called Alex to inform her of what she had discovered in Kaznia and the girl went to the D.E.O. National City headquarters.[12]

Romance with Alex

Kelly and Alex share a kiss.

After Lex's plans were thwarted, the Children of Liberty defeated and the martial law withdrawn, Kelly and Alex walked together in the streets to join the "game night" with their friends at the office of J'onn J'onzz's detective agency. Kelly said to Alex that in the brief time they spent together they've been through a lot of things and that she doesn't want to end the closeness with her as it felt like both the most natural thing and a revolution; before she managed to finish the sentence, Alex kissed her, making her understand that she liked her too and wanted to be her girlfriend. At that moment, Brainy and Nia passed by and greeted them, before Alex and Kelly kissed again. The two later joined "game night", where Kelly realized that the reason Brainy was now really good at the game was that he was counting cards.[13]

Kelly has breakfast with Alex, J'onn and Kara.

Months later, Kelly moved to National City and started to work for Obsidian North, a virtual reality based company, using their resources to heal people affected by paranoia, PTSD, or dementia. On the morning of her first day, she had breakfast with Alex, J'onn, and Kara at Noonan's debating with the latter over how technology alienates people but also does good, then she met the company's CEO Andrea Rojas who gave her a brief tour of its medical wing. The next day her brother went to visit her asking for advice regarding how to deal with Rojas takeover of CatCo, to which Kelly pointed out that he demonstrated years prior that he can be an hero simply with a camera and it's time to ask himself "what James Olsen really wants".

Later that night, Kelly and Alex took part at the party held in Kara's honor for having won a Pulitzer, and they shared a dance. Then, after the Superfriends defeated Midnight she hung out with Nia, Brainy, and Alex at Al's Dive Bar.[3]

The next morning, Kelly had breakfast with Alex complimenting her cooking skills, then the latter tried to feed her with a slice of blueberry pie but she quickly stopped her revealing her allergy.

Kelly tries to use Obsidian North's tech to heal J'onn.

Later that day, Kelly used her VR program at Obsidian North to try to cure J'onn from the pain of Fa'ra'too'rik (the punishment for brother attacking brother) he gained for having attacked Malefic, however said procedure only worsen it so, after finding some fractures in J'onn mind's scan Kelly used the VR lenses to enter his psyche and help him heal. After the Martian discovered that his memory was wiped by someone, Kelly offered to help him rebuild it, thus making him remember his brother betrayed the Green Martians during the Civil War against the White.

That evening, Alex was attacked by Malefic in their apartment but managed to use her signal watch to alert Kara, James and Kelly, who rescued her girlfriend from their burning condo while the evil Martian fought Supergirl. Then in an attempt to escape Malefic assumed Kelly's appearance hoping to confuse Alex, however she managed to see through his deception and shot him; the Martian then throw Kelly from the roof of the building they were on, however she was saved by Supergirl.

Kelly gives Alex the list of her allergies.

Later, as J'onn suggested to use her VR machine to dig deeper into his mind to investigate about his brother, Kelly explained that the excessive use of the machine could reset his mind (being secretly heard by Malefic). That night, Alex and Kelly took some cookies to relax after the experience and she gave Alex the list of her allergies, prompting the latter to admit that she was actually scared because they still don't know each other that well despite how much they feel connected. Kelly reassured her that she's safe with her and they share a kiss.[4]

Getting targeted by Malefic

Kelly gives advices to a stranger on street.

Few days later, while walking on the street with her girlfriend, Kara and James, Kelly met a woman named Jenny at a kiosk and after a few moments, the latter started to tell her her whole story and the problem she had with her sister, to which Kelly suggested her to establish boundaries, prompting the rest of the group to ask her to be more careful with strangers since she was attacked by a shape-shifter. However Kelly insisted for Alex and the others not to worry that much and went to work, where she was soon visited by Malefic himself under the guise of her former comrade "Pete Andrews" who, pretending that he was suffering PTSD after being surrounded by snipers during a mission in Kandahar, asked her help to fix his mind with the Obsidian's tech.

Kelly is mind-controlled by Malefic.

Kelly reluctantly accepted and, that night secretly took him into her studio connecting to his mind with the VR contact lenses. During the procedure, Kelly managed to recognize him and Malefic (having regained the powers he was depleted of in the Phantom Zone) attacked her using his mind control to force her committing suicide, however, J'onn intervened and saved her by exploiting Fa'ra'too'rik to weaken his brother.

