The Killer Frost suit was a protective suit that Caitlin Snow of Earth-2 wore to terrorize her victims as Killer Frost.


Caitlin started wearing the suit after she got her Cryogenic powers from the Particle accelerator explosion on Earth-2, quite possibly during the time she began to work for Zoom as part of his meta-human army.[citation needed]

The suit consists of several shades of blue to match Caitlin's cold personality and powers. It includes a dark blue leather jacket and pants, a light blue leather animal print top with a dark leather belt around her waist and high heels. The animal print design on her top is on the sides of her jacket too. She appeared to always wear the jacket, however in her first appearance during Barry's vision, she wasn't wearing it.[1] Caitlin also wears silver linear earrings.

After she was killed by Zoom, it is unknown what happened to her suit.[2] However, Caitlin Snow from Earth-1 later wore an identical suit in order to impersonate Killer Frost to trick Black Siren.[3]


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