Kopy is an alien convict imprisoned in the D.E.O. desert facility.


At some point, Kopy was captured by the D.E.O. and imprisoned in their desert facility.

In late 2018, Kopy and a Hellgrammite were taken from their cells and brought to Otis and Mercy Graves by a corrupted Agent Taylor. At the Children of Liberty's base, the two convicts were possessed by Fiona Byrne, controlled by the Angon alien parasite, at the behest of Agent Liberty.

Kopy's army of police duplicates.

Later that night, group of Kopy duplicates, all posing as a police officer, took over the National City Police Department precinct. The D.E.O. eventually arrived and helped the other cops battle and the Kopy duplicates. Supergirl eventually joined the fight, but the copies heavily damaged her protective suit, nearly causing her to die of Kryptonite poisoning until J'onn J'onzz intervened. Manchester Black soon joined the fight and managed to place a pair of power-dampening cuffs on a Kopy clone. Suddenly, the copy muttered "Ahmisa" to him and J'onn; Fiona tried to use her forced control on Kopy to contact Manchester and J'onn.

Later, Kopy and Hellgrammite were forced to attack the National City Fairgrounds to mount the aliens against humans. Kopy created another army of duplicates, only to be taken down once more by Supergirl. When the Graves siblings began losing the battle, Raymond Jensen disengaged the parasite from Fiona, freeing Kopy and Hellgrammite from their brainwashed states. After Hellgrammite killed Mercy and Otis as revenge, he and Kopy surrendered themselves to D.E.O. Director Alex Danvers.[1]

Powers and abilities


Kopy's clones of himself.

  • Unknown Physiology: Kopy's unknown alien physiology granted him powers.
    • Cellular replication: Kopy could replicate his cells at superhuman speeds, allowing him to create life-sized clones of himself. He could also use this power to create multiple limbs on his body. Kopy can also use cellular replication to rapidly regenerate damaged tissue, missing organs, or severed limbs.
    • Molecular replication: Kopy could replicate the molecules of anything he was wearing or carrying, except more complex tools such as automatic weapons.


  • Acrobatics: Kopy a skilled acrobat, able to jump over a bar to the other side.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Kopy is highly skilled in unarmed combat, being able to easily defeat various police and engage in close combat with D.E.O. agents. and briefly confronted very skilled combatants such as Alex Danvers, Supergirl, and J'onn J'onzz.


  • Prolonged separation: Kara stated the Kopy’s clones progressively decrease in intelligence (mostly in rationality) the longer they are away from the real Kopy.



Season 4


Behind the scenes

  • While no individual known as Kopy exists in the DC comics, he shares several similarities to the Superman/Supergirl villain Frederick von Frankenstein aka Riot.


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