Kendric Waller (died 1993) was a criminal who lived in the Glades. He was killed by Malcolm Merlyn.


In 1993, Waller was lived in the Glades. After the death of Rebecca Merlyn, the Police suspected Waller is the one who killed her (in reality, Danny Brickwell was the killer).

One day, Waller was confronted by Malcolm Merlyn, Rebecca's husband. Malcolm told him he got lost, but Waller threatened he will steal his watch. Malcolm started asking him why he is robbing people, before pulling a gun, threating to kill him. Waller, seeing he is never killed before, told Malcolm he is not going to shoot him, as he never even hold a gun before. Waller took the gun from Malcolm's hand, punched him in the face, and when he was on the ground, Waller kicked Malcolm several times. He then walked away from the place. However, Malcolm grabbed the gun and shot Waller from behind, killing him.



Season 3


  • Kendric Waller was the first person Malcolm Merlyn has ever killed.
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