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For the meta-human of Earth-2 who operated under the alias "Dr. Light", see Linda Park (Earth-2).

"Don't worry. I never miss twice."
—Kimiyo Hoshi to Joseph Carver[src]

Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi, also known as Dr. Light, is a former member of Black Hole and Eva McCulloch's team. She is a meta-human with abilities related to manipulating light.


Early life

Around 2016, Kimiyo Hoshi was an astronomer in Tokyo with a doctorate degree who went missing. She had already gained her meta-human power but it was not precise enough to use offensively. "Malcolm Strombard" obtained the photon rifle to focus her power.

At some point, Kimiyo joined Black Hole as an assassin;[1] Joseph Carver kept files on her in one of his warehouses.[2]

Hunting Iris West-Allen

Kimiyo aims her gun at CC Citizen.

After she assassinated Riggs Wellington, Black Hole sent her a photo of her next target: Iris West-Allen. Whilst Iris was at Central City Citizen Media, Kimiyo failed to assassinate her, albeit leaving a severe injury on her whilst she was escaping. She then attempted to once again attack Iris whilst she was meeting her informant, leading to his death.[1]

Using Kimiyo as an excuse, "Iris" told Kamilla Hwang to delete a picture that she took of her and Wally West because Black Hole might use it to its advantage.[3]

Kimiyo was impressed with the resilience of Frost and discussed it with other assassins like Millie Rawlins.[4]

Dr. Light was the first assassin named when Barry listed to Joe West the unlimited resources of Joseph Carver and why Joe should go into witness protection.[5]

Switching teams

Preparing for Carver's arrival.

Kimiyo told Ultraviolet and Sunshine that Joseph Carver would be arriving at their safe house in fifteen minutes; though she said it in Japanese, Millie understood her. Suddenly, Millie was gone. Kimiyo asked Ultraviolet what happened to her; she did not know nor did she really care. Suddenly, Ultraviolet was gone. Kimiyo quickly grabbed her light gun and searched for the intruder. When she saw a face in the mirror, Kimiyo fired but nothing truly happened, as if the bullet disappeared. As she walked by the glass doors, Kimiyo was pulled into the Mirrorverse.

New allegiance.

While there, Kimiyo decided to align herself with Eva McCulloch; when she and her other former Black Hole assassins emerged from the Mirrorverse, they had an order to kill Carver, but they found members of Team Flash in the McCulloch Technologies building, willing to protect him. A fight ensued when Carver called upon his security guards to assault the women. Eventually, the members of Team Flash got involved. During the battle, Dr. Light used her gun against anybody who attacked her. When she and the others had Team Flash surrounded, Eva declared the battle over; Carver was dead. Eva McCulloch's team left without further incident.

Kimiyo at the press conference.

Later, Kimiyo stood beside Eva as Eva had a press conference announcing her return to the world.[2]

Later, Hoshi and Ultraviolet attacked Black Hole hideouts and recovered Eva's mirror-tech crates.[6] She left Eva McCulloch's team after Eva revealed herself as a mirror clone and returned to the Mirrorverse.


"I follow orders."
—Kimiyo Hoshi[src]

Kimiyo is a professional and does not allow emotion to interfere with her assignment. She had an easy kill shot on Frost to her head, but, because her employer, Joseph Carver told her not to take it, she walked away without a second thought, even complimenting Frost to other assassins later. Kimiyo told Carver that she does not miss twice; upon her second encounter with Iris, Kimiyo would have shot her through the heart, if it had not been a hologram.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: From unknown means, Kimiyo possessed dark matter energy in her body. This activation altered her DNA and cells, enabling her meta-human abilities to develop.[1]
    • Photokinesis: Kimiyo has the power to emit extremely bright star light. She is also able to use her light power through a photon rifle to make it more lethal.[1]


  • Expert assassin: As noted by Iris West, Kimiyo is an extremely deadly assassin.[1]
    • Expert hand to hand combatant: Kimiyo was able to fight on equal grounds against Ralph Dibny.[2]
    • Skilled markswoman: Kimiyo is skilled in the use of guns, able to use a photon rifle with ease.[1]
  • Stealth: As an assassin, Kimiyo has skills in stealth and tracking. She was able to ambush Iris and would have succeeded on killing her if Cecile had not perceived her with her powers.[1]
  • Multilingualism: Kimiyo is fluent in English, Japanese,[1] and Spanish.[2]


  • Equipment dependency: Kimiyo cannot focus her starlight emissions without the photon rifle.[1]


  • Photon rifle: Kimiyo was able to use her powers to make her photon rifle more lethal in kills.[1]
  • Dr. Light suit: While out as Dr. Light, Kimiyo wears a silver protective suit in the field.[2]


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Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Kimiyo Hoshi is the second Doctor Light and the wife of Arthur Light, the original Doctor Light. She is a Japanese scientist who was empowered by the Monitor during Crisis on Infinite Earths and transformed into a heroic version of Doctor Light. Her light powers were important in stopping the Anti-Monitor.
    • The original Kimiyo Hoshi was heroic despite her rude, cold personality.
  • In-universe, Kimiyo seems to have replaced Linda Park as Dr. Light in the Earth-Prime reality.
  • While a Dr. Hoshi existed in Earth-38 prior to Crisis, it is not known if she was Kimiyo or a doppelgänger, or simply had the same surname.