The Kent family are a human family who are residents of mainly Smallville and Metropolis.


The Kents are a family of farmers that owned and operated the Kent Farm since generations. When Kal-El arrived from the doomed planet of Krypton landing on Smallville, he was found by the Kents, who raised him as their own son, providing him with strong moral values.[1]

Known family members

Kent family on the Kent Farm


  • Jonathan Kent Sr. (Martha's husband, Clark's adoptive father and Jonathan and Jordan's adoptive grandfather; deceased)
  • Martha Kent (Jonathan Sr.'s wife, Clark's adoptive mother and Jonathan and Jordan's adoptive grandmother; deceased)
  • Clark Kent (Jonathan Sr. and Martha's adoptive son)
  • Lois Lane (Clark's wife and Jonathan and Jordan's mother)
  • Jonathan Kent (Clark and Lois's son, Jonathan Sr. and Martha's adoptive grandson)
  • Jordan Kent (Clark and Lois's son, Jonathan's brother, Jonathan Sr. and Martha's adoptive grandson)



  • Clark Kent (Lois's husband and the father of unnamed girls)
  • Lois Lane (Clark's wife and the mother of unnamed girls)
  • Unnamed girls (Clark and Lois's daughters)

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