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Konane (died 1967) was a Kaupe and a magical fugitive from Mallus's realm. After Mallus was freed, which opened the door for other banished mystical beings, he escaped.[1] Eventually, he was found and arrested by the Time Bureau, where he met Mona Wu. They developed friendship and a brief relationship. After attempting to be captured by undercover Time Bureau agents, Konane escaped and ended up in Mexico City in 1961, where he became a wrestler known as El Lobo (The Wolf), but was later killed by an agent of the Time Bureau.[2]



Konane escaped Mallus's realm, eventually being captured by the Time Bureau. He was taken to their headquarters in November 2018, where he was heavily tranquilized. Eventually he came to, escaping his confinement alongside Baba Yaga and a Chupacabra. Nate Heywood and Gary Green searched for food, but couldn't find any. Konane was ultimately given food by Mona Wu before being sedated and put back into confinement.[1]

Konane in holding cell.

Mona also gave Ava Sharpe the idea of decorating Konane's cell to look like Hawaii so he would be more comfortable and eventually, she developed a crush on Konane, using a Hawaiian translation book to communicate with him. Konane ordered Mona to hide as two men tasered him and took him away. Konane attacked the two men and accidentally wounded Mona during his fit of rage before escaping.[3][4]

Aberrant  timeline: In an alternate timeline created after John Constantine changed his past (subsequently preventing John from ever joining the Legends), Sara Lance had been killed by the unicorn the team encountered in 1969, Woodstock. Some time after this, Nate Heywood, Mick Rory, Ray Palmer and Garima formed the Custodians of the Chronology to avenge Sara's death. They adopted a new "shoot now, ask questions never" policy, killing any magical creature they encountered. In this new timeline, they'd killed Konane and turned him into a rug, leaving Mona with a desire to help John, Charlie, and Zari put things back to normal. These events were erased when Charlie killed the unicorn, saving Sara's life, thereby creating another new timeline.[5]

As El Lobo and death

El Lobo and El Cura fighting.

When the Time Bureau attempted to find Konane, the Legends discover that he travelled to Mexico in 1961, which was done by Mona Wu when she found him on the streets when he was hiding. Konane became El Lobo (the Wolf), as an undefeated champion in Mexico, where the Legends found him. Beside of correcting the history, the Legends and Mona Wu found out that Time Bureau agents were coming, but they eventually defeated them during the fight between Konane and El Cura.

While Mona was ready to send him back to his time, Konane was shot by an agent. Due to the death of Konane, Mona filled with rage, and transformed into a Kaupe-like creature.[2]


After Konane's death, Mona transformed into a Kaupe-like creature in a fit of rage and killed the agent. The Legends have suspected that the reason for her transformation abilities is the wound caused by Konane, therefore altering her physiology. The agent which killed Konane was about to shoot her, but Mona grabbed the gun and crushed it, rendering the gun useless. Due to the death of Konane, which filled Mona with intense rage, she killed the agent who murdered Konane. When Mick found her a moment later, Mona had reverted to her human form,[2] but was subsequently able to transform again when upset.[6]


Konane was affectionate and loving to Mona, with whom he developed a friendship and later a brief relationship. But when he's threatened, konane is fierce and attacks anyone who gets in his way like a wild animal.

Powers and abilities


  • Kaupe physiology: Being a Kaupe, Konane exhibited traits of wild animals.
    • Enhanced strength: Konane exerted a greater physical strength than humans. He was able to break from metal cuffs easily and can easily overpower aggressors and prey, also being able to leap high like an animal. With his strength, he can inflict serious wounds with his sharp claws and its teeth, which are also used to bite off the flesh of his prey.[4]
    • Enhanced senses: Konane was shown to exhibit a great sense of smell, able to catch the scents of potential pursuers nearby.[4]
    • Infectious scratch: If Kaupe scratches a human, it causes a werewolf-like infection. The victim gains heightened sense of smell and the ability to transform into a Kaupe-like creature with a superhuman strength if under a great deal of emotional stress. So far only Mona has been a victim of this.


  • Emotional intellect: Konane was able to empathize with Mona when she told the story of her bad day. Konane was also able to get emotionally attached to Mona, being his creature handler and caretaker.[4]
  • Receptively bilingual: Konane could speak the Hawaiian language but only understand the English language.[4]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Konane was undefeated in his career as a wrestler.


  • Elephant tranquilizer: The Time Bureau was able to sedate Konane with two doses of elephant tranquilizer for a few hours.[1]



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  • According to Mona, Konane liked to eat Hawaiian barbecue.[1]
  • In English, Konane's name means "shining like the moon".[4]

Behind the scenes

  • Historically, the Kaupe is a malevolent spirit from Hawaiian folklore that calls out at night and lures people to their death.