Kelly says goodbye to Alex.

Kelly quickly realized that due to an interference with Obsidian's lenses while mind-controlled, she has gained the power to sense Malefic even when he was shape-shifted, however the Martian managed to escape once more, leading Alex, Kara, and James to choose to sent Kelly to a secure location as she was now a target for him due to said power. She leaves National City for an unknown location that same night.[10]

Due to her link with Malefic, Kelly started having visions about who the Martian controlled, and what he was doing. In less than a day, James and Kelly arrived in Calvintown where they spent time growing up.

Kelly and James arrive back in Calvintown.

Once they arrived they were surprised to see the town in such disarray, with the large increased homeless population, accompanied by a new prison. Once they got to their aunt's house, two kids ran away and appeared to having been doing homework while squatting. James and Kelly ran again into one of them, Simon Kirby, at a local convenience store when he was caught shoplifting. Kelly coppered for him, and James invited him to dinner. While making pizza, Kelly got a headache due to her continuing visions and stepped outside, meanwhile James and Simon talked about how his mom was in jail for petty theft. After investigating what happened to the town and getting on the phone with a lawyer from National City, James promised to get Simon's mom out of prison and agreed to cover the cost, but Simon was upset when he found out James wasn't staying in town.

Kelly and James join the fight against Malefic.

Later, Kelly had another vision, prompting her and James to return to National City in order to help Supergirl in her fight with Malefic, who have taken control of Alex and the whole audience of a planetarium. After arriving, Kelly and James put a force field between them and the hypnotized audience, while Supergirl and J'onn saved Alex from a bomb attached to her, containing its explosion. Realizing his defeat Malefic tried to make an escape, but is stopped by Brainiac's updated Phantom Zone projector and (apparently) sent back into the Phantom Zone.

James said goodbye to his friends and sister.

That night, Kelly, Alex, Kara, James, Nia and Brainy went to Al's Dive Bar in order to celebrate their victory when James announced to his friends that, having discovered that a rational crime rate in Calvintown, that kept people in prisons, lined the pockets of those in charge, he planned to move back to his old town and help the citizens, buying the Calvintown Gazette and hiring Simon as a photographer.[6]

Worried for Alex

Kelly asks Kara a suggestion on a gift for Alex for their date-anniverary.

With the situation apparently resolved, Kelly concentrated on celebrating her and Alex's date-anniversary, arriving at CatCo in order to ask Kara a suggestion on a gift for Alex, to which she responded a Schadel XG-1000 motorcycle helmet in matte black. Kelly thanked her saying that she was happy to have her in her life together with Alex, prompting Kara to tell her she reciprocated.

That evening, Kelly Brought Alex dinner at the D.E.O. National City headquarters as the latter has to work late, the couple talk about their respective day then Kelly told her that she booked in a waterfront restaurant for their date-anniversary, although she specified that she would have carried Obsidian VR contact lenses with her in order to virtually assist at the launch of their new product.

Kelly opens up to Nia regarding her fear of seeing Alex die.

The day of their date-anniversary, Alex was late at their appointment and Kelly started to assist the launch of "Collective Dream" being awakened from the VR when the tidal wave caused by Rip Roar approached the city and was stopped by Dreamer. Shaken, the following afternoon Kelly has a breakdown in the bathroom of Obsidian North and is found by Nia, to which she open up regarding her feeling of dread in seeing Alex on the field, since her fiancée also died on the line of duty. Hearing this, Nia comforted her, telling that she was there for her as a friend if she needed it.

That night, Kelly and Alex celebrate their date-anniversary late with a quiet dinner and champagne at their apartment.[14]

Kelly confesses her fears to Alex.

Few days later, after Alex was involved in an explosion at the D.E.O. reporting a slight concussion, Kelly stayed at her bedside and, after she woke up, prevented her from came back to work immediately as she was still too weak stating worried that she cant get back in the field if she wasn't 100%. Later, as they were playing cards, Kelly confessed that she was terrorized at the idea of losing Alex as she already lost her fiancée, but their dialogue was interrupted by Brainy, informing them that he had found Leviathan's hideout. That night, Alex told Kelly that she wanted to help her heal from her traumas like she have done with her when they met, due to "feeling home" with her, then they shared a kiss.[15]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

Kelly with the Guardian shield.

