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Keystone Iron Works was a company located in Keystone City. The company produced iron-steel products, but shut down as a result of the apparent death of employee Tony Woodward.


The birth of Girder[]

During the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion in late 2013, Tony Woodward was working at Keystone Iron Works when he accidentally fell into a vat of molten scrap metal. Believing that their employee had died. Keystone Iron Works shut down because of the incident; however, Tony survived, and his body's chemistry was altered by the dark matter and other substances released during the explosion. He became a meta-human and gained superhuman strength and durability, and could transform his skin into a metallic organic-steel compound which was similar to the metal in the vat he had fallen into that night. Tony would come to call the abandoned Iron Works home, living there until he turned to a life of crime, during which he terrorized Central City. His criminal activities soon drew the attention of The Flash, who would eventually track Tony back to the Iron Works thanks to a tip from Iris West. The Flash fought Tony—whom Cisco Ramon had nicknamed 'Girder'—inside the Iron Works, but was defeated when Tony pushed a large shelf and its contents on top of him. Leaving the Flash for dead, Tony fled the Iron Works in search of Iris.[1]


In an alternate timeline created by Barry Allen—dubbed 'Flashpoint' by Eobard ThawneCentral City Picture News reported in a fall 2016 edition of its newspaper that Keystone Ironworks was going under.[2]

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