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"All my memories, my childhood, my parents... They're all here. Why would my mom want me to come home just to sell the farm?"
"I don't think she wanted you to sell it. I think she wanted you to save it.
Clark Kent and Lois Lane[src]

The Kent Farm is a farm in Smallville owned by the Kent family. After the death of Martha Kent, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and their two sons, Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent, moved into the farm.


Kent farm land overview.

The farm belonged to the Kent family as the place where Clark Kent was raised after his pod landed on Earth, and was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Following Clark's adoptive father, Jonathan's death, he moved from the farm to live in Metropolis, where he became a reporter of the Daily Planet and met his future wife, Lois Lane. Clark made frequent calls to his mother, the lone tenant, especially after he and Lois sired and raised the twins, Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent.

On February 2021, Martha Kent passed away from natural causes, causing her doctor to call Clark to relay the somber news. Clark then super-sped into the house, where he saw her body lying in a bed. After bringing his family to Smallville and arranging her funeral, Clark and Lois learned from Lana Lang Cushing that Martha had a reverse-mortgage on the property and had to consider selling the farm to the bank. After some consideration, the two decided to keep the farm and live there with their children.[1]

The Kent family brought the RV of John Henry Irons here to investigate it; Jonathan got trapped inside and had to be saved by Superman. Later, John is allowed to take the RV after he promises not to battle Superman any further.[2] "Morgan Edge" sent Emily Phan and Jasper Townes to the Farm to kill Lois, but Sam Lane temporarily stopped them and gave Lois and Jon time to escape to the barn to get John Irons' weapons. Kyle Cushing found them and also tried to kill them, but was stopped by Superman. Sam then sent the DOD to guard the farm.[3]

After the Kent family held a "funeral" for the A.I. of Jor-El who was destroyed by Tal-Rho, Natalie Lane Irons arrived on Kent Farm on her ship and found her father, who explained that they were in a different Earth.[4] They moved to Metropolis, but Natalie didn't adapt to the new school and Lois offered them to stay at the Kent Farm for the time being, which they accepted.[5] However, they eventually moved into a rented residence which belongs to a friend of Clark.[6]


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