Kord Industries is a company located in Star City. It is considered to be Palmer Technologies's top competitor.[1]


A logo of the company was seen in the Glades.[2]

Felicity Smoak began working at Kord Industries following Oliver Queen's loss of Queen Consolidated.[3] However, due to her commitments to Team Arrow, she frequently didn't turn up for work and was subsequently fired.[4]

Kord Enterprises

William Tockman was employed at Kord Enterprises as an encryption engineer.[5]

Queen Consolidated used a centrifuge produced by Kord Enterprises, speculated by Barry Allen to be a 2BX 900 model or another one from the 6-series. However, it was stolen by Cyrus Gold.[6]

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Kord Enterprises

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  • In the DC comic books, the company's name is Kord Enterprises and is run by Ted Kord, the superhero Blue Beetle.
  • In some other DC comic issues, the term industries was used but the title was stylized as "K.O.R.D. Industries", the acronym standing for "Kord Omniversal Research and Development".

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