The Kobra Cartel is a new gang operating in Freeland, currently in a gang war with The 100.


After Lady Eve's resurrection, she began to lead the Kobra Cartel, with its headquarters being the Ultimate O. They briefly allied with the Latavious Johnson gang,[1] until they fell out just before the War for Freeland.[2]

Destiny and the Kobra Cartel.

A year after the War, the Kobra Cartel was in a gang war with the 100.[3] Second-in-command Destiny greeted clients at a party and offered them prostitutes and gambling when four members of The 100 entered and began shooting and killing people. Destiny, solo, killed the intruders. In retaliation, the Kobra Cartel battled The 100 in the streets of Freeland; Lightning arrived and the combatants fled.

Later, Blackbird had Destiny kidnapped and brought before her, so that Destiny and Lala could agree that their gangs were not to fight in the park where Freeland's homeless population lived; originally, Destiny said that she only answered to Lady Eve, but ultimately, she agreed.[4]

Lala promises The 100 that after they steal a shipment of 2nd-generation DEGs not even the Kobra Cartel will be their equal.[5]

Destiny, pretending that the Kobra Cartel wanted a truce with The 100, lured Lala into a trap to be arrested, but, when he escaped, Destiny told a minion to call the assassin[6] named Ishmael.

As Destiny was meeting with gang members about extortion payments, Lala and The 100 attacked, only to be killed by Ishmael. Later, Ishmael was assigned to kill Black Lightning's team,[7] who discovered that the Cartel was his employer as he stalked them.[8] . Days later, Tobias Whale took over as the new leader of the cartel and declared that the fight with the 100 was over; Destiny was not pleased.[9]

Known members

Current members

Former members

  • Tobias Whale (leader; deceased)
  • Destiny (second-in-command; left after leadership was usurped)
  • Ishmael (part-time assassin; deceased)

Known enemies

Current enemies

Former enemies


Black Lightning

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Kobra Cult are a dangerous cult and worshippers of the snake god Kali Yuga led by Kobra. Their first appearance in the comics was Kobra #1 (March, 1976).


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