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"Now, the King is headed for the entrance to the interstate."
"What entrance?"
Dr. Wells and Barry Allen[src]

"King" is a former member and the presumed leader of the second iteration of the Royal Flush Gang.


King led the Royal Flush Gang on a getaway from an armed robbery in Keystone City, evading capture by police using keen strategy and motorcycles. In Central City, they managed to evade The Flash by splitting up, as well, but using a strategy proposed by Harrison Wells, the speedster quickly cornered the gang by creating detours and stripped them of the keys for their transport, leaving them for police to arrest.[1]


  • Expert driver: King was shown riding a motorcycle with great efficiency.[1]


  • "King" motorcycle helmet: King wore a special motorcycle helmet, bearing a king from a deck of cards on it.[1]
  • Husqvarna SM Motorcycle: King rode a motorcycle during his gang's robberies.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, King (usually of Spades, but might use other card colours too) is a legacy name usually attributed to a field leader of the Royal Flush Gang.