An unnamed woman was a military sergeant of the United States Army and the fiancée of Kelly Olsen.


The woman joined the United States Army, eventually rising to the rank of Sergeant. At some point she was stationed on a checkpoint in the outskirt of Bashur with a hard commanding officer; one night, after a man tried to get across the town with his pregnant wife in order to get the only midwife of the region, but the officer stopped him as he hadn't the right papers, Kelly Olsen, who was stationed there too, yelled at him about doing the right thing gaining absolutely nothing, until the woman convinced the officer it would be safer for his unit not to risk the man's wife and child. That was the moment in which Kelly realized that though you can't change people, you can appeal to what they care about.[1]

At some point after this she and Kelly fell in love with each other, but they had to kept their relationship a secret to everybody, however during one day the woman died during a patrol leaving Kelly heartbroken and unable to face the grief until months later when she returned home, receiving a posthumous letter from her, in which she urged her to go on even without her because one day she would have surely found someone else capable of making her smile.[2]



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