An unnamed woman was a military sergeant of the United States Army and the fiancée of Kelly Olsen.


The woman joined the United States Army, eventually rising to the rank of Sergeant.

The woman was once stationed on a checkpoint in the outskirt of Bashur. One night, the commanding officer refused to let a pregnant couple cross in order to get to the only midwife of the region, since the man wasn't carrying the right papers. As fellow soldier Kelly Olsen tried to change his mind, the woman ultimately convinced the commanding officer otherwise by bringing up how it would look bad on his unit if they risked the lives of the man's wife and child.[1]

Sometime after this, the woman and Kelly fell in love with one another, though they had to keep their relationship a secret from everyone. Eventually, the two became engaged. Not long after though, the woman was killed on duty during a patrol.[2]


In case she died during her service, the woman had written a letter to Kelly after their engagement, which the latter received during one of her trips home from the army. In the letter, the woman urged Kelly to keep going through life without the former because one day, she would surely find someone else capable of making her smile. This allowed Kelly to finally face her grief over her fiancée's death.[2]



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