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"Luckiest family I know."
Kyle Cushing[src]

The Kent family are a human family who are residents of mainly Smallville and Metropolis.


Original multiverse

The Kents are a family of farmers that owned and operated the Kent Farm since generations. When Kal-El arrived from the doomed planet of Krypton landing on Smallville, he was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who raised him as their own son, providing him with strong moral values.[1]

At some point, Clark moved to Metropolis and became Superman. He met Lois Lane on the Daily Planet and they started dating.[2]

Lois and Clark with Jonathan in Argo.

After the Elseworlds, Clark proposed to Lois and they moved to Argo,[3] where they had their son Jonathan.[4]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, were killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[5] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[6]

New multiverse

As a result of the merging of Earth-38 with Earth-1 and Earth-TUD5, the timeline was changed, resulting in Lois and Clark having twins instead of just one son. They were born in 2007 instead of 2019.[7]

Jordan had destructive outbursts and tantrums that were eventually diagnosed as social anxiety disorder, while Jonathan was a happy, athletic kid.

Following Martha's death, Clark, Lois and their two sons, Jonathan and Jordan moved to the Kent's old farm in Smallville.[8]

The family learns that Morgan Edge is Tal-Rho, Kal-El's maternal half-brother. Tal-Rho plotted to use the Eradicator, technology created by Lara Lor-Van, to supplant Kryptonian consciousnesses into Humans, as "Subjekts" and have those Subjekts conquer the world. However, he was stopped by Kal-El.[9]

Known family members


  • Jonathan Kent Sr. (Martha's husband, Clark's adoptive father and Jonathan and Jordan's adoptive grandfather; deceased)
  • Martha Kent (Jonathan Sr.'s wife, Clark's adoptive mother and Jonathan and Jordan's adoptive grandmother; deceased)
  • Clark Kent (Jonathan Sr. and Martha's adoptive son)
  • Lois Lane (Clark's wife and Jonathan and Jordan's mother)
  • Jonathan Kent (Clark and Lois's son, Jordan's brother, Jonathan Sr. and Martha's adoptive grandson)
  • Jordan Kent (Clark and Lois's son, Jonathan's brother, Jonathan Sr. and Martha's adoptive grandson)


  • Clark Kent (Lois's husband and Jason's father)
  • Lois Lane (Clark's wife and Jason's mother; deceased)
  • Jason (Clark and Lois's son)


  • Clark Kent (Lois's husband and the father of unnamed girls)
  • Lois Lane (Clark's wife and the mother of unnamed girls)
  • Unnamed girls (Clark and Lois's daughters)

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