For the meta-human of Earth-2 who operated under the alias "Dr. Light", see Linda Park (Earth-2).

Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi, also known as Dr. Light, is an assassin working for Black Hole.


Early life

At some point, Kimiyo Hoshi joined Black Hole as an assassin.[1]

Hunting Iris West-Allen

After murdering an unnamed man, Black Hole sent her a photo of her next target: Iris West-Allen. Whilst Iris was at Central City Citizen Media, Kimiyo failed to assassinate her, albeit leaving a severe injury on her whilst she was escaping. She then attempted to once again attack Iris whilst she was meeting her informant, leading to his death.[1]


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Powers and abilities

  • Meta-human physiology: From unknown means, Kimiyo possessed dark matter energy in her body. This activation altered her DNA and cells, enabling her meta-human abilities to develop.[1]
    • Photokinesis: Kimiyo has the power to shoot out extremely bright star light. She is also able to use her light power through a photon blaster to make it more lethal.[1]


  • Expert assassin: As noted by Iris West, Kimiyo is an extremely deadly assassin.[1]
  • Stealth: As an assassin, Kimiyo has skills in stealth and tracking. She was able to ambush Iris and would have succeeded on killing her if Cecile had not perceived her with her powers.[1]
  • Bilingualism: Kimiyo is fluent in both English and Japanese.[1]


  • Photon Blaster: Kimiyo was able to use her powers to make her photon blaster she had more lethal in kills.[1]


The Flash

Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Kimiyo Hoshi is the second Doctor Light and the wife of Arthur Light, the original Doctor Light. She is a Japanese scientist that was empowered by the Monitor during Crisis on Infinite Earths and transformed into a heroic version of Doctor Light. Her light powers were important to stop the Anti-Monitor.
    • The original Kimiyo Hoshi was heroic despite her rude, cold personality.


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