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Khem-Adam is a former soldier and the former leader of the extremist sect Onslaught.


As a soldier in the Kahndaqian military[]

Khem-Adam served in the Kahndaqian military, under the command of General Ravan Nassar. Under unknown circumstances, Khem-Adam was apparently killed. However, he was not, instead deciding to save Kahndaq, apparently under the influence of the old gods.[1]

Forming the extremist sect Onslaught[]

Onslaught kidnapped a group of school girls and took them to a cave. From there, Khem-Adam recorded a public announcement announcing his plan to lead the people back to the way of the old gods.[2]

From their cave in the Ahk-Ton Desert, for his hard work, Khem-Adam allowed a Kahndaqi general to claim a wife from the group of women they'd kidnapped, with the man picking Mesi Natifah.[3]

After the general was killed by Mesi, Khem-Adam grew angry, deciding that none of the girls were worthy of life. Believing that they had to be made an example of, he began another broadcast, about to slit a little girl's throat. However, before it could happen, the Suicide Squad blew one of the cave walls and stormed in. While Deadshot held the others at bay and Ravan and Freelancer took the girls to safety, Bronze Tiger took on Khem-Adam. However, he was majorly outmatched and was forced to stab himself in the gut, killing him. Nassar returned, taking on Khem-Adam himself. They both recognized one another, but before they could fight, Nassar was stopped by Nyssa al Ghul, and she and The Canary took Khem-Adam.[1]

Once they'd arrived at Nanda Parbat,[4] Khem-Adam was brought before Ra's al Ghul. Ra's allowed Mesi to use his sword, so she swung it at Khem-Adam,[5] presumably killing him.



Arrow: Season 2.5[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the mainstream DC comics continuity, after the hero Teth-Adam died in Ancient Egypt, his body was buried, whereupon the former hero was called "Khem-Adam", translated as "Black Adam" (as he would later be known).
  • Khem-Adam served as the main antagonist of the "Crisis in Kahndaq" arc of the Arrow: Season 2.5 comics series.