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Khufu (died 1700 B.C.) was an ancient Egyptian prince, the son of the late Ramesses II, and the secret lover of the late Chay-Ara. He was the first life of Scythian Torvil.


Khufu was the son of Ramesses II. At some point, he began a secret love affair with High Priestess Chay-Ara. However, they were killed by Hath-Set and their life force was tethered to his, causing them to continually be reincarnated.[1]

Known reincarnations


The Flash

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Season 4

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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Behind the scenes

  • Historically, Khufu is the Egyptian pharaoh who designed the pyramids of Giza. Unlike his television counterpart, the real-life Khufu lived during the 26th century BC, and his father was likely the pharaoh Sneferu, as opposed to Ramesses II.