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"Kenny Li."
"Keeper of secrets.
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Kenny Li (1990–2007) was a student of Midvale High School and a mutual friend of Kara and Alex Danvers.


Kenny Li attended Midvale High School, where he was considered an outcast by his peers, often ignored at best and ridiculed at worst. Kenny was bullied by Jake Howell in particular after catching the latter smoking pot on campus.

Kenny was fascinated with outer space and would frequently sneak out to go to the woods so he could look at the sky through his telescope. He would store the images he captured on his laptop.

Kenny also observed other people in the woods through his telescope. At some point, he caught Mr. Bernard, a history teacher at his school, having an affair with his classmate, Josie. Concerned, he tried to talk to Josie but she brushed him off and warned him to stay out of it. Despite this, Kenny sent a copy of the telescope image to Samuel Bernard as a warning and was (presumably) going to report this.

Kenny was Kara Danvers' only friend in high school, as she was also considered an outcast. Kenny also befriended Kara's adoptive sister, Alex Danvers, who he was secretly tutoring in calculus. However, Alex didn't acknowledge him in front of her other friends (which she would regret). Kenny soon formed a crush on Kara and the two almost shared a kiss while stargazing in the woods.

Shortly after, Kenny caught sheriff Ronald Collins on his telescope participating in a drug deal. Collins subsequently shot and killed Kenny and stole his telescope in an attempt to get rid of the evidence against him. However, Kenny was able to hide his laptop.[1]


Kara and Alex worked together to investigate Kenny's death. Kara initially interrogated Jake, who revealed Kenny caught him smoking pot and was subsequently suspended. Kara and Alex later discovered Kenny's laptop in the woods and uncovered the picture he took of Mr. Bernard and Josie. Alex reported this to the authorities, causing Mr. Bernard to be sent to prison and ending her friendship with Josie. After Kenny's files were decrypted by Superman's friend Chloe, Sheriff Collins' drug dealing was discovered. Collins tried to kill Alex as well to cover this up, but Kara saved her. Collins was then arrested, getting justice for Kenny's murder.

While Kenny's death was a tragedy, it ultimately brought Kara and Alex closer together. Kara discovered from Chloe that Kenny had a picture of her flying on his laptop; he knew Kara was an alien all along, but kept it a secret and liked her anyway, much to her surprise and joy. Kenny's telescope was recovered and given to the Danvers sisters by his mother as a thank-you gift for solving his murder. The telescope has remained a keepsake in the Danvers house.[1]

Collins was released from prison 11 years later, but remained haunted by his murder of Kenny.[2]



Season 3


  • Kenny had asthma.[1]


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