Kito Payne is the husband of the late Nichelle Payne, and the father of the late Keenan Payne and Khalil Payne.


Early life

Kito ws a criminal and drug dealer, he had two sons, an Keenan and Khalil Payne, with his wife Nichelle. Kito was eventually incarcerated[1] for possession and trafficking of drugs and unregistered weapons, as well as aggression and resistance to arrest.[2]

Jail and releasment

Kito was still in jail when his older son, Keenan, started to follow his footsteps becoming a petty criminal and selling drug for The 100 eventually getting killed, causing a strain in his marriage.[2]

After being released from prison in late 2017, Kito found work in a restaurant and re-established a relationship with his son advising him to stay away from Tobias Whale, but to no avail.[2]

After Khalil an Jennifer Pierce run away from Freeland, he was approached by Lynn Stewart and asked if he knew where they could have gone but was unable to help her.[2]


Black Lightning

Season 1

Season 2


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