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"We want to change the world. You can't do that mired in short-term thinking."
—Keven Dale to William Harris[src]

Keven Dale is the leader of Eden Corps while acting as the CEO of its front company Galaxy One, in an erased future of 2040.


Original multiverse

Early life

Keven became the leader of Eden Corps and the CEO of its front company Galaxy One.

Bomb planning

In 2040, at the Glades City Hall, Keven Dale made a speech about how Rene Ramirez cleaned up the city from crime.[1]

Days later, he would have an appointment with William Harris about sharing the secrets of their success. Dale was interested in who was the investor that made him a successful CEO but because he doesn't have anything to say, and that his associate "Margot" says that he has other businesses to attend. Later, while trying to set of the bombs, during the Glades festival, a vigilante attack cause him to evacuate but the cube that was controlling the bombs that he was willing to set off and incriminate the calculator was destroyed by a mysterious vigilante with an Arrow. Later, in the secret underground, he would ask Rene if he knows anything about what happened but Rene denied and Keven than shows him a soldier mask that Galaxy One has developed with the Archer program.[2]

Later, after the incident, he would promote his ZETA mercenaries to assure the citizen that Galaxy One is here for their well-care. Some time later, William Harris, came to an appointment with Dale along with Mayor Ramirez, he would have figured out that William's real name is Clayton and also deduced Ramirez's betrayal. He order the Zeta soldiers to escort them out and bring them to the basement.[3]

Some time later, in the Glades wall border, he intercepts William Clayton, Mia Smoak, Zoe Ramirez and Connor Hawke but since the Archer program was deactivated, Mia could easily pass the ZETA soldier and punch Dale in the face knocking him out.[4]

Keven Dale's crimes were presumably exposed since the city was saved from the bomb attack and the Glades are on a way of unification with Star City again.

New multiverse

Keven used to go out with William Clayton, until the latter learned that Keven was either cheating on him or is polyamorous.[5]



Season 7

Season 8


  • He is likely related to the present day leader of Eden Corps, Veronica Dale.

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