Kelton (died May 2014) was a CSU technician for the Starling City Police Department.


Kelton reviewed footage of the Unidac Industries auction for Detectives Quentin Lance and Lucas Hilton, mildly protesting he'd already done so. Quentin instructed him to look for anything remotely suspicious. Sure enough, Kelton uncovered footage of Oliver Queen retrieving The Hood's costume in a stairwell.[1]

He helped plant a bug to overhear Laurel Lance and The Hood's conversations in order to track him down. He also was able to backtrack signals to Oliver's tech specialist, Felicity, whose counterpart he was in many ways.

During Season 2 he was asked by Laurel and Quentin to secretly hack into Sebastian Blood's computer to gather evidence that the newly elected Mayor Blood was involved with Moira Queen's death, which Kelton agreed to as he didn't have much to lose, as he was stuck in a dead-end job despite having voted for Blood. He was able to gather evidence that Blood was indeed complicit in Moria Queen's murder. Just when the invasion of Slade's army began, Ripped was planted, like many of his Blood Brothers, at the police station. He asked Kelton what time it was, because at 9:00 pm, he attacked and snapped Kelton's neck, killing him.




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