Dr. Kelly Olsen (born 1983[1][2]) is a psychologist specializing in trauma formerly affiliated to the U. S. Army. Kelly is also the sister of James Olsen, the fiancée of a late unnamed woman and the girlfriend of Alex Danvers.[3]


Early life

Kelly was born in 1983[1] to soldier Marcus Olsen and his unnamed wife. She has an older brother, James, whom she was always very close to, despite finding his behavior too impulsive and prone to danger. Kelly often found herself being worried about James and taking care of him over the 15 times he ended up in hospital during their lives.[4] After her father died during Operation Desert Storm in 1991,[2] Kelly was eight years old and, before the funeral service started, her brother told her that he would have been with her to support her. However, Kelly could not find James and called his name while looking for him. Unbeknownst to her, two boys had locked James in a coffin, so Kelly was alone at the service. This bothered Kelly for many years, as she believed her brother had abandoned her at the service after promising he'd be there to help her go through it.[1]

Although many suggested her to be a shrink growing up,[5] Kelly became a psychologist who specializes in trauma[4][6] and spent years serving with the United States Army.[4]

A love story with her Sergeant

At some point she was stationed on a checkpoint in the outskirt of Bashur with a commanding officer that she considered "a jerk"; one night a man tried to get across the town with his pregnant wife in order to get the only midwife of the region, but the officer stopped him as he hadn't the right papers, Kelly yelled at him about doing the right thing gaining absolutely nothing, until her Sergeant convinced the officer it would be safer for his unit not to risk the man's wife and child. That was the moment in which Kelly realized that though you can't change people, you can appeal to what they care about.[7]

At some point after this she fell in love with her Sergeant, but they had to kept their relationship a secret to everybody, however during one day the woman died during a patrol leaving Kelly heartbroken and unable to face the grief until months later when she returned home, receiving a posthumous letter from her lover, in which she urged her to go on even without her because one day she would have surely found someone else capable of making her smile.[5]

Over the years, she met Kara Danvers, though she remained unaware of the latter's identity as Supergirl, and often heard of the girl's adoptive sister Alex.[4]

Visiting National City

Kelly arrives at National City Hospital

Kelly arrives at National City Hospital.

After her brother was shot, Kelly took a red-eye flight to National City to act as "next of kin" while he was hospitalized and comatose. Arriving at the hospital in a critical time, she asked Dr. Kaplan to see James right away, but not before introducing herself to Alex, whom she recognized as Kara's sister by Alex false association to the FBI, and requesting access for all of James's friends as well, stating they were family too.

Kelly and Alex discuss about the Harun-El

Kelly and Alex discuss the Harun-El.

Later, Alex entered James' hospital room asking how he was doing, Kelly answered that he was still unconscious but it was good since it means he was healing. Then, Alex thanked Kelly for giving them access to the room, to which she answered it was a pleasure since she knew her brother is the "chosen family" kind of guy. As they were speaking James began having convulsion and, after Dr. Kaplan managed to stop them, he informed Kelly that their only option is to have him underwent an operation who could leave him paralyzed. Alex took Kelly aside telling her that there was another option: the Harun-El drug Lena was working on and that could heal James entirely. After hearing that the drug could have counter-effect, Kelly told Alex that she doesn't trust Lena since the only thing she knew about her is that her family had done some terrible things, many of which to his brother.
Kelly talks to Alex

Kelly talks to Alex.

The two women had an argument and Alex told that all she wanted was what best for James, to which Kelly angrily responded that that's what she wanted too. Later, Alex brought some jelly as an "offer of peace" to Kelly, the woman gladly accepted, telling her there was no need to apologize and that jelly is the metaphor of trauma, since if you shake it they wobble despite still holding their form but if you dig in too deep it's never the same. Hearing her, Alex correctly guessed that Kelly was a psychologist and had previously worked with the military, while the latter told her about how many times she had visited James in hospital. They're interrupted by the arrival of Kara, who cheerfully hugged Kelly, and J'onn who asked her where was James' room.
Kelly at her brother's bedside

Kelly at her brother's bedside.

After the power outage caused by Manchester Black, Alex once again told Kelly to use the drug stating that she was not asking her to trust Lena but rather to trust her, Kelly was convinced and, since Eve Teschmacher eavesdropped their conversation and had a sample of it with her, they let Lena use it, eventually saving him. When James regained consciousness, she greeted him cheerfully, before to pass him their mother on the phone so that he could reassure her himself.[4]

Kelly visits James at CatCo

Kelly visits James at CatCo.

The next day, after James got a clean bill of health by the doctors and was about to exit the hospital, Kelly approached him and noticed he was still shaken (also due to the powers of enhanced hearing he gained from the drug) so she insisted that he should take some more rest, however the man dismissed her offer stating that he was fine and must cover the story of the official repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act.

Kelly then reached James' office at CatCo in order to bring him the reference for National City's top PTSD specialists. James insisted that he was fine, however, Kelly pointed out that he was keeping off all the monitors in his office, guessing it was out of fear for seeing Lex Luthor at the news, since he tried to kill him eight times.
Kelly and James hugs

Kelly and James hugging.

She also noted that her brother was irritable, jumpy and sweaty, all psychological responses to triggers. James got angered and yelled at Kelly, then he apologized telling him he was busy and overwhelmed and that she should return home.

Later that evening, after the fake Supergirl's attack to the White House, James came back to Kelly's hotel room and asked her to stay in National City a little longer, admitting he needed her help to heal from his trauma.[6]

Getting close to Alex

The next day, Kelly accompanied her brother to the clinic of her colleague Dr. Park, National City's best trauma therapist, in order to have the first session to treat his PTSD. Kelly stated that she knew how hard could be facing what he was about to do, that she was proud of him and their father would have been too. James thanked her and entered the clinic as Kelly received a phone call from Alex.

Kelly meets with Alex

Kelly meets with Alex.

Later she and Alex met in a coffee and the latter asked her to give her advice regarding what to do to reach her commanding officer since they both agreed on the suspicious behavior of the Department of Alien Affairs, but the Colonel insisted on following the rules despite all of it. Kelly told the woman about her experience in Bashur and suggested her to find what her commanding officer cared about, Alex stated that she was very happy that Kelly decided to stay in National City, causing Kelly to joyfully smile. That night, Kelly received a message from James and met with him at CatCo. He revealed that hours earlier he had an attack that he initially thought was related to PTSD until he started to somehow managed to see and heard a lot more clearly than possible, then he showed her the metal lamp he bent bare-handed suggesting they need to contact Lena since she could have known what was happening to him.[7]

Kelly, Alex, James and Brainy in Lena's lab

Kelly, Alex, James and Brainy in Lena's lab.

After Lena tried unsuccessfully to extract the Harun-El from James with the assistance of Alex, Kelly and Brainy, the latter suggested that they could use a mental palace as a drastic measure to relieve James' PTSD, however as they did this he revived their father funeral, prompting Brainy to state that that was the real reason of his PTSD. Both James and Kelly stated that it was impossible due to James not being at the ceremony because he had locked himself in a diner's bathroom, however, Brainy suggested that he could have altered his own memory since the mind does everything in order to protect itself for traumas.

Kelly open up to Alex

Kelly opens up to Alex.

This caused Kelly to walk away telling that she needed a break, only to be followed and confronted by Alex, to whom she opened up revealing what happened the day of her father's funeral and why said memory was particularly painful for her. Alex told her that they were similar, as both are great at taking care of others, but not at taking care of themselves; then she offered her to rest, as she could stay at James' side at her place, however, Kelly stated that she could actually do it, and sincerely thanked her.

Kelly helps James overcomes his trauma

Kelly helps James overcomes his trauma.

Later, after James entered again his mental palace, finding himself stuck into his traumatic memory, Brainy asked Kelly to enter her brother's mind in order to help him but, although Alex told her it would be too much for her, Kelly eventually choose to do it and entered James' subconscious finally discovering what really happened to him the day of their father's funeral, managing to help him overcome the memory and unlocking his new ability to fly. After Kara's interview with Dreamer and Ben Lockwood's subsequent attack at CatCo with the Children of Liberty, Kelly was informed of it when a D.E.O. agent called Alex, and she stayed at Lena's lab while James and Brainy went there in assistance.[1]

The next day, while Kelly and Alex were jogging together in a park, Alex received a phone call from the adoption agency informing her that a 17-years-old girl in labor had chosen her to be the adoptive mother of the child she was having.

Kelly and Alex in Portsmouth

Kelly and Alex in Portsmouth.

Kelly offered Alex her support, due to the anxiety she was experiencing for having to take the most important choice of her life in less than 12 hours, convincing her that nevertheless of the circumstances, she was about to receive a gift; then she accompanied her to Portsmouth, where they took a hotel room and Kelly reassured Alex over her doubts and worries as well as the fear of not being a good mother like Eliza was for her. Kelly comforted Alex telling her that she cared too much for others for not be a good mother; however, moments later, the agency called Alex to inform her that the girl's family had made her changed her mind deciding to keep the baby. After they went back to Alex Danvers' apartment Kelly consoled Alex by telling her about what had happened to her fiancèe, stating that it has taught her that no matter how deep they are, eventually scars would always fade.[5]

Kelly and Alex enjoys a movie

Kelly and Alex enjoy a movie.

Afterwards, Kelly stopped at Alex's apartment for the night and they enjoyed a movie together, then Alex fell asleep briefly and had a flashback about an episode of her adolescence with Kara at Midvale. After she woke up and told it to Kelly, she reassured Alex by telling her that the failed adoption could have triggered some memories related to her sister because Kara had also been adopted. Later, Lena called Alex to inform her of what she had discovered in Kaznia and the girl went to the D.E.O. National City headquarters.[8]

Romancing Alex

Kelly and Alex kisses

Kelly and Alex share a kiss.

After Lex's plans were thwarted, the Children of Liberty defeated and the martial law withdrawned, Kelly and Alex walked together in the streets to join the "game night" with their friends at the office of J'onn J'onzz's detective agency. Kelly said to Alex that in the brief time they spent together they've been through a lot of things and that she doesn't want to end the closeness with her as it felt like both the most natural thing and a revolution; before she managed to finish the sentence, Alex kissed her, making her understand that she liked her too and wanted to be her girlfriend. At that moment, Brainy and Nia passed by and greeted them, before Alex and Kelly kissed again. The two later joined "game night", where Kelly realized that the reason Brainy was now really good at the game was that he was counting cards.[3]

Kelly has breakfast with Alex, J'onn and Kara

Kelly has breakfast with Alex, J'onn and Kara.

Months later, Kelly moved to National City and started to work for Obsidian North, a virtual reality based copany, using their resources to heal people affected by paranoia, PTSD or dementia. On the morning of her first day she had breakfast with Alex, J'onn and Kara at Noonan's debating with the latter over how technology alienate people but also does good, then she met the company's CEO Andrea Rojas who gave her a brief tour of its medical wing. The next day her brother went to visit her asking for advices regarding how to deal with Rojas takeover of CatCo, to wich Kelly pointed out that he demostrated years prior that he can be an hero simply with a camera and it's time to ask himself "what James Olsen really whant". Later that night, Kelly and Alex took part at the party held in Kara's honor for having won a Pulitzer, and they shared a dance. Then, after the Superfriends defeated Midnight she hangs out with Nia, Brainy and Alex at Al's Dive Bar.[9]


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  • Keen intellect/Psychologist: Kelly is very inquisitive and insightful to everyone, she is able to understand others' emotions and predict their behavior, knowing exactly how to treat people and advice them.[6][7] Her knowledge is so remarkable that even Brainy praised it and after she entered James' mind, she was able to use her skills to help him overcome his trauma.[1]




  • Kelly seems to enjoy old black and white movies.[8]
  • She is a fan of Die Hard and considers Hans Gruber the greatest movie villain of all time.[9]
  • She's allergic to blueberries, hazlenuts, bees and cats.[10]

Behind the scenes

  • Kelly is a character created exclusively for the TV Show Supergirl as in the DC comics, Jimmy Olsen is an only child.


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