The Keystone Cleveland Dam is a dam located in Keystone City.


Original timeline

The dam was the site of the Flash's and Hartley Rathaway's second fight. After Hartley hacked into S.T.A.R. Labs' PA system, he baited the Flash into another fight. Hartley then started attacking cars crossing the dam, tossing some over ledge. Cisco Ramon tracked seismic activity eminating from the dam despite the lack of fault lines and Flash arrived and saved the passengers. After the Flash disarmed Hartley, his gloves emitted a frequency slowly killing the Flash, but Harrison Wells was able to hack into the satellite radios of nearby cars abandoned on the dam and disabled the gloves.[1]

Current timeline

Due to a timeline changed caused by Barry one year, causing Hartley to become an ally instead of than an enemy, later this event never occurred.


The Flash

Season 1


  1. "The Sound and the Fury"
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