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"The bug I put in that phone from the Vigilante just lit up. Your daughter's playing Maid Marion to Robin Hood again."
—Kelton to Quentin Lance[src]

Kelton (died May 2014) was a CSU technician for the Starling City Police Department.


Aiding the Detectives[]

"The only prints on it are yours. The tech inside is military grade. I can't even trace the manufacturer. Forensics-wise, it's a dead end."
—Kelton to Quentin Lance[src]

Kelton reviewed footage of the Unidac Industries auction for Detectives Quentin Lance and Lucas Hilton, mildly protesting he'd already done so. Quentin instructed him to look for anything remotely suspicious. Sure enough, Kelton uncovered footage of Oliver Queen retrieving The Hood's costume in a stairwell.[1]

He helped plant a bug to overhear Laurel Lance and The Hood's conversations in order to track him down.[2] He also was able to backtrack signals to Oliver's tech specialist, Felicity, whose counterpart he was in many ways.[3]

The Siege[]

"Hey. You got the time?"
"It's, uh, 9:00."
Ripped and Kelton[src]

He was later asked by Laurel and Quentin to secretly hack into Sebastian Blood's computer to gather evidence that the newly elected Mayor Blood was involved with Moira Queen's death, which Kelton agreed to as he didn't have much to lose, as he was stuck in a dead-end job despite having voted for Blood. He was able to gather evidence that Blood was indeed complicit in Moria Queen's murder. Just when the invasion of Slade's army began, Ripped was planted, like many of his Blood Brothers, at the police station. He asked Kelton what time it was, because at 9:00 pm, he attacked and snapped Kelton's neck, killing him.[4]


"I know you swore to bring this guy down, Detective, but using your own daughter as bait, that's stone-cold."
—Kelton to Quentin Lance[src]

Kelton often obliged Quentin Lance in his endeavors to arrest the vigilante known as the Hood, later known as the Arrow. However, he objected to Lance's methods, such as involving his daughter Laurel to accomplish his goals.[2] Kelton also made sure to ask if Lance had a warrant for his activities, demonstrating his concern for ethically upholding the law.[3] Although he did follow along when Lance did not have a warrant for bugging Sebastian Blood's computer, despite having voted for him, Kelton did not object because he viewed his position as "a dead-end job."[4]


"I got a strong signal from the crystal VHF transmitter you hid in the speaker, and it can't be back-traced."
—Kelton to Quentin Lance[src]
  • High-level intellect/Computer specialist/Expert computer hacker: Kelton was one of the police department's more technologically-inclined members. He was able to pull up security footage from the Exchange Building shooting for Quentin Lance and Lucas Hilton, which included Oliver Queen retrieving his vigilante suit.[1] He also found security footage of the vigilante from Russo's, and although he had limited access as they did not pay for much security, he helped find Lance footage of Queen with Helena Bertinelli in the restaurant hours earlier.[5] Lance also asked him to investigate the origins of the phone supplied to him by the vigilante, but he came up empty. Shortly after, he gave Lance an untraceable transmitter to hide in the phone's speaker before he gave it to his daughter Laurel so that the next time she called the Hood, they would be able to listen to everything they say.[2] He later informed Lance when his daughter contacted the vigilante again, justifying Lance's request of Lieutenant Frank Pike for a task force; Lance commended Kelton for his work.[6] Months later, when someone at Merlyn Global Group was connected to the "copycat archer" at Unidac Industries, Lance asked Kelton to look into their computer systems. While he was unable to do so due to the company's advanced cyber security, he learned Felicity Smoak tried hacking into their systems with the same pathways he used and knew that she knew how to reverse engineer her digital footprints.[3] Later that year, he found footage of a suspect at the scene of a stolen industrial centrifuge.[7] When Sebastian Blood became the Mayor, Kelton gave Laurel a device to plant under Blood's desk in order to remotely access his computer and was asked to find anything incriminating in his files, allowing her to see that Blood wrote a letter regarding Moira Queen's murder the day before she died.[4]