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The Kent Farm was a farm in Smallville owned by the Kent family, prior to its destruction during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.


Clark and Lois at the farm

The farm belonged to the Kent family for generations and it was the place where Clark Kent was raised after his pod landed on Earth and he was found by Martha and Jonathan Kent Sr.

On his first spare day back on Earth from Argo City, Clark brought Lois Lane and Kara Danvers here for relaxation and to fix the barn. Kara discussed her recent firing from the D.E.O., while Lois wanted to write an article on her otherworldly adventure.

During Elseworlds, Clark used the Kent farm as a training place for The Flash.[1]

In December 2019, the farm was destroyed as part of the Anti-Monitor Crisis, along with the rest of Earth-38.[2]


The Flash

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Behind the scenes

  • The filming location for the Kent Farm was the same from the Smallville TV series.