During the evacuation of Earth-38 to save its inhabitants from the wave of antimatter in the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Kelly helped Dreamer, Alex, and Lena to embark the citizens of National City, even shielding few of them from some debris using the Guardian shield that James gave her before moving back to Calvintown. Then, she went to Earth-1 together with three billion of her world's inhabitants.[16]

Later Kelly, as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[17] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[18]

New multiverse

Testing Obsidian's new VR system

Kelly had her old memories restored by J'onn and, few days later attended a briefing at Obsidian North held by Andrea Rojas and also attended by "Gemma Cooper".[19]

Kelly runs some tests on Obsidian's lenses.

Sometime after that, while she was helping during some tests on VR simulation with Obsidian's lenses, Kelly was forced to interrupt it as the test subject, Richard Bates, found himself unable to stop it himself and, after waking up, declared that the security system failed to work, then Margot Morrison took the man with her for the final tests.[20]

Kelly at a party to cheer up Nia after her break-up.

Few days later, after Nia broke up with Brainy, Kelly took part at a diner to cheer her up alongside Kara and Alex, despite Nia's claiming she was feeling fine. Later, that evening, after the Superfriends defeated the Toyman, Kelly, Alex, Kara, Nia, William Dey and Winn Schott had a "game night" at Kara's apartment to celebrate the latter's brief return from the future.[21]

Kelly helps Andrea with her experiments.

The following day, Kelly helped Andrea with an experiment at Obsidian North, trying to perfect their Premium lenses, however it went wrong as the woman suddenly experimented an allergic reaction to the lobster she was eating in virtual reality and Kelly explained it was due to a problem with the algorithm, prompting Andrea to tell her to find a way to fix it. [22]

Alex saves Kelly from Amy.

After Alex resigned as the Director of the D.E.O., Kelly made her a first day lunch box to bring at the Tower and gave it to her right out of her workplace at Obsidian before going to work.

The following night, during the Chlorophyllian Amy's attack at Obsidian Platform's launch, Kelly saved some co-workers from her wrath and tried to no avail to reason with her but was soon attacked by her, being saved only thanks to Alex's intervention.[23]

Starting to doubt Obsidian's VR lenses

Kelly gives Obsidian's lenses to Alex.

After Al's brother Trevor Crane mysteriously disappears and the only track is an invitation to an escape room in a virtual Las Vegas, Alex asked Kelly to use some VR lenses to enter it and investigate in the virtual world. Kelly accepted it and explain to her girlfriend how the lenses worked, assuring her to be at her side the whole time. After Alex entered virtual Vegas, Kelly began leading her from comm link and informed her that she should ask questions to the other participants at the simulation to carry on her investigation.

Kelly monitors Alex's investigations in the VR.

After Alex entered the Escape Palace, Kelly informed her that it was designed to recreate the participants most hidden fears, however a pair of men drowning in tanks told Alex that they were unable to end their simulation, prompting a shocked Kelly to tell Alex that she reported that error months earlier and to save them quickly or they would have brain damage as they perceive the simulation as true.

Kelly informs J'onn of Alex's ongoing VR investigation.

After Alex saved and interrogated the two, discovering they came with Trevor but he passed to the other level with a guy named Richard who had the idea to take part to the escape room, Kelly called J'onn and informed him. Then, after the martian interrogated Richard's wife Jennifer, Kelly was informed that she had a virtual fling with Trevor and Richard probably interpolated him because of that, immediately reporting said discovery to Alex too.

Kelly loses contacts with Alex.

Kelly led Alex inside Richard's program but subsequently lost connection with her. After her girlfriend woke up, Kelly asked her what happened and was informed that she managed to defeat Richard in the virtual world while Alex took care of him in the real one, then they go looking for Trevor's physical body in order to drag him from VR.

Kelly and Alex discuss VR's morality.

That evening at Al's Dive Bar, Alex and Kelly had a conversation regarding morality in the real world and the latter explained how she believed that technology could help people and that it made her angry that someone took advantage of it in such way, then they were joined by Trevor who wanted to thank them for having saved his life.[20]

Kelly greets Kara and J'onn at her and Alex's apartment the day of Jeremiah's funeral.

After Alex discovered that Jeremiah Danvers had been found and that he was dead for a heart attack, Kelly greeted J'onn and Kara into her and Alex's apartment, making condolences to the latter. Then, she assisted while the Danvers sister argued over Alex not wanting to go to Midvale for the funeral since her father was dead since years for her.

