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Kiesha Williams[1] is the best friend of Jennifer Pierce.


Kiesha attended a fundraiser at Garfield High School, texting Jennifer Pierce to get there. When she arrived, the two got ready to go clubbing in the bathroom. They were interrupted by Jennifer's sister Anissa, who they lied to and told they were going to a house party. They headed to Club 100, where Kiesha danced while Jennifer chatted up a guy. Everyone was soon scared away when Jefferson Pierce, unbeknownst to them, began using his electrical powers to take out gang members and the gangsters retaliated.[2]

Helping her relax, Kiesha brought alcohol to school and the two drunk it behind the bleachers.[3]

Sometime later, Kiesha went rollerskating with Jennifer, giving her time to put on her skates. She reappeared after Jennifer defended herself against Lana and her friend, much to Kiesha's incredulity.[4]

Kiesha and Jennifer exited toilet cubicles at the same time, both incredulous at a video posted by Lana on social media, talking smack about Jennifer.[5]

Kiesha decided to run for student government, putting up posters with Jennifer around the school. She climbed up scaffolding to put a poster up where nobody could remove it, nearly falling.[1]

When police arrived at Garfield High, searching for Principal Pierce's car, Kiesha alerted Jennifer to what was happening.[6]

Three months after the attack on Garfield High School, Kiesha was hanging out with Jennifer at her house. She expressed her opinion that meta-humans were freaks and they were seeing the end of days, especially when she saw footage of Issa Williams coming back to life. Kiesha words triggered a flare in Jennifer's powers. Jennifer managed to hide it from Kiesha by fleeing into the bathroom, and told Kiesha to go home.[7]


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