A monastery owned by Ken Zhi Jansen is the place in which he lived up until his death. Malcolm Merlyn briefly used the monastery as a sanctuary to hide from the League of Assassins, until he was found by Nyssa al Ghul and Team Arrow. It is located in Star City.


Malcolm Merlyn bankrolled Ken Zhi Jansen's defense when he faced deportation charges - Jansen, in turn, returned the favor by offering Malcolm asylum in his monastery. Even after his death, Jansen's monastery remained a sanctuary for Malcolm, despite his criminal status. After Thea Queen returned to Star City and Malcolm joined his daughter, he continued to use the place as a safe haven to remain hidden from the League of Assassins. However, when Nyssa, Oliver Queen, Roy Harper and John Diggle discovered his sanctuary, Malcolm was forced to abandon the favored monastery.[1]

Known residents

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Season 3


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