Kelly has a fight with Alex.

After Kara left, Kelly told her that people reacted to grief in different ways and that she would try to talk to her girlfriend. After they were left alone in the apartment, Kelly told Alex not to start drink that early in the morning and that she understands how she felt due to having suffered many losses throughout her life however Alex asked her to leave her alone and give her some space, to which Kelly agreed.

William asks for Kelly's help.

Back at her office, worrying for her girlfriend, Kelly is visited by William and told him about the situation, then to distract her, he asked if she could clarify to him about the 32 satellites Lex has launched in the past weeks for his Obsidian world tour. To which she said it was not related to their VR lenses despite she still didn't trust him.

Kelly informs Andrea that the glitch in their systems fail safe wasn't fixed.

After she tried to link Lex to the glitch in the system's fail safe used by Richard Bates, Kelly went to Andrea and informed her that it wasn't fixed as it should despite she reported it, however the latter told her that it has to be caused by the hacked rather than a flaw in their VR. She then visited William at the CatCo informing him about Andrea's response and that Lex has became a board member of Obsidian North and thus was likely covering up the flaws in the system.

Kelly investigates with William.

So, in order to find out if Lex was trapping people inside the VR on purpose, Kelly and William decided to call every user who was reported to having stayed inside it for more than two days. However, after they do all of the calls finding nothing, William noticed how stressed Kelly seemed and suggested her to go check on Alex, which she did find her in a comatose-like state and trapped in the VR.

Kelly manages to wake up Alex.

After failing to wake her up with the fail safe system, Kelly used the VR lenses as well to enter Alex's simulation but found herself unable to convince her what she was experiencing as Supergirl in a virtual National City wasn't real so she exited the simulation and informed Andrea about it, her boss suggested her to shock Alex placing her in front of something inexplicable but undeniable, which Kelly did create a younger version of Alex inside the VR to convince her that none of what she was experiencing was real.

Kelly and Alex at Jeremiah's funeral.

After it worked and Alex woke up, Kelly reassured her that she was back in the real world and everything is gonna be alright, to which Alex hugged her telling her that she loved her and apologizing for the way she acted in the morning. Also, her girlfriend informed Kelly that she saw several other people trapped inside the VR like she was, prompting Kelly to respond that she wold investigate on it after they went to Midvale for Jeremiah's funeral, which they did.[24]

Kelly shares a lunch with Alex and Kara after Jeremiah's funeral.

Few days after the funeral Kelly and Alex were eating dumplings in Kara's apartment, and she comforted her girlfriend over not feeling right that everything was so normal despite Jeremiah being dead. After William visited them bringing various british sweets and recipes of his own making, she listened to him as he explained he may have a lead on the missing persons who used Obsidian VR since a contact of his found the name of a medical bracelet he found on an apparently empty warehouse, albeit it appear he was never recovered in an hospital. Then Kelly shown the list of name and Alex managed to identify Bonnie Walker, a woman she met while trapped in the VR.

Kelly at the Tower.

Later at the Tower, Kelly discussed with the others a way to track those disappearing individuals and was there when, under Brainy's suggestion, the group chose to invert the power of Myriad in order to allow J'onn to detect them using his telepathy.[25]

Kelly tries to talk Andrea out of launching Obsidian Worldwide Unity Festival.

Kelly and William assisted Andrea's presentation of Obsidian Worldwide Unity Festival, commenting between themselves how much of a bad idea it was after an employee of Obsidian kidnapped hundred of citizen trapping them in VR. After the conference, Kelly tried to warn Andrea about how reckless said decision may be, but the latter insisted they have everything under control due to the glitch having been fixed, warning her not to waste her time anymre unless she had concrete proofs of the contrary.

Kelly helping William to investigate the list of Obsidian's employees.

Later that day, William asked Kelly to help him investigate Obsidian's employees register in search of the mysterious employee 873, who interacted frequently with the apparent responsible of the kidnapping, Margot Morrison, discovering it was Eve Teschmacher, which Kelly remembered from her previous Earth's memories.

Kelly and William try to warn Andrea about Eve.

After they shown Eve's file to Andrea, Kelly and William discovered that, according to her researches the woman's criminal record was clean and she was a model citizen, intimating them to stop their investigations or leave her company.

Kelly suggests that Alex adopt a masked identity.

That evening, after Alex returned to their apartment, Kelly asked her how her meeting with Pete Andrews had gone, however she replied that Leviathan ambushed them and the man was now forced into hiding because of that. After Alex confessed that she felt exposed now that she didn't work for the D.E.O., Kelly revealed what she discovered about Eve and that Andrea threatened to fire her if she kept investigating, stating that she intended to be more careful and get better at hiding, then suggesting Alex to do the same and create her own masked alter ego since she already started being a vigilante.[26]

Kelly calls Alex to ask about her condition after a battle with Leviathan.

After Alex, J'onn, M'gann and Dreamer fought Rama Khan, Sela and Tezumak in National City to buy enough time for Kara and Lena to reach the latter's lab and build a new Anti-Kryptonite suit, Kelly called her girlfriend to ask her if she was alright and, being reassured of it, informed her that William have disappeared the previous night while following a lead on Eve Teschmacher.

Kelly checks out Alex's new vigilante look.

Later, Kelly and Alex infiltrated into Obsidian to check on Eve's file and found a possible location of hers, while there Kelly commented in approval on how good Alex looked in her new vigilante suit, to which the latter replied that she was the one who inspired her. The two women managed to complete their task and found an encrypted file about Eve's safehouse, which Lena decrypted allowing Supergirl to find her. Later, Kelly blocked the kill-switch Gamemnae had to the Obsidian Platinum database so that Supergirl could not be killed virtually while in the system, forcing Gamemnae to need a physical assassin.[27]

Kelly arrives at the Tower with the Superfriends. There, they come up with a plan to stop Lex. Later, Kelly goes to CatCo and finds Andrea Rojas devastated. She asks what happened and Andrea reveals that her father blamed her for the Obsidian Platinum disaster, then Kelly consoles her. Kelly presumably was also affected by Lex's satellites but returned to normal after they were destroyed by J'onn and M'gann. CatCo's problems are solved when Andrea's father "bought the shares".[28]

Absence of Kara

Emotional support

Kelly is now unemployed, but instead of falling into despair,[29] she helped others emotionally. When Silas was hesitant about working on the portal to Phantom Zone, Kelly talked to him and garnered his help.[30] After the portal failed to deliver Kara and Alex had an emotional breakdown, Kelly promised to be with Alex until she feels better.

Kelly assists with M'gann's soul transfer.

Later, at the Tower, Kelly defended M'gann M'orzz and J'onn J'onzz from Prime Phantom, resulting in Kelly's hands getting freezer burn. As Kelly nursed her wound at Alex's apartment, Alex asked Kelly to stay there permanently.[29]

Member of the Superfriends

Days later, Kelly officially became a member of the Superfriends and traveled with her teammates to the Phantom Zone to retrieve Supergirl. Kelly told the team techniques to separate fear from reality, as the Phantom Zone caused humans to dream their fears. Kelly's fear manifested as being a regular human and feeling that she was inferior compared to the intellect of Lena Luthor or the powers of the others; however, she remembered her techniques by focusing on her love for Alex to awaken from her dream.

Kelly was joyous when the team succeeded in finding and retrieving Kara.[31]

After returning to National City, Kelly had a full day of orientation at social services and subsequently missed Kara's welcome home party. She sent her apologies through Alex.[32]

Becoming Guardian

Helping Joey Davis

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The Seven AllStone Totems

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To take a break from the totems, the Superfriends played jenga. When people went crazy over the Humanity Totem, Kelly and Alex tried to calm people down. Kelly talked about Esme's new family, and she and Alex flirted until J'onn interrupted them. Kelly and Alex rescued Esme from the crazed people. Because the adoptive family abandoned Esme, Kelly and Alex decided to adopt Esme as their daughter.[33]

Kelly and the Superfriends discovered that Esme had the ability to copy alien powers. Kelly was happy to see Esme becoming friends with Brainy. Kelly motivated Alex to be sure about taking care of Esme. She and Alex revealed to their adopted daughter that they are heroines and Esme accepted them as her family.[34]

Marriage to Alex

The Superfriends face Nyxly.

Kelly booked Al's bar for a romantic date with Alex. Setting Nyxlygsptlnz a trap, Kelly and the Superfriends confronted the imp, but were defeated when Lex Luthor returned to help Nyxly. Kelly and Esme surprised Alex with a date at Al's bar. Kelly and Alex were interrupted when Nyxly and Lex showed up in search of the Love Totem.

Kelly agrees to marry Alex.

Kelly and Alex protected Esme from the villains until Kara and J'onn arrived to confront Lex and Nyxly while Kelly and Alex protected Esme. Kelly and Alex protected Esme from the villains until Kara and J'onn arrived to confront Lex and Nyxly while Kelly and Alex protected Esme. Shortly after the celebration, Kelly, Alex, and Esme were watching television without knowing that the Love Totem was inside Esme.[35]

Alternate timeline

Kelly in the dystopian alternate timeline where Supergirl and Lena never became friends.

In an alternate timeline created by Mr. Mxyzptlk to show Kara how the world would have been if she and Lena had never became friends, National City was governed with the iron fist by an insane Lena, turned into a Metallo by Lillian, while Kelly was part of the resistance alongside Alex, J'onn, Winn, Mon-El and Nia. She fought the brainwashed Brainy alongside her girlfriend and Nia, while J'onn took care of Lena's henchman Reign and Winn, Mon-El and Mxy infiltrated the D.E.O. to retrieve the Hat's Fifth Dimensional hat in order to allow the imp to retrieve his powers and bring himself and Supergirl back to the former reality.[36]


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Kelly is a caring girlfriend and a loving sister. She appreciates other people and she cares about the ones she loves. However, she can be a little spiteful; for example, she never forgot that her brother wasn’t at their father’s funeral. Everyone believed he was trapped in a diner's bathroom, but this wasn’t actually true. Kelly is very understanding and helpful especially when rescuing Kara in the Phantom Zone. She was able to use her speciality in psychology to tell everyone to find grounding techniques to get them through the Phatom's attacks.

Powers and abilities



  • Peak of human physical condition: As a former military Kelly is presumably in top of physical condition, she has proven herself to be extremely nimble and agile, such as when she shielded few citizens from some debris during the evacuation of Earth-38.[16] She's also very athletic, regularly engaging in jogging and able to keep pace with her girlfriend[9] as well as various sports courses and activities.[37]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Kelly is skilled in hand to hand combat. She managed to throw Alex to the ground when the two were training for her to be the next Guardian, which surprised Alex.[38] Kelly was also able to fight multiple individuals who had their humanity taken away.[33]
  • High-level intellect/Psychologist: Kelly is very inquisitive and insightful to everyone, she is able to understand others' emotions and predict their behavior, knowing exactly how to treat people and advise them.[8][11] Her knowledge is so remarkable that even Brainy praised it and after she entered James' mind, she was able to use her skills to help him overcome his trauma.[1] She was also able to help J'onn regain most of his erased memory,[4] and her charisma often leads her to make others spontaneously open with her about their problems even after they have just met her.[10]
    • Expert physician: Having worked as a medical officer for the U.S. Army in Bashur, Kelly has a substantial amount of medical knowledge.[8]
    • Skilled investigator: Kelly has proven to be a quite capable investigator, as she was able to help William Dey investigating the disappearance of some Obsidian users.[24]
    • Computer specialist/Expert computer hacker: Kelly is a highly skilled computer specialist, programmer and hacker. She displayed a huge knowledge on VR and how it works,[20] managing to enter the Obsidian Platinum database and modifying it without Gamemnae noticing it.[27]


  • Allergies: Kelly is allergic to hazelnuts, bees, cats, and especially blueberries.[4]


Original multiverse

  • Guardian shield: A built-in shield that expands and retracts both automatically and on command from a gauntlet; James wore it as Guardian and left it for her after moving back to Calvintown.[16]

New multiverse

Alternate timeline equipment



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Season 6


  • Kelly enjoys old black & white movies.[12]
  • She's a fan of Die Hard and considers Hans Gruber the "greatest movie villain of all time".[3]
  • Two of her favorite foods are bacon and whipped cream.[4]
  • She is apparently extremely bad at cooking.[6]
  • Kelly's favorite color is purple.[14]

Behind the scenes

  • Kelly is a character created exclusively for Supergirl as in the DC comics, Jimmy Olsen is an only child in its Golden Age, Silver Age, and modern incarnations. But in DC Rebirth, Jimmy has a sister named Janie Olsen, who probably inspired Kelly.
    • With her being promoted to series regular of the fifth season of Supergirl, Kelly became the second main character who doesn't originate from the DC comics, along with William Dey and after Alex Danvers.