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Kesse Kay is an Aquarian living in National City.


In 2018, Kesse Kay went job hunting for six months in National City but failed, with interviewers turning him away because of his physical appearance and degrading Kesse as a "roach". When the image inducers were released by L-Corp, Kesse was amongst the aliens who purchased one of the devices and took on the appearance of an Asian male. As a result of his new, humanoid appearance, Kesse finally landed a job.

In late 2018, Kesse attended one of Fiona Byrne's support group sessions at Al's Dive Bar, telling his experiences and expressing how happy he was that he looked "normal". Dr. Rohan Vose disagreed and told Kesse that aliens should not hide what they look like, to which Kesse pointed out that it's easier for Vose because he just looks like "a Tolkien fan". J'onn J'onzz then remarked it's not easy for anyone, even Dr. Vose, to fit in on Earth. Fiona finally concluded the discussion by advising the attendees to do the best they could in their own ways.[1]




Season 4