Ken Williams (born June 13, 1968)[1] is a businessman. He is the husband of a late unnamed woman and the father of Johnny Williams. His name is on "The List".


Early life

Ken Williams graduated from Starling City University. At some point, he got married and in 2003, he and his wife had a son, Johnny. Several years later, Ken lost his wife to cancer.[1]

At some point, Ken's name ended up on The List.[1]

Encounter with The Hood

Ken stole millions of dollars from many people through a "pyramid scheme", causing them to lose their homes. Oliver Queen/The Hood was planning on going after him due to this, but was locked into his base by Felicity Smoak, who had discovered that Ken was a single father. Eventually, Oliver did give his warning to Ken, and he returned all the stolen money.[1]



Season 1


  • Ken is 6'1" tall.[1]
  • Ken's address is 5955 South Essex Drive, North Blk., West Starling, 9554.[1]
  • Ken is the coach of his son's soccer team.[2]

Behind the scenes


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