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Krasnoyarsk (in Russian: Красноя́рск) is a settlement described as a town or a village in Russia. In 2011, it was governed by the late Konstantin Kovar.



Gangs and drug dealing[]

Although the Bratva leader Viktor described the organization as a force of "justice" against Konstantin Kovar's government oppression, Kovar himself was as much a crime boss, as he was a governor, connected to the illegal fighting ring just like Bratva, and using his position as a governor to expand his criminal organization's turf, including a casino.[1][2]


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Taiana Venediktov mentioned Krasnoyarsk to Oliver Queen, comparing it to a village Baron Reiter was from. According to Taiana, Kranoyarsk is a village run by the government strongman named Konstantin Kovar. She intended to go back to Krasnoyarsk and use the magical powers granted by the Khushu Idol to take revenge on Kovar for the injustice he had brought to the people of Krasnoyarsk.[3]

Oliver traveled to Krasnoyarsk, getting involved in fighting. After beating the Bratva's prized fighter, he was kidnapped by them. He was interrogated by Viktor, a member of the Bratva, on his book of names. Before Viktor could ultimately kill him, Bratva captain and friend of Oliver's, Anatoly Knyazev, stepped in to protect him. Discussing Oliver's reasons for being in Russia, and specifically Krasnoyarsk, he allowed him to begin initiation in to the Bratva.[1]

Eventually, Oliver passed all tests, becoming recognized as an official Bratva member. During a party in Cafe Lyublyu, he was goaded and then trapped by Viktor's thugs, before being saved by Christopher Chance, hired by Anatoly.[4] Oliver stayed on Bratva's turf at Cafe Lyublyu, practicing with Anatoly Knyazev in the art of crafting explosives. One day, the Cafe was suddenly attacked by Kovar's thugs with machine guns. Anatoly declared this to be a declaration of war to the Bratva from Konstantin Kovar's criminal organization, and told Oliver to prepare for a meeting with Pakhan Ishmael Gregor. Gregor hired Oliver to do the Bratva's dirty work, infiltrating Kovar's new casino and blowing it up. However, Kovar intercepted Bratva's plan and took Oliver prisoner.[2]

While Kovar's thugs tortured Oliver for a week, the Krasnoyarsk governor and part-time crime boss reached a deal with the Bratva's Ishmael Gregor, agreeing to divide profits from the casino business. After giving Oliver a beating, Konstantin Kovar gave him over to the Bratva, but not before showing him that his quest was for naught, as the Bratva betrayed his trust, while Taiana's mother, Galina Venediktov, appeared seemingly happy.[4]



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Behind the scenes[]

  • While Arrow describes Krasnoyarsk as a village, the real Russian city of Krasnoyarsk (Красноя́рск) has estimated population of which is more than a million people.
  • There's no real village known as "Krasnoyarsk" (a small town; sizeable enough to be considered as such) however, three similarly named villages of Krasnoyarske are located in different regions of Ukraine (Crimean, Donetsk and Sumy regions specifically).
  • Anatoly Knyazev later describes Krasnoyarsk as a town, so its status may have been changed. Additionally, Mari at one point describes Detroit; Michigan, of all places, as a village, so Taiana might have just been speaking figuratively when describing her mother's